Rape Culture Vultures

Little do we men understand the horror that lurks in our midst, the terror and foreboding that every woman feels most every waking moment.

To us, the women dressed to the nines in the clubs, drunk and bitchy flirty, appear as though they’re having fun, exploiting their attractiveness for every free drink it’s worth.  The women at fraternity parties in miniskirts, falling over random men, buying into flimsy excuses to “come to my room and check out my new sound system” are merely “exploring their sexuality”, not suffering under the wretched forces of oppression.

No matter if she’s passed out spread eagle on a pool table in a strange neighborhood without any friends; she’s utterly terrified of being raped!

As FrogAndToadForever explains (15th comment down, emphasis mine):

Women are oppressed by rape culture.  Any way we look we lose.  We are given no tools of control and yet are held responsible for everything – men’s actions, men’s feelings of inadequacy, the list goes on.

Indeed it does.  In the words of Chris & Rich Robinson, “everything is everything”, and that means EVERYTHING.  Unlike women in Afghanistan, Western women “are given no tools of control” regarding how they dress, where they go, who they have sex with, how much they drink, who they spend their time with, or in what they say when a man approaches them.  Furthermore, feminists often do everything in their power to ensure they’re not allowed to carry firearms to protect themselves, either.

Yet the responsibilities we place on their tanned shoulders are enormous.  For example, in the Duke rape case, even though Crystal Gail Mangum falsely accused the lacrosse team of raping her, she was held responsible for their “feelings of inadequacy” and legal troubles.

I should be able to rest my case here, but I’m fully aware that still, some of you don’t know how it feels.

I beg you.  Try to open your hearts.  Try to understand.  That ass swaying back and forth and those stilettos are not manifestations of feminine power in any way, she’s not going braless because she wants men to look at her, and she’s not in any way hoping some Alpha male crosses her boundaries.  She does these things obviously completely, utterly, and entirely, because she’s afraid of you.

But to get this simple point through your thick skulls, I’m going to have to use a simple analogy that men just might be able to understand:  cars.

Imagine you’ve just bought your dream car, that set of wheels you’ve been dreaming of for as long as you can remember.  You’ve spent years pinching your pennies for it.  It’s your most prized possession (like women feel about their vaginas, for those of you too dense to follow my analogy).

For perfectly understandable reasons, you’re absolutely terrified of it being stolen (visualize this feeling of terror and perhaps begin to empathize).  So, when the dealer offers you some fancy alarm system to go along with the car, do you buy it?  You know, better safe than sorry.

Of course not!  You don’t want anybody to steal your car, so you’re obviously not going to try to make things easier for potential car thieves by making it more difficult to steal.  After all, they have no right to steal it.  Now, do you understand why women get so drunk at random parties when colleges are such bastions of sexual assault?

I suspect that some of you aren’t enlightened enough to follow me, so let me take the analogy a bit further.  First, if you don’t want anybody to take your car without permission, you’re going to spread the word that lots of people borrow your car without asking.  You don’t mind as long as they bring it back when they’re done, just like feminists who are utterly terrified of being raped advertise what sluts they are.

Furthermore, not only will you make sure that everybody you talk to knows you have such a great car, you’ll park it in the most conspicuous places, and you’ll do it in the neighborhoods that have the worst reputation for car theft.  If you’re really scared, you’ll also leave the doors unlocked with the keys visible on the front seat.

All of this because somebody stealing your car is your absolute worst fear.

Yet despite all of these precautions, your car still might somehow get stolen (after all, it’s a wicked world we’re in).  If that happens, you’ll be crushed, and you can scream at the top of your lungs that nobody but nobody had the right to steal your car!  You had “no tools of control” and yet will be unjustly “held responsible for everything” bad that’s happened to you.

Which makes you even more oppressed.

I hope this clarifies the nature of Rape Culture for you, for you have now been carefully guided through the logic of feminist claims of sexual oppression.

If as a result of reading this, you’ll refrain from ever talking to a woman without her prior consent ever again, I wish you all the best.

But if you’re still too stupid to understand, go to hell.   You’re nothing but a sexist Neanderthal incapable of any sort of feeling and I hope you die.

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24 Responses to Rape Culture Vultures

  1. theshadowedknight says:

    This will be my go to response to any posts about victim culture. Just hyperlink this little piece and watch the resulting hysteria.

    Well done, Martel. Good to have you back.

    The Shadowed Knight

    • Martel says:

      Grazie, TSK. It’s good to be back (although I’ve only figured out about 1/4 of what I wanted to). I can’t stay shut up for too long.

      And I encourage you to drop this link at any femmi site. They’ve avoided me thus far, so I’d love the chance to spar with a troll or two.

  2. donalgraeme says:

    What TSK said. Car analogies are the best when it comes to describing women. Although the comparison is a bit unfair for automobiles.

  3. Wilson says:

    It’s glorified female hysteria, jumping on chairs away from mice. In your analogy the woman with the nice car could be terrified when someone pulled up behind her at a stop light, turned into the road two blocks ahead of her, etc.–a car alarm isn’t going to help, she demands a presidential motorcade (Obamacade) .

    • Martel says:

      She’d do that sometimes, but other times simply leave the thing running in the middle of the street at 2 AM on Chicago’s south side.

      “Rape Culture” is basically a shit-test to scare away sensitive males. Women who are absolutely HORRIFIED of being approached on a train by a “creep” get turned on when an Alpha does the exact same thing. Screaming about “street harassment” keeps the manboobs away but does nothing to dissuade the kinds of guys she really wants.

