Your Time Is Gonna Come

You may have found your way to the Manosphere for any number of reasons.  Perhaps you’re sick of being the nice guy who watched all your “friends” boinking the guys they always told you they hated.   Maybe you’re looking for a wife, or you have one and you don’t want to lose her.  Possibly, you’re a natural who’s “gotten it” for as long as you can remember, you understand the value of mentorship, and you know you can help other men get more out of life than they’re getting.  Others of you may be more concerned with masculinity in the abstract:  you see what’s happening in our schools, churches, and courts, and you want to be part of the movement that turns things around.  It might be a mix of all of this.

But whatever drew you here, there’s a very strong chance that what you think you’re learning may only be a fraction of what you’re actually preparing for.

Whether you’re becoming a master PUA, studying how to manage women at your office, learning to go off the grid, or deepening your knowledge of natural gender roles, you’re learning Truth in a society built on Lies.  You now understand why so many decent guys simply can’t get women to notice them, how idiots like Obama can win elections, why our economy is so fragile, the ways in which marriage has become such a raw deal for men, how schools and pop culture are castrating our sons and butching up our daughters.

You know it’s morally wrong.  You know it doesn’t work.  You know that it’s a threat both to you and to those you care about.

You’re also finding out what you can do about it.  You can now get that cute redhead at Starbucks to pay attention to you instead of the crappy drummer in the local band.  You know your power and how to use it.

But nothing is more threatening to those who thrive on Lies than a man armed with Truth.

So don’t think you’re going to go unnoticed forever.

For now, it might just be about teasing the waitress, but eventually this stuff is going to matter.  Does it matter if you were man enough to get her number?  Sure.  But Game is going to mean a hell of a lot more to you than that.

Someday, somehow, you will be under attack.

It might happen to all of us at once, they might try to pick us off one by one, but our very existence is an existential threat to what matters to them more than anything:  power.  Indeed, it’s political and economic power, but it’s power over some of our very souls.  Say the wrong thing and you have to pay them homage.

As it stands now, if you tell them to go to hell, sometimes they have to.  You’ve exposed them as a paper tiger, and you up your Alpha creds in the process.

But if that happens too many times, they’re going to find ways to make it hurt.  Getting shot down in a club can hurt, losing your job hurts more.  Calling out a feminist for some dubious rape statistic can feel awkward; going to prison for virtual violence against women can ruin more than just a dinner party.

At present we’re statistically inconsequential, but it won’t stay that way forever; Truth has a way of spreading.  One by one, we’ll be dropping Red Pill wisdom into mainstream editorials, turning around faculty lounges and churches.  I don’t know how or when we’ll attain mainstream awareness, but we will.

Which means that you, whether you’re a loner in your dorm or a father trying to keep his son out of jail for wearing the wrong t-shirt will be “part of the problem”.  I don’t know whether you’ll face a false rape accusation (which doesn’t even require sexual contact) or get kicked out of your church, but they will come after you somehow.  They might be a conscious team working together, or “they” might just be individuals who feel inclined to take you down a peg or two, but come they will.

Libertarians are worried about some sort of fascist dictatorship, mainstream conservatives suspect some sort of organized street anarchy, and social conservatives fret about some sort of religious persecution.  I wouldn’t be surprised if all three are right.  I don’t know if it’ll come in the form of organized oppression or anarchic chaos, if they’ll hit the religious or the promiscuous first, but everyone who knows the Truth will be a target.

The fear you face while approaching that hottie is nothing compared to what you’ll feel in front of some androgynous judge.  The effort it takes to max your deadlift will be nothing compared to what it might take to work your way across some border.  Sometimes targets at the range can be hard to hit; harder still is hitting a moving target that’s shooting back at you.

You can stock up on ammo, gold, water, and food.  That will make it easier, but it will never be easy.  Battle preparation can help you win, but the battle itself never goes according to plan.  Don’t think that if America goes belly up that some island off Brazil will necessarily be safe.

I think we just dodged a bullet, but others will come.  It might be over race, it could be over gender, perhaps it will be over something none of can predict.  But it will come.

No matter what, one of these days you will have to be a man.

Enjoy learning how to do it while it’s still fun.

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32 Responses to Your Time Is Gonna Come

  1. sunshinemary says:

    Good post. You have such an exciting style of writing.

    That series on Apocalypse Cometh has been great, hasn’t it? HHG clued me in to it and said it was worth reading, which is high praise from him.

  2. How the rabbit hole doth deepen. I signed up to get The Girl, not part ways with mainstream society. Most guys are the same, I suspect.

