The House upon the Sand

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Behold Jane Richard.

Although she has the bright smile of a seven year-old still excited about her life, notice her prosthetic leg and crutches.  Yes, this little girl has been through hell.  The same day she lost her leg, she lost her big brother, Martin.  Her mother, who would have done anything in her power to comfort Jane after her injuries, wasn’t able to do much because she was severely injured, too.

Imagine Jane’s excruciating physical pain, her fear and loneliness, what it must be like for her to have to accept that she’ll always be different and never able to walk quite the way she should.  All that while mourning the loss of her brother and having to endure the suffering of her mother.

And the guy who did this to her is a heartthrob.*

That, my friends, is the Red Pill; the knowledge that the primal female sexual instinct knows nothing of morality, that it’s excited by brute force, dominance, and blood.

Alpha, alpha, and ALPHA

In the early days of my blog, I wrote a post in which I differentiated between the men that women find attractive (Alphas), and the “leaders of men” or political alphas (alphas), and the men who are both (ALPHAS).

My use of “Alpha” to describe the first group coincides completely with the assessment of the Manosphere.  However, my decision to use “alpha” (without the capital “A”) to describe men in whom women may have no sexual interest caused a bit of controversy.  Although I didn’t make the mistake that Blue Pill Moralists make of refusing to describe attractive losers as “Alpha”, I gave credit to men who get no credit from women and used a word to describe them that’s strictly verboten when applied to dudes who can’t get any.

Nevertheless, I stood my ground and believe I won the argument.  Rollo completely missed the point I was making regarding women’s opinions of Jordan and Tomba and implied that because I was making value judgments I was somehow disregarding reality.  Rollo’s raison d’être is almost entirely describing what is (A), and I won’t dispute that he’s a master of it.  I was merely attempting to bring the argument into the realm of what should be (G).  I won’t dispute that Rollo comprehends human nature as it is, but when it comes to making moral judgments, he’s AWOL.

In one sense, he’s correct.  When you’re trying to comprehend A but continually infusing it with G, you never really understand A and thereby render yourself impotent in implementing your notions of G.  In another sense, he’s dead wrong, for there is more to humanity than biochemistry, tingles, and hard-ons, and as human beings we must make value judgments if we hope to be anything more than gorillas with wireless internet.  The mistake of both feminism and much of the church recently has been to pretend primal sexual reality (A) is actually some fairly tale (G), and that’s led to the mess we’re in today.  Substituting G for A can be destructive, but that doesn’t mean that pretending there is no G will somehow be any better.

Acceptance vs. Acquiescence

A is A is not a value judgement, and an expression of one’s views regarding A is merely descriptive.  Describing what turns women on neither endorses nor condemns anyone.  Likewise, Game, or how one can best manipulate such realities, is also value neutral.  I’ve often heard Game referred to as a tool, or even a weapon.  A gun robbing a store is being used for bad, a gun being used by a store’s owner to scare away the robber is being used for good, but the gun itself is just a gun.

However, if one not only accepts A but also believes in right and wrong, eventually he’ll come to a decision point.  After getting that sinking sensation in his gut a few times, smacking himself in the forehead over how he screwed things up with Jamie two summers ago, realizing that the “face of an angel” often merely masks the “love of a witch”, and applying his new-found knowledge, he’ll have to decide what to do with the knowledge he now has.

Sometimes, this immersion of painful A causes us to completely forsake any of our beliefs in G.  The understanding of woman’s animal nature causes us to assume that their animal nature is their entire nature.  “You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals.”  Bang.  Bang again.  And again.

This is the way of the Hedonist, some of whom no longer believe in G, whereas others believe in G but think we’re so far gone that there’s no point in paying it any mind.  Either way, not only do they accept the ugliness of A, they acquiesce to it entirely.  This is how it is, and there’s not a damn thing I can (or should) do about it.  I’m a primate, and primates want to breed, so that’s what I’m gonna do.