      It’s a complete and contradictory mess based entirely on how she feels about a particular guy at a particular moment in time (regret rape, etc.) More precisely, she claims she wants protection from an Obamacade but would scream about how she’d being disempowered and given the 21st century equivalent of a chastity belt the moment she actually got one.

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  9. patriarchal landmine says:

    if I treated my car the way the average woman treats her vagina, I would send it to be cubed.

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  11. Farm Boy says:

    So how did this culture get created?

    Is it being passed onto the children?

    Is it a social construct?

    Is this culture internally self-consistent?

    Cultures are said to “be something that people do even when nobody else is watching”. Does that apply here?

    Have anthropologists studied this culture?

    • Martel says:

      It’s an utterly fascinating phenomenon in that it’s the only “culture” known to man that either magically appears or vanishes according to political convenience.

  12. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    Wait. You’re being ironic, right?

    The counter-intuitive slutty “feminist” goal seems to be to desensitize men to sex. They figure if every woman is a slut, men will eventually just get bored with it. Personally, I don’t think it will work, because I’m pretty sure the biological desire for sex is pretty resilient. Otherwise, the species would have died off thousands of years ago.

  13. M says:

    I’m just going to throw some things out there, take them as you will.
    I’m a woman. When I wear little dresses and heels, it’s not to gain the attention of a man. It’s so that I feel confident in myself and can have a good time without feeling self-conscious. If I’m drinking, I bear in mind that I’m not going to necessarily be as careful as I should be, and that is my own responsibility.
    Being drunk does not make it okay for men to grab me/sexually harass me. I didn’t get dressed up for that, nor did I want any attention in the first place. I don’t ask for drinks, because I don’t think that’s polite.
    I’m not going to insult you, because that’s never going to get anyone to listen. All I ask is that when I say this:
    I can’t speak for all girls. But the girls that I know – myself included – we dress up for ourselves. The reason that we’re so afraid of rape is because it’s a terrifying prospect, and when one of the responses is ‘Did you encourage it?’ purely by what you’re wearing, well.

    • Martel says:

      I respect your respectful disagreement and will respond accordingly.

      No woman should be grabbed/assaulted/raped, or subject to undue sexual aggression. Nevertheless, certain types of clothing and behaviors DO increase the likelihood that such stuff will happen. That doesn’t excuse any untoward behaviors on the part of men. I deal with this in more detail here.

      If I’m drinking, I bear in mind that I’m not going to necessarily be as careful as I should be, and that is my own responsibility.

      Good. That’s how women should view it. Many do not.

      The reason that we’re so afraid of rape is because it’s a terrifying prospect, and when one of the responses is ‘Did you encourage it?’ purely by what you’re wearing, well.

      I’m certain that it’s a terrifying prospect, but lots of women aren’t acting that way. Instead of being like you and recognizing that whether or not certain behaviors should “encourage” men’s dark side to come to the fore, it WILL.

      I live in a college town. On one hand I continually hear of the pervasiveness of “rape culture” and the need to walk on eggshells so as not to offend a woman’s delicate sensibilities, that women are frozen with fear about the prospect of being raped. On the other hand, I see half-naked women acting like total idiots, passing out on street corners at angles that any guy walking by can easily look up their skirts.

      Add to that the Fifty Shades dilemma proposed by the likes of Delicious Tacos and Runsonmagic (watch the video in the Tacos comments if you haven’t already), and even decent guys get a horribly mixed message. Touch one woman’s shoulder and get accused of sexual assault, fail to smack the shit out of another girl’s ass after she begs you not to and stand accused of being a pussy.

      No woman “deserves” to get raped, but the combination of certain women’s behaviors and fantasies we can’t help but hear about DO make it more likely to happen.

      • Derek says:

        “Being drunk does not make it okay for men to grab me/sexually harass me.”

        Agreed. 100% spot on. Just like the person in the above car analogy doesn’t deserve to have their car stolen just because they were reckless with it. It’s still not right. They’re still victims and the person who stole it is still a criminal.

        However, someone dressing up in overtly provocative attire, getting shit faced drunk from accepting drinks from every guy that will buy one, in a dark club in the skeeziest part of town is still being irresponsible.They might be a victim, but they’re still a moron. And should be called one. We aren’t doing anyone any favors by sitting around with our heads up our collective asses pretending that person didn’t do anything wrong, when they did.

  14. Rodrigo says:

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  19. Robby says:

    If the hypothetical “you” left the key in the ignition – better yet, with the engine running, you still did not compel the car thief … uh, borrower, to take your car without your permission. It is his responsibility to refrain from stealing it.
    But you did contribute to making it easy for him to take it, didn’t you? You could have taken reasonable, ordinary, precautions to discourage the thief, couldn’t you? Don’t you think you contributed to the incident? At least a little bit?
    But here we’re concerned with women (though men are sexually assaulted by both men and women, too). Turning off the ignition, removing the key, closing the windows, locking the doors, parking in a locked garage, installing and setting an alarm. Removing the key may result in having the ignition lock jerked out of the column or panel, doing massive damage. Closing the windows and locking the doors may result in a smashed window or a damaged door and lock.
    Women are equipped with none of this. Unless she wears a suit of armor, she has no passive defense against rape, kidnapping and robbery. If she mounts a defense, it may discourage the rapist, kidnapper or robber. But if the defense is feeble, it may excite and encourage the attacker. She may be raped, kidnapped or robbed despite her efforts. Fighting, unless truly decisive (such as a faceful of pepper spray or a couple of rounds of .38), may anger the rapist, resulting not only in being raped but having her eyes blacked, facial or other bones broken, upper lip bitten off (Clintoned), beaten, cut, stabbed, etc.

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