    But, here we are. And we don’t get to decide when or in what circumstances we live, but, knowing the time and circumstances, how we live.

    • Martel says:

      The rabbit hole goes ever deeper, my friend. Truth hurts and takes you some places you might think you don’t want to go, but it WILL set you free.

      Your last sentence sums up a lot. I’ve often wished I was born in another place or time, that I didn’t have to go through some of the crap I’ve suffered.

      But I’ve accepted that maybe I’m here for a reason. If I can right just a few of the wrongs I see around me, it’ll be worth it.

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  4. Emma the Emo says:

    “No matter what, one of these days you will have to be a man.”

    And what should the women be, when they face this?

  5. earl says:

    “But nothing is more threatening to those who thrive on Lies than a man armed with Truth.”

    There was a fellow who went through that about 2000 years ago. It turned out bad at first for Him…but then it all worked out in the end.

  6. ooooooooooo……….Earl…………OUCH!!!!! But so true!

  7. Dodged a bullet? What do you mean? Is this post only addressed to white men, then?


    I think we see that the MRAs should change their names to WMRAs, as in White men’s Rights, because clearly, they don’t care about innocent young black men who die. I see the same things over and over today on all the men’s blogs… either TOTAL SILENCE over a murderer being turned loose, or actual CROWING OVER IT, as the blog you linked is.

    Very disappointed, but can’t say I’m too surprised. 😦

    At least, I hope the black men are paying attention.

    • Martel says:

      The bullet to which I referred was widespread riots over the acquittal of a man who’s no more white than the President. We’re often accused of racism for opposing half-white Obama, but apparently it’s racial pride that exemplifies our support for half-white Zimmerman.

      I’m sure that rioting can be fun, but it doesn’t exactly benefit ANYBODY. Did Watts or Detroit improve in any way after the widespread expressions of rage (some of which in Watts was actually justified)? No. If there’s a race war, blacks will suffer more than any other group. Riots only scare any remaining viable businesses away and lead to even more desperation.

      Trayvon was hardly innocent. There’s plenty of reason to believe he attacked Zimmerman and was bashing his head against the cement.

      Even if Zimmerman followed Trayvon for the worst of reasons, it’s not against the law and it doesn’t violate anybody’s rights to follow someone. It does violate somebody’s rights to jump them and punch them repeatedly when you have them pinned to the ground.

      I’ve watched some of MSNBC’s coverage of the trial, and of course not only does it refuse to present the two sides of the story, it frames the other side in only the worst of all possible ways. Unless somebody actively seeks out the other side, they’ll have the impression that Zimmerman just jumped out of the bushes at the cute little black kid because he’s racist.

      Although I agree with it on some specific points, I don’t support the MRA movement because it’s too close to trying to make white men into another victim group. I see no reason to believe that men playing victim will benefit any more than blacks.

      Yes, there is some racism in the Manosphere. I oppose it, staunchly, and Sunshine Mary and others can vouch for how often and vehemently I’ve criticized it.

      But I’m happy about the verdict, and I know that I would be just as happy if Zimmerman were black and Trayvon the mulatto. (Of course no lefty believes me, but I don’t care.) What bothers me is that this case has been used to exacerbate racial tensions in a country that needs to stop thinking of itself as a collection of ethnic tribes.

      • Trayvon was hardly innocent. There’s plenty of reason to believe he attacked Zimmerman and was bashing his head against the cement.

        He was totally innocent. What was he doing wrong? Eating skittles and walking in the rain is bad now? Since when?

        There’s plenty of reason to believe he attacked Zimmerman

        There is no reason to believe anything of the sort, unless you are a racist.

        and was bashing his head against the cement.

        Too bad he didn’t succeed, he might still be here. If I had been Trayvon, would have fought like a tiger. (In fact, I have before.)

        Obviously, I guess you either identify with the hunter or the hunted.. I guess we aren’t going to be able to compromise on this one, Martel. Sorry to see you identifying with (and defending) cold-blooded murderers. Or even hapless bullies who overestimate their own strength. Either way, points off.

    • Martel says:

      “There is no reason to believe anything of the sort, unless you are a racist.”

      So a disagreement over a sequence of events means racism? This epitomizes why this country is bound to come to blows with itself. The initial news reports were DISTORTED (have you heard about the editing of the 911 call by NBC? have you?), but anyone who dares to question the narrative of white (who’s no more white than the president) bully picking on the cute black kid is automatically racist. Am I racist for thinking that Chris Matthews was a lying sack for saying that there was NO EVIDENCE that Zimmerman suffered ANY injuries when I’ve seen photos of his bloodies face? Am I racist for finding it weird that for the first two weeks after the story broke that I found it weird that every photo the news showed of Trayvon was of a cute kid and not a THUG in training who brags about what a badass streetfighter he is?

