Princess of the Damned

Yes, she’s horrifying.  Yes, I’m aware that this is the third time I’ve shown her.  Just scroll down as fast as you can after you get the gist of her personality, and then think of puppies or something happy to prevent any nightmares.

Yet nothing I’ve ever encountered encapsulates the theme of today’s post more than that thing.

A female commenter yesterday unintentionally gave me an insight into the mentality of the shrew:

When you find this man, the one to whom you are just an afterthought, it becomes the woman’s job to make him see her. Of course, it is her looks that will get her visually seen, but what does a man like this care for looks other than to enjoy? It is when she can accomplish really being seen that she feels like a princess. Those moments when she can make herself come to the forefront of his mind and forget for a moment about his mission. These moments are intoxicating. It’s where a woman’s power can really shine through.

Indeed, despite the readily observable fact that women crave men who neg them and know how to put them in their place, that isn’t the only force at work.  I’m not prescribing any particular course of action for men at this point, but a woman also longs for a certain form of validation.  Little girls wouldn’t dress up as princesses if they had no intrinsic desire to feel supremely special, and to think that this desire is completely divorced from the Alpha Fux portion of AFBB and relegated entirely to the Beta Bux portion is absurd.

That’s not to say that we should adopt some outdated form of chivalry, nor that men should in any way succumb to the Feminine Imperative.  However, even Roissy concedes that all-asshole-all-the-time won’t work in perpetuity.  I’m only saying that there’s more to the feminine psyche than the desire to get negged.

Which explains yet another facet of the shit-test.  There are benefits to a man either passing or failing.  He passes, she’s excited by his Alpha allure, he fails and she gets what she thinks she wants and inspires her sense of hypergamic worth so that she’s more confident she can get a better man.

But there’s one way in which she looses out entirely.  It’s officially a “pass” in that the man proves his worth to her, but for her it’s a harsh and bitter fail:


“Do what you want.  I’m gone.”


“We’re done.”

Text.  Send.  No response.  Ever.

Although it’s a fitness-test for him, whether or not the man passes, the very fact that he takes it validates her.  Both the Alpha who puts her in place and the beta who complies with her demands took the test.  She’s still “being seen”.  The PUA who laughs off her bitchiness like he would a bratty kid-sister still somehow validates her just because he stays (prior to the hook point, leaving only tells her Hamster that she was too much Woman for him).  In the female brain, the boyfriend who calls her every awful name in the book but still hasn’t packed his bags and left for Denver shows her that he cares enough to yell at her at the top of his lungs.  “I must really matter to him or he wouldn’t get so threatening.”

But no matter how hot she is, there is a point at which he simply won’t take the test any more.  He’ll pass, but she’ll be SOL.  This point varies with both her SMP rating and his, but there are times when even orbiters will go find another world to revolve around.

She becomes invisible, without the validation she craves.  When he ignores her, he proves he deserves her, and virtually every woman in a relationship has a moment when she’s just got to find out how Alpha her man really is.  But what if she’s lost her value or doesn’t have a whole lot to begin with?  What if it turns out that he’s too Alpha for her?  What if it’s not “Ignore Strategy“?  What if he really means it?

Enter the Shrew

I’ve described how the male failure to pass a woman’s tests will invariably lead to stronger tests:

Vox Day recently asked “why [] women ruin everything, even for themselves?”  Because they’re giving shit-tests, and there’s nobody around to pass them; the men are either weak or nowhere to be found.  When women know they’re testing, there’s a chance that they can limit themselves (sometimes, sort of, almost, under the right conditions).  However, feminists don’t admit that they need anything from men (besides their genitalia and/or sperm), so they’ll never admit to giving tests.  Nevertheless, test they must, and the more vicious their tests, the more likely men will see no need to bother with them.  The Hamster, uncontrolled, untrained, and without masculine restraint morphs into pure evil.

The Hamster is now the Shrew.

A high value woman is far less likely to become a shrew because there’s a much greater chance that some guy somewhere will pass her tests.  She might become incredibly bitchy, but the very fact that she holds the treasure that men crave indicates that a high value man will simply see her as a challenge and defeat her.  That’s not to say she won’t ever get dumped for “going rogue” on him, but she’s got a bit of leverage herself.  And maybe the very fact that she’s got something worth holding onto will calm her down.