Red Pill Moralists also accept A but not only do they retainthey prioritize, their remaining belief in G.  Instead of completely surrendering any notion of faith, their Red Pill knowledge merely shows them that they used to have faith in the wrong things.  It may have been stupid to think Stacy was going to stay with him after he turned into a total wimp, but that doesn’t mean that no woman will stay with him ever.  Furthermore, as the Moralist observes the moral decay around him, he decides to use his Red Pill knowledge to fight the decay instead of just go along with it.  The Hedonist may tell him that he can never win, but to the Moralist, that’s not the point.

Unintended A

However, much of my argument against the Hedonists is that in their their complete disregard for G, they fail to appropriately acknowledge the truly ugly nature of A.

One of my first posts that got much attention was The Blood-Red Pill, in which I described what society might be like if we completely surrender to the Feminine Imperative.  Of course, like most of my early posts, I cringe when I read it now, but I stand by my thesis nonetheless.

Despite Roissy’s numerous posts on how chicks dig serial killers, I accuse no Hedonist of endorsing serial killing; he’s simply describing an ugly fact.

Yet as he and the other Hedonists advocate responding to the amoral nature of our society by acting in a similarly amoral manner, they are advocating that we do things that will invariably lead to something similar to what I described in “The Blood-Red Pill”.

Some feminists want to destroy Western Civilization, others simply want to solipsistically benefit from it’s goodies, still others merely mistake it for justice.  Nevertheless, intentionally or not, all such feminists are ripping apart our societal foundations.

Likewise, the Hedonist who just wants to get laid a lot, even if he doesn’t want to rip apart what remains of our moral fabric, that’s what he’s doing.  As far as our moral foundations have fallen, they’re not completely gone yet.  In most of the West you can still walk to the local Kwik-E-Mart for an Almond Joy and not have to fend off wolves or muggers on the way there.  We see the bad of today but have no clue how awful it can truly get.

Like it or not, each time you call on the primal amoral nature of another human being for your own benefit, you increase the primal amoral nature of the world around you.  Every time she bangs a sexy Alpha, it makes it more likely that she’ll bang another sexy Alpha when he’s gone, and it becomes less likely she’ll ever develop a stable relationship with anyone.  Your goal may not be to render her unmarriageable, and it may not be your problem, but that’s what you’re doing nonetheless.

Furthermore, if swallowing the Red Pill is the acceptance of the ugly realities of feminine sexuality, exploiting those realities for personal gain acquiesces to their primacy.  You may be playing Alpha Fux/Beta Bux (AFBB) on your own terms, but by playing the game, you’re unwittingly endorsing it.

Women are attracted to dominance, and Game works because, in a relatively civilized society, social dominance is dominance.  Still, women having their pick of Alphas without regard to any moral imperatives is merely the beginning of a continuum that ends in violence.  If we become just a little bit more wild, social dominance will be quickly replaced by actual physical dominance.  Physical dominance isn’t just about being able to deadlift three times your body weight, physical dominance is the ability and willingness to kill.

Historically, sexually promiscuous eras have almost invariably been followed by violent upheaval.  As we give women what they want without regard to what they should want, they’ll eventually insist on getting what they really want.  The guy with Game replicates dominance in the state of nature, the killer actualizes it.  If it’s Mystery versus a gladiator, who do you think’s gonna get the girl?

Of course every badass reading this welcomes the return to an era in which real men settle their differences with battles axes on the mountain top.  Just keep in mind that active indifference might not work so well when the AMOG’s got a machete, and don’t assume in an era or feminine sexual primacy that there will be any sort of honor code determining who kills who.

Today, the Alpha is the dude who can get everybody in the group laughing.  Tomorrow, the Alpha may be the dude who’ll slit your throat without a second thought.  In some neighborhoods, that’s already how it is.  As we work to make our suburban chicks and college girls even more feral, that’s what’s the mentality we’re welcoming into our suburbs and college campuses.