      You haven’t refuted a single point I’ve made, and you won’t because you CAN’T. But you can call me ugly names. I almost hope you keep it up.

      • I do believe this is due to racism, sorry. This is my opinion, just as you defend Zimmerman. I can’t see why anyone would defend this man’s right to stalk someone. It is utterly amazing to me. I would be terrified if anyone stalked me, and I have nearly shot people for doing what Zimmerman did. Do you think I have that right? Do you believe Trayvon had the right to defend himself? If not, why not?

        I am asking you: What exactly did Trayvon do the night he was killed, to deserve killing? You said he was “hardly innocent”–can I see your evidence for that assertion? Anything you can say about him, pot smoking, bad ass, bragging, etc… were true of me at that age as well. I did not deserve to be followed or shot. Why did Zimmerman get out of his car in the first place and break three different “Neighborhood Watch” rules–the group he claimed to be representing? i.e. 1) following/approaching suspect, 2) being armed, 3) not immediately identifying himself.

        The medical examiner said Zimmerman’s injuries were very minor, and did not even need stitches. I’m a girl and I’ve been in worse fights than that. (You did watch the trial, right?)

        Whatever the media did, I am concentrating on evidence. Zimmerman said he followed him. He did not testify otherwise. Why did he approach him when Neighborhood watch rules say otherwise?

        Yes, I can refute your points. But at root, this about the right of Zimmerman to stalk someone, which started all the events that came after it. HE is guilty of that, and deserved to be convicted of manslaughter at least. The definition of manslaughter in Florida (according to judge’s instruction) is “putting yourself in the position to make the events happen”–and that IS what he did.

        I know a biker who was jumped in a bar by some guy for sleeping with the guy’s wife. He defended himself, as he had to. In the process, banged the guy’s head into the wall and accidentally killed him. (witnesses galore; this is a fact of the case, not making that up) HE was convicted of manslaughter under the Florida sentencing guidelines. Do you think that was deserved? The difference, my friend was a biker and hated by cops, and Zimmerman is a cuddly suck-up to law enforcement.

        Zimmerman is at least as guilty as my friend was.

      • Martel says:

        Like it or not, there’s no law against following people around your neighborhood. If he was attacked, Martin had the right to defend himself. If he was just creeped out by the cracker, he didn’t.

        Martin was suspended from school for stealing women’s jewelry, so he’s not the sweet kid he’s been made out to be. No, you don’t deserve to die for wearing a hoodie, but hoodies are preferred attire for thieves in that they’re great at concealing your identity. I find it funny that many of us do everything in our power to come across as threatening as possible, and the moment anybody’s actually threatened, “RACIST!”

        Whether he “deserved” to be followed isn’t the point; it made sense to follow him. There were frequent break-ins in that neighborhood. If poor little Trayvon were as frightened by the ostensible cracker as some people think he was, then he could have avoided confrontation with him. Instead, it looks like he instigated one. And when you’re getting pummeled, it’s not easy to calmly and rationally decide if or how to shoot. Theoretically he could have waited until the injuries were serious, I suppose. “If this guy knocks me out he’s a goner!”

        It seems to me that your friend shouldn’t have been found guilty, either, but I don’t know the details. Regardless, following somebody is not a crime.

      • I don’t believe it made sense to follow him… by that logic, I would have to follow every single person in my apt complex.

        Further, “stealing women’s jewelry”–presumably, this was not evident to Zimmerman simply by looking at him. Trying the victim is not acceptable… at least, that is what MRAs say about people like Mary/Matthew Winkler. I find it pretty disingenuous that they are now howling about Trayvon’s character, and yet when women have used thus same argument to justify shooting men (or even just arresting men for domestic violence for a shove), we are expected to disregard any former violence in their lives. And yet, manhood being what it is in our culture, LOTS OF MEN probably have ‘violence’ in their pasts, so that isn’t quite fair is it? A feminist (as I am) should instinctively understand this, and it is one of the better points MRAs have made. And yet, in this instance, I see them using the exact same arguments against Trayvon: he was a bad kid. Okay, then so was freaky Matthew Winkler, so stop defending him. Good riddance, right?

        If trying the victim on grounds other than the evidence is okay (their past behavior), then no more complaining that some Airborne Ranger or football player is “understood” to be more violent. This will be to the detriment of men, not women, and you should remember that.

