The Victim-Predator

There’s no way of knowing for certain if early feminists were as angry as those of today; there are no YouTube clips of the Seneca Falls Convention.  However, I can’t help but suspect that if this showed up somewhere in Connecticut in 1868, they’d have put it in a zoo.

If you believe that relegating women’s lives to the meaningless tasks pursuant to bearing and raising the next generation of human beings is oppression, you could make the case that women in 1870 were oppressed.  They had no “reproductive rights” to birth control or abortion, couldn’t vote the hard-earned money from beta males they’ve never met into their own purses, were treated as “second class citizens”, and needed a husband for financial support because the couldn’t depend on everybody else to pay for their independence.

Yet modern feminists seem more aggressive, irrational, bitter, and shrill than their forebears who actually couldn’t get their way every once in a while.  After getting the vote, abortion “rights”, access to birth control, enough sexual freedom to make earlier generations shriek in horror, and a higher standard of living than damn near anyone in the world a generation ago, we’re still bombarded with claims of “rape culture” and the “war on women”.  The vote would make them happy, they get the vote, they’re less happy.  Abortion would make them happy, they get abortions, they’re less happy,  Repeat ad infinitum.  Before they just wanted the right to buy birth control, now they insist that everybody else pays for it, and they frame attempts to resist paying for their birth control as more oppressive than prior attempts to keep them from having it at all.

They don’t want what they want.  They never have.

Yet I’d argue that although this insatiable sense of Entitlement is a predominantly feminine phenomenon, it’s not restricted to feminists, or even females.  Instead, it’s an intrinsic component of all forms of political leftism, as well as to resentful individuals who insist that others alter their behaviors before they can alter their own.

This mindset is not dependent on external circumstance.  You will encounter genuine victims of oppression with more self-control and dignity than upper middle-class white girls who were once leered at by an omega.  Sometimes, their complaints may even have merit, their cause can be objectively just.

Yet the desire to play the Victim supersedes external circumstance.  A Victim will be a Victim no matter what you do.

For in Victimhood lies their power.

The Victim-Predator

The Victim-Predator (VP) uses his or her (sometimes legitimate) belief that they’ve been screwed over to excuse aggressive behavior towards others.  VP’s include the feminists who deride the male feminists who buy into their political philosophy as much as biologically possible, blacks who beat whites in the name of Trayvon, and immigrants who are already allowed to exercise more rights here than in their home countries (and more than they’d ever let you exercise in their countries) who insist that we change our culture to suit their cultural sensibilities.

Feminist victories merely set the stage for new “struggles” that somehow took on the same urgency as the injustice they’d just overcome.  As soon as the initial demands of the civil rights movement were met, we found hundreds of more ways in which we’ve got to change to stop the “oppression”, each of which was just as, or even more, important as ending segregation and getting the right to vote.

I don’t claim that we should never meet certain demands, but I do claim that we should never expect meeting any demand to be enough.  Were we to award blacks with reparations for slavery, within a year we’d be told “You expect to make up for four hundred years of oppression with some check?”

Sometimes, the game of the Victim-Predator is so transparent, their demands so ridiculous, that only a complete birdbrain could ever buy into them.  Even if the federal government spent more money on rape prevention than on national defense, there would still be rapists.  Furthermore, those who find themselves most enraged by “rape culture” are those who most ardently insist that women do nothing for themselves to prevent getting raped.  According to their own standards and using their tactics, actually solving the problem they claim to hate is literally impossible.

But some people still think the Victim-Predator can somehow be satiated.

The Ally-Sucker

On one level, Victim-Predators appreciate the efforts of their Benighted allies.  As long as they find an “ally” useful, he or she can get some respect.  Often, as a Victim-Predator develops a relationship with such an ally, the ally will be let into their circle and be told that they’re “not like other guys/whites/straights”.

However, the VP’s status being a mechanism for power, their new-found ally soon becomes seen as a sucker, a way to receive perpetual validation.  He’ll listen to their bitching no matter how unreasonable and expect nothing in return.  The best way to ensure this continues is to reaffirm one’s status as Victim as frequently as possible.