But for the woman in the video above, there’s no chance.  Perhaps most Alphas could turn her into a sandwich-making kitten in no time, but why the hell would he even bother?  It’s one things to laugh off a dressing-down to bag Ashley Greene.  It’s quite another to do it for a younger version Professor Umbridge.  Furthermore, it’s one thing to piss off a guy so much that he never wants to see you again after you’ve been banging him for a few months, it’s quite another to do it from across a crowded room before you’ve even met.

When you see a woman like Umbridge, you’re witnessing female insecurity run amok, the throbbing desire for a Man to take her, tame her, and put her in her place.  Yet the only men who could possibly surpass the Superman standards she requires would never spend more than twenty seconds on her even if they’re blasted out of their minds, she’s the only woman around for twenty miles, and he just got back from a six-month submarine deployment.

And if by some amazing fluke she manages to score with him, the moment she does anything wrong (and probably even before that) he’s out the door.  Through intentional ugliness of both body and spirit, she’s made it impossible to ever get what she so desperately needs.

To finish Stingray’s (seemingly not a shrew) earlier comment, “No amount of whiny and complaining will give her [intoxicating moments], and deep down, women know it.”  “Deep down”, correct, but what if her screeching has been the only way she’s even felt a shadow of being seen, that Alpha rolling his eyes before he walks away the closest thing to a man taming her that she’ll ever experience?  Of course she knows that no man of value could ever want her, but what if the easiest way for her Hamster Shrew to rationalize her failures with men is to not only make the tests impossible, but to make it thoroughly distasteful to even take them?  “He’s just not man enough to handle my independence/lard/intelligence/bitchiness.”  If you replace “lard” with “beauty”, isn’t that how the NFL cheerleaders think?

She can convince herself that nobody passes her tests because nobody’s worthy, when the truth is that nobody passes them because nobody wants to.

I avoid shrews, I will never White Knight them, and I know that they’re probably getting what they deserve.  Nevertheless, I do feel something that almost reminds me of pity when I see one of them in action.  Yes, I see failure in her, but I also see the end result of “you-go-girl!” education, feminized and compliant males, the “fat pride movement” and millions of other societal shortcomings.  She’s in a prison of her own making, and I doubt any Earthly force could ever set her free.  I’ve been in such prisons myself, and they’re the ones with the strongest chains.

For when modern shrews find Petrucchio, he figures she’s not worth the bother.

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25 Responses to Princess of the Damned

  1. The rare times I’ve been forced by work to be around these kinds of women I just ignore them. With the red pill I’d now ignore them and game other women, show them what they’re missing out on.

    The one thing I’ll say about the overweight women in theatre – they know they’re overweight and are usually at least kind souls instead of miserable cunts like Red. Sadly, they still think they’re entitled to a hot guy, but that’s another issue.

    • Martel says:

      When I have a shrew supervising me in a work environment (which hasn’t been for a while, thank God), they start out despising me. Then, as with most shrews, they gradually develop a liking for me. It’s actually quite disturbing.

      Needless to say, they don’t get what they want.

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  3. Stingray says:

    For when modern shrews find Petrucchio, he figures she’s not worth the bother.

    One wonders if this is why feminists are shrieking ever louder. At least one of the reasons, anyway.

    • Martel says:

      I’m reminded of when Rhett tells Scarlett, “You need a good kiss.” (he didn’t really mean kiss) He was right. Scarlett was being shrewish, and Rhett’s “kisses” more or less solves the problem.

      However, as shrewish as she may have been, damn near any guy would have gladly “kissed” her (Vivian Leigh in her prime was a knockout). Indeed, it took an Alpha to do what it takes, but as we can tell from the beginning of the movie, there was no shortage of men willing to try.

      Contrast that with Umbridge above. She also needs a good “kiss”, but she’s not gonna get one.

  4. Stingray says:

    And hey! What this seemingly nonsense?! 😉

    • deti says:

      Actually, Martel, the line was even better. Rhett tells her:

      “You should be kissed often. And by someone who knows how.”

