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Of course, right after writing a couple of Rah! Rah! Time to fight! posts all kinds of other crap comes up that I have to take care of. This break shouldn’t be too long, I suspect.  I’ll probably be back by … Continue reading

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Technical Difficulties

Last night my phone died.  At home, I get internet access through my phone.  This means I can only access the ‘net from here at work.  At work it’s hard to think well enough to post anything intelligent. I haven’t … Continue reading

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Christmas in Mordor

This won’t be much of a post because I’m sick.  It started as a head-cold, then became a chest-cold, then went back to head-cold.  Now I just feel kind of feverish. Sometimes when I’m sick, I hallucinate.  Maybe that’s the … Continue reading

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Quick Note

I haven’t been posting as much lately because of certain headaches that are to be alleviated during this next weekend.  Therefore, expect that on Monday I’ll be resuming a more regular schedule. Also, in addition to my usual long posts, … Continue reading

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Severe Headache

No, I haven’t vanished.  I’m trying to write my next post, but my head’s throbbing. I’m still here, and will return to posting tomorrow.

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The Cursed Blessing

Many bloggers and writers of other stripes frequently have the problem of not knowing what to write about.  I don’t.  My problem is their problem’s opposite. That’s not to say I’ve always make the right choice as to what I … Continue reading

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Two nights in a row now WordPress has swallowed my posts. It won’t happen again. I apologize to those of you who came here expecting to read something new.

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