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A Hopeful Sign?

I also sometimes write for Ricochet, a members-only discussion site.  Politically, it includes a broad cross-section of the right:  everybody from hardcore anti-Republican survivalists to squishy moderates, social conservatives, libertarians, members of the dreaded “establishment” and Tea Party activists, traditional … Continue reading

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Soldiering On

Reader Anon called attention to the fact that I’ve not yet discussed my experience in the military in much detail.  Being as my experience has broader implications and that it’s Veteran’s Day, I’ve decided to indulge him. My two tours … Continue reading

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The Best Article on Campus ‘Rape Culture’ Yet

Not much commentary from me, but I really think that this article by Heather MacDonald deserves a lot of attention. Some choice quotes [emphasis mine]: It’s a lonely job, working the phones at a college rape crisis center. Day after … Continue reading

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Anecdotal Evidence

The other night I encountered a Bulgarian-American woman just before closing time in a bar.  She was cute (albeit not gorgeous) and seemed to be in her late twenties.  She spoke English with a slight Bulgarian accent, and as I … Continue reading

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Outlier Amplification Effect (Updated)

I believe that even most of us in the Manosphere who believe that men and women are fundamentally distinct allow for the existence of outliers:  men who love decorating and nurturing, high-T women with a killer competitive instincts. Unfortunately (especially … Continue reading

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No Comment

[Update:  It looks like they took it down.  Here’s a link where it still seems to be in operation:  Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism by]

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Why Men Are Pissed Off (guest post by deti)

Men are not pissed off because some girl had sex with a couple of football teams’ worth of guys.  They’re pissed because she lies about it. Men aren’t pissed because women are attracted to good looking men with chiseled physiques … Continue reading

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Musings, Odds & Ends (guest post by deti)

There are some who say  that the so-called “bottom 80%” of men have sorely misjudged their own sexual and marriage market values, because they are punching above their weight, going for girls out of their league.   They all want the homecoming … Continue reading

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The Marriage Problem (guest post by deti)

After spending some time with men and women around these parts, I amconvinced that the primary cause of unhappiness in marriages is this: The vast majority of married women are married to men who are less attractive, (or to whom … Continue reading

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She Does What She Wants (guest post by Deti)

[Martel’s note:  Much thanks to deti for providing these posts.  As I’m sure many of you know from his comments throughout the Manosphere and posts elsewhere that he’s got some great insights. As for me, the book is proceeding well.  … Continue reading

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