Amoral Weakness

Because we live in an era of moral decay and we’re seeing morality mean less to us with each passing day, we forget how much of an impact an actual moral code can have on a society.  Victorian women had the same raw instincts as women today, but those instincts didn’t rule them the way they rule women now.

Furthermore, we forget that sometimes Alphas have often become Alphas because they were alphas first; men used to determine the standing of other men in society to a much greater extent than they do today.  We relegated the charming losers to the fringes of society.  Yes, they still got play, but they weren’t the masters of the Sexual Market.

Largely because of the sheer wimpiness of most modern Christians, we also forget that physical dominance and moral rectitude can actually coincide.  Civilization spread because the good men were more deadly than the bad ones.

In a post I can’t find, Roissy once said that abusing some homeless guy would inspire a tingle from his date.  Perhaps, but kicking the living snot out of that guy would probably inspire one, too.

It’s important we don’t forget this.

Decision Point

Not unlike the politician who never accomplishes anything because “that’s just how Washington works”, there comes a time in which taking A too far implicitly rejects any belief in G.  Reality sucks so you may as well give in.

Yet if the ugly realities we see before us were truly all there actually is, then how the hell is so much of the world not barbaric?  Despite their ruthlessness, the Romans were unable to snuff out Christianity in the Colosseum and Japan lost World War II.  Our grandfathers were decent men, and they often had great marriages that lasted for their entire lives.  Yes, evil wins, a lot.  But innumerable times throughout history, the dude who believed in something greater than himself beat out the dude who believed in nothing but his primal self-interest.

Sometimes belief in a Higher Ideal actually works.

I’ve swallowed the Pill, and it’s burned my throat.  I know we’re primates and that it would be stupid to pedastalize any woman ever again.

Yet I’ve read enough about battlefield nurses and other heroic women to know that although they’re about the tingle, sometimes they’re about a little more than that.

I’ve learned how to dominate the women around me.  I’m no Roosh, but I’ve got Game.

But for me, Game means that I can have influence, that I can make a difference, that I’ll inspire tingles not by blowing up seven year-olds, but by turning things around in such a way as to keep the seven year-olds from getting blown up in the first place

There are tools that the amoral Alphas have at their disposal that I can never use.  Whatever.  There are tools that I have, rewards that I’ll get that the Alphas- will never understand.

I know what’s right, I’m fighting for it, I’ve got some pretty powerful weapons, and I’m dedicated to my ideals, tingles or no tingles.

Which might actually lead to some pretty intense tingles.

But if it doesn’t, oh well.  I’m more than a monkey.


* For you conspiracy theorists out there who think he’s being framed, he’s a heartthrob because most people think he did it, which amounts to the same thing.  On one level most of his fans don’t think he’s guilty, but that’s the Hamster talking.  If they really thought he was framed, they’d pay him no mind.

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6 Responses to The House upon the Sand

  1. earl says:

    “But innumerable times throughout history, the dude who believed in something greater than himself beat out the dude who believed in nothing but his primal self-interest.”

    Which makes me wonder how many of these bad relationships/marriage/divorce men around these parts either have or had…is because they looked at their primal self-interest.

    I still think a primary indicator of how a relationship will go…is if premarital sex and/or birth control is involved.

    That question should be asked each time…when a man vents his pain on these sites.

    • Martel says:

      Primal self-interest can’t be ignored, but it can’t be the point, either. Capitalism works because it takes self-interest into account; marriage is dying because we expect men to completely surrender their concept of “self” as they enter into it.

      People should be able to pursue happiness howsoever they choose, but some choices are more fulfilling than others.

  2. Conan says:

    Amazing fucking article. You expound on a brilliant point someone (maybe it was you, I don’t remember anymore) made when they pointed out that Game can either be used to turn women into sluts or into wives. Most people associate it with the first, but for most of history it’s been used for the second.

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