They Are Not What They Are

I will soon return to more Manospheric topics, but this is where my brain is dragging me at the moment, so this is where I’m going. I feel a bit behind at the moment, for I was sick this weekend and had to sleep when I wanted to write. I’ll just have to be better this week.

One of the biggest problems I see when observing conservatives/libertarians dealing with leftists is that all too often we don’t know who we’re dealing with. Sure, we know they’re wrong, but we don’t necessarily understand the reasons for their error. Therefore, our attacks are imprecise and often backfire. We insult when we should tread softly or coddle when we should go for the throat. We confront issues head-on when it would be more prudent to dance around them, but sometimes we try to yell around the elephant in the living room. We argue Principle to a cut-throat union boss or self-interest to an idealistic young hipster. This post addresses that.

There are as many reasons for leftism as there are leftist. Fortunately, there are actually patterns to their nonsensical thoughts, and these patterns