      Modern day translation: “You need a good hard roguring; and I’m going to give it to you.”

  5. Martel says:

    I was merely pointing out to my readers that you don’t strike me as particularly shrewish so that they don’t get the wrong idea and think you are. Is there something wrong with that?

    • Stingray says:

      Nope. Just yanking your chain. 😉

      • Martel says:

        Damn. I was hoping you’d object so I’d have an excuse to change the comment to “seemingly a shrew”–I changed it just because Stingray for some reason didn’t like what I said before.

        I love using half-compliments:

        “You’re not bad looking.”

        “What do you mean I’m not BAD looking?”

        “Uhh, okay. Fine. You’re bad looking.”


        “You don’t like it when I say you’re NOT bad looking, you don’t like it when I say you ARE bad looking. You’re impossible to please.”

        And she digs herself ever deeper into the hole.

        But damn you, shrew. You didn’t fall for it.

      • Stingray says:

        Hmmm, why do I feel like a just passed a test? 😀

      • Martel says:

        Or failed, depending on your perspective.

        You’ve would have been confused, embarrassed, and horribly frustrated, but you would have loved every minute of it.

  6. I keep reading “Umbridge” as “umbrage.” Which is even funnier, since it’s defined as “a feeling of pique or resentment at some often fancied slight or insult.” Isn’t feminism all about railing against stuff no one actually said or did?

  7. Tim says:

    She can win by suddenly “discovering” that she was a lesbian all along and never liked men, and didn’t know it. That’s how she’ll protect her ego.

    • Martel says:

      A very distinct possibility. But what if it’s not true?

      I know the Hamster runs deep, but how deep does it really go? Are there dark moments alone when even the most vicous shrews are forced to face the Truth, even when nobody’s there to force them?

      I can’t know this because I’m not a woman, I can’t imagine how painful it must be to wake up at age 53, recoginzing what an idiot you’ve been. “You mean I could have had the love of men instead of other fat chicks like me if only I had tried to be pleasant, ate fewer ho-hos (pun intended), and wore a little makeup?”

      • earl says:

        That requires self-awareness. Something which they don’t possess…it will be men’s fault they didn’t prefer a bitchy, overweight, poor excuse of a woman.

        The great thing about being a guy is possessing self-awareness. You mean if I act masculine…I can have all the benefits and the love of hundreds of women. Sign me up!

        The saddest humans are guys that don’t want to sign up.

  8. deti says:

    This is actually a great follow up to “The Weapon” where you said that men are getting sick of women’s shit.

    This post, Princess of the Damned. is what happens when men do stop caring.

  9. Lolz says:

    I like shrews, I find fat chicks attractive and have decent game. So I’d like to meet big red and chat her up. Mostly I think the issue is that I’m so monstrously huge (2m/140kg mostly muscle) that I can toss a fat chick around like most men can throw around a skinny girl, and I would break a small one.

    Too bad it’s just me.

  10. Again, what does your girlfriend/wife think of your posts? Really curious. Do you hide these from her?

    If no girlfriend, when you do get one, do you intend to show her these posts?

    If (as I suspect) you either 1) hide them from your wife/girlfriend, or 2) do not intend to show them to any future girlfriend, then do you believe dishonesty is a good policy in relationships? That might be one reason for your negative attitude. (Because really, it isn’t.)

    If you are MGTOW, do you think you are in any position to give relationship-advice?

    PS: In my observation, most “shrews” are married, and to high-achieving men at that. Men LOVE them, in the same way you believe women LOVE “bad boys”–its actually the gender-equivalent, the flip-side of the same phenomenon. (Men increasingly believe success includes securing a “high maintenance” woman, and then endlessly complain about her narcissism when they actually get one. Same as women who want a “bad boy” and then … complain he is mean.)

    • RS says:

      I don’t know what world you live in but none of the married men I know are married to shrews. My husband and his colleagues/friends are high earners and it would be financially suicidal to marry a horrible woman who will, most likely, in the long run take your kids and your money. My husband also has several friends who have gone the MGTOW route rather than deal with the ever increasing number of shrews in the dating pool. Nothing Martel says here is offensive IMO and if he were my husband/boyfriend he wouldn’t have to hide his posts.

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