Yet it will never be quite good enough.  Take this example I found in the deep underbelly of the internet:  The Feminist Girote suffers (or suffered, it’s an old post; maybe she got over it. NOT!) from White People Fatigue Syndrome:  [emphasis mine]

POC [ed: “People of Color]  if they’re honest will admit that sometimes it takes entirely too much energy and patience to support white people in their process of being an ally. The weight of being “colored me” in a white supremacist hetero patriarchal capitalist culture has become too heavy.  I am tired of always having to prove to whites that racism exists (and it should be noted that ten times of ten my energy is being expended on self-proclaimed whites who call themselves POC allies). I am tired of whites trying to prove to me that they’re aren’t racist, but as soon as it is time for them to interrupt oppression on my behalf, I am on my own. Needless, to say this “mule of the world” is weary!

You see, at a dinner with a bunch of white, gay, and hispanic liberal people, FG encountered a racist magazine cover, and “both of [her] co-workers failed to validate or affirm [her] feelings.”  Never mind that they’re probably ardent opponents of racism who just didn’t get it right that time.  Despite all the other times they probably did “affirm her feelings”, this time they failed, and that makes her “weary!”  Her anguish was compounded by the indignation her co-workers felt on behalf of the vegan who couldn’t get the type of meal she wanted (the idiots couldn’t get their victim-hierarchy rankings straight).

“Use your privilege to interrupt oppression not to co-sign oppression!” cries the Feminist Girote, and make sure you do it just the way I want you to every damn time or I’ll write a hurtful blog post about you.  Never can you rest in your attempts to fight on my behalf, for I am oppressed!

Not Giving a Damn

I can’t say for certain, but I have this sinking feeling that FG’s relationship with her co-workers is horribly dysfunctional:  the whites continually trying to demonstrate that they’re down for the struggle, poor Girote “having to prove” that they’re not.  Even if some of them are men, I bet it’s an estrogen whirlpool from hell.

I have a black co-worker who gives every indication that her political beliefs are largely in line with those of FG.  I don’t agree with her politics, and she knows it.  When she spouts off on some lefty crap (about once every three months), I call her on it.

Yet we get along perfectly well.  I don’t care if I please her or not (she can “tell on me” for all I care), and somehow I get along with her a hell of a lot more than FG’s sycophants do with the object of their pity.

I’ve been the exact same way with other blacks and gays I’ve worked with (women only recently).  I make no attempt whatsoever to “validate their feelings”.  I don’t bring up politics, but if they come up, I call it like I see it.  I disagree respectfully but firmly, and they like me.

Or at least they’ve given every indication that they do.  It’s not my job to scour the depths of their emotional fortitude.  If I tried that, they’d probably view me with about as much respect as Girote views her Ally-Suckers.

In the words of Heartiste:

Beta males are hounded for minor trangressions. Alpha males are quickly forgiven the worst sins.

Being an Ally-Sucker is playing Beta to the Victim-Predator’s Alpha, and I refuse to go along.  Besides, in my case, what I’m doing isn’t even a “sin”.  After all, I’m right, and no lefty or feminist has ever come close to showing me I’m not.  I don’t back down, and I won’t.

Somehow, those of the Victim Class usually respect me more than the manboobs who devote their lives to pleasing them.  I refuse to let them play the role of Victim-Predator.  Period.

If conservatives and libertarians could figure this out and stop trying to out-grovel the Democrats, they might actually make some progress.

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18 Responses to The Victim-Predator

  1. sunshinemary says:

    Well-said. You cannot appease the unappeaseable and trying to do so only infuriates them more.

    • pukeko60 says:

      Yep. it’s far more fun to be a Retrogrouch. Besides, appeasement comes from fear.

  2. Mina says:

    “If conservatives and libertarians could figure this out and stop trying to out-grovel the Democrats, they might actually make some progress.” – I think a lot of the answers are in the link I left yesterday, which is a big reason I am sprinkling it all over the Internet.