        You still didn’t answer what he was doing wrong AT THAT MOMENT that got him shot. Zimmerman instigated the fight by following him. If someone follows me, they can expect me to go crazy on their asses if they approach me. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again.

        Zimmerman approached and jumped him, Trayvon was doling out an ass-whuppin, and it was Zimmerman’s pride that made him reach for the gun. If he hadn’t been carrying it in the first place, he would not have had the arrogance and false sense of security to feel okay following him in the first place.

        Too bad Trayvon was not armed and could not defend himself against stalkers. I am.

      • Martel says:

        If it had been proven that Zimmerman jumped Martin, then Martin would have only been defending himself. However, that hasn’t been proven by any stretch. And simply following somebody, as creepy as that may be, is NOT sufficient reason to attack them.

        Perhaps it was pride that got Zimmerman to shoot, and I would have no problem with Martin having also been armed. However, had Zimmerman not shot, there is a chance that the injuries would have actually gotten pretty serious.

        Being male can set you up for natural suspicion (and I’ve been followed by cops when I haven’t shaved for a few days and been run out of a black neighborhood once for “not belonging there”) However, there are things that we as males can do to increase the suspicion that will naturally come our way regardless.

        Hoodies are often worn by thieves. Urban culture puts a premium on being a threatening badass. It’s music, the body language it encourages, and everything about it is geared to broadcast the message that “We are threatening!”

        And then the moment somebody feels threatened, if they suspect that the “I take whatever the fuck I want” ethic that’s celebrated in rap is actually believed by some of the people who listen to it, they’re paranoid racists.

        There’s a way to walk to the Qwik-E-Mart that broadcasts that you just want to get some Doritos, and there’s a way that shows you’re so much of a badass that you’re probably gonna mess some shit up. People in Zimmerman’s neighborhood often mess shit up by breaking into their homes. I have no doubt that Martin was broadcasting how badass he was with every move he made.

        Whether or not that should garner more attention, it WILL. If you try to act like a criminal, people will think of you as one. And if Martin were the angle he’s been portrayed as being, if he were creeped out by a potential gay stalker, he would have retreated. Instead, he probably got aggressive, and I see no reason to believe that he’s the type who would ever back down for anything.

  8. Thanks Martel for the linkage and I’m happy that everyone liked that series of articles.

    @Sunshinemary: Who’s HHG, that doesn’t ring a bell with me and I thought I knew everyone in this little corner of the web?

  9. sunshinemary says:

    @ C.M. Sturges
    HHG (short for holyhandgrenade) is my husband. He read around the sphere but rarely comments. He mostly comments on gun blogs, as he enjoys the shooting sports and also takes self- and family-defense quite seriously.

    • Ok, now I get it. You guys wouldn’t imagine what that series has exposed me to. I’m just glad your husband liked it. Tell him HHG is cool as all get out.

  10. Moderation. Not surprising.

    • deti says:

      Daisy Deadcred:

      It’s safe to presume you’re in moderation for calling the blog host a racist.

      • Martel says:

        Actually, it was because WordPress doesn’t like her a whole lot; I authorized the comment as soon as I found out.

        Until I get attacked by waves of trolls, I intend to be pretty lenient about what I moderate. I reserve the right to block anyone for any reason, but for now I haven’t faced anything I can’t handle.

        I see most attacks as learning/teaching opportunities. I can’t promise I’ll never change my mind on that, but for now I’m good.

        I’ve been called worse, and I’ll be called worse again. If nobody tries to insult me, I’m not doing my job.

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  13. Wild Man says:

    stalking prey and springing traps the plot resembles the story from the epic of gilgamesh. awesome story. my personal favorite. every detail of the world’s oldest document is best studied with a fine tooth comb and a magnifying glass.

  14. RojoC says:

    The jury is out on the case. And unless you were sitting on it, let it go. I doubt you got the same exposure to the evidence and trail like they did. So please, let it go.

    Personally, initially I thought that Z was guilty of murder in cold blood last year*. Then I realized that the media was being extremely shifty about the whole thing and it was pointed out to me that NBC doctored some of the evidence it released to the public. The problem compounded once the race pimps swarmed all over this case. The straw which broke the camel’s back for me was seeing Z’s head wounds from the police station camera.

    *I was actually really pissed off because they made it seem like this wannabe hero cop poseur shot this “boy” and would make us gun owners look really bad. After all, we are always fair game for the MSM. But then I saw that something was rotten in the state of Denmark and the rest is history.

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