    I am very active in the fight against gun control – that crowd really, really needs the help esp against the Moms Demanding Action (LOL – good pun for the “manosphere” that the gun guys pretty much refuse to touch as they are too busy taking the high ground which is as you see a huge waste of time considering the make-up of the opposition) and their ilk. Most of the anti-gun organizations are headed, managed by and stocked with women and the occasional mangina doormat.

    • AuricTech says:

      It’s interesting to see someone else note a connection between victimology and gun control. A couple of years ago, I posted my thoughts on the link between victim-worship and gun control.

      In a nutshell, it all boils down to Marxism (“Folk Marxism,” to be exact).

      • Martel says:

        Great post, but I’d take it in a somewhat different direction. Gun control, not setting yourself up to get raped, becoming economically self-sufficient, etc., don’t necessary turn the “oppressed” into “oppressors”: it’s even worse. A black person who can defend himself is NEITHER, he doesn’t fit into their binary world system AT ALL. This is downright horrifying, for it doesn’t fit into their pre-conceived Folk Marxist construct.

        Way deep down, I think they fear individuals acting as such far more than the “oppressors”. They’ll try to put them in the oppressor category whenever they can, but if they can’t, that’s when they get weirded out.

      • Mina says:

        “I think they fear individuals acting as such far more than the “oppressors”.”- Correct. Which is why I keep trying to point you back to the Anonymous Conservative’s analysis. His theory explains this perfectly. I do like your viewpoint of it, too – The person who fits into neither sheep nor wolf. But what does that make him? The sheepdog,of course 🙂

        Remember that only 3% of the population of the British Colony here in the New World acted as Patroits and actively fought back against the colonists oppressors. Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs. Thinkn about a real sheep herd. How many dogs compared to how many sheep? Compared to how many wolves?

  3. no one says:

    For in Victimhood lies their power.

    That’s right, and those who won’t play the victim are going to be crucified. Sneering at victimology is just another way of avoiding confrontation. The Victims are the political winners, those who refuse to acknowledge their victim-hood are on their way to the dust-bin of history.

  4. If conservatives and libertarians could figure this out and stop trying to out-grovel the Democrats, they might actually make some progress.

    I’ve had some thoughts for a while now, not fully fleshed out, about the type of people attracted to politics. One thing I’m fairly sure of though, is that real conservatives and libertarians (and alphas, for that matter) are too busy for politics. They’re out actually DOING things.

    The Democratic Party attracts the Forrest Gump alphas I mentioned the other day. Both parties attract wimps, wonks, and nerds.

    • Martel says:

      “One thing I’m fairly sure of though, is that real conservatives and libertarians (and alphas, for that matter) are too busy for politics. They’re out actually DOING things.”

      Correct. For many of them, politics is not only their best way to get what it’s important to them, it’s a religion.

      Nevertheless, even though we’d rather be out “DOING things”, some of us had better pay more attention to poltics. If we let them control the field, they won’t let us “DO” much of what we want soon, and already far too much of what we “DO” benefits the looters and moochers.

  5. Jose says:

    Fantastic post!

    I have seen that monster (Victim-Predator) running rampant around other Latinos like myself as well as Blacks. Using racism as a tool to achieve the destruction of another is a stupid way to go around in trying to better ourselves as a people. I grew up in the inner city and have seen it and heard it everyday of my life. The white man this the white man that nonsense they say is what is keeping minorities back. To that I say “Crap!” You see I noticed something while I was growing up and that’s that Victim – predators want what other more well to do people have without having to work for it!

    They want that house on the hill but with less sweat and sacrifice. In my mind I say why wait for handouts why not stop complaining about the whites/gays/men issues and jump in and work!

    I refused to let myself believe that a group of people are conspiring to keep the others down. I went forehand progressed paid my dues and earned the respect of my peers. It was a long hard road which I think everyone gies through whether white, black, Latino etc. but I made it. Sometimes I go back to the block to see some people and yes they are still there living on welfare and wastingt heir life’s away doing nothing meaningful. I still here the white man excuse and I just laugh because they do not realize that it’s not the white man keeping you back it’s YOU that is keeping you back.

    I guess they still believe in something for nothing!

  6. Tin Man says:

    I don’t specifically want to get into a political debate – but there it’s wrong to “give a hand up” and help people when they are down. And not everything from either side (right or left) is right or wrong – and in our current political environment, the there are only one play currently, and it’s the “your wrong and I’m right play”.

    Absolutes will be proven wrong 100% of the time – that’s something my Father used to say all the time.

    Never do anything to excess or allow your life to be taken over by anything or anyone – that’s something my Grandfather used to tell me (once I was old enough for us to talk about stuff – usually during the waiting game during one of our fishing trips (as I look back, there weren’t enough of those).

    My point being – there are lots of woman (and some men) that will play the victim card when they start to feel they are losing power in the situation. I used to “feel sorry” and be “sympathetic” to this. I’m seeing the complete fallacy to this line of thought. I thought it was the old “Iron hand within the velvet glove” thing – I had the strength and power, so it was responsibility to make sure the other person didn’t feel like I was abusing it.

    That is a complete fools game. True story – and it aligns here – my son is a big kid for his age. And like the majority of big kids, he’s been told all his life to be careful, that he doesn’t really know how strong he is and could hurt someone else. He plays lacrosse (defense) and for the first couple years would get called for lots of penalties – because basically he could barely touch some of these kids and they’d go flying. Over the past year, I’ve kept telling that he can’t worry about that – his greatest strength playing lacrosse if his size and power, and that he has to use it to his advantage – primarily because, the kids he plays, user their greatest strength against him – their quickness. They are going to stop being quick and fast, just because he is big and strong. You use what you got, to play and to win.

    Woman are not any different. They will use their strengths (looks, being a victim, delicate, emotions, pussy) to counterbalance what Men bring to the equation. So – always use your strengths to your own greatest advantage. I’m just now starting to learn that – it’s taken me 50 years to get here.

    • Martel says:

      “Absolutes will be proven wrong 100% of the time – that’s something my Father used to say all the time.”

      Not to rip on your dad, but his statement CAN’T be true. for if it were correct, it would have to be wrong.

      Anyhow, sympathy sometimes has a role, and it can be very wise to not be an asshole when you’ve got all the power. However, this can and will be exploited by people who simply want to take you for whatever they can.

      Indeed, what I described IS an advantageous strategy for a lot of females. I don’t think it’s necessarily smart to fall for it, however. What matters is if you’re helping somebody because you really believe it’s right, while remembering that what seems to help somebody may actually hurt them.

      But also, there’s a substantial difference between being guilt-tripped into doing something and being required by force of law to give up your hard-earned stuff for a moocher. I don’t necessarily agree with FG’s co-workers feeling ever so-eager to please her, but ultimately that’s their problem. When I’m required to go along or risk jail, it’s MY problem, and I’m going to fight against it.

  7. John West says:

    I was around in the 60s and 70s when all the boomer chicks were into feminism. For them it was simply that they could now act like sluts without the stigma of being a slut. It was really that simple. Those chicks were having a blast dressing up and going out and getting laid. It was a great time for men and boys. They got the nasty attitude when they hit middle age and lost their good looks and trim figures. That become the new face of feminism. A fat homely (likely lesbian) miserable divorcee telling the new up and coming feminists how horrid men are (now that they aren’t looking at me anymore) and how women have a right to every thing an men are stupid. See all present day sit coms for evidence of this. ya … men are really dumb .. .fat mouthy women are very smart.

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  9. Blaximus says:

    Wow. There are more important and ” real ” issues out in the world. This article sounds like it’s written by a ” victim “. No one is out to get you, take all your freedom…whatever that really means, or take away all of your stuff. Stop it. Relax and breathe you wannabee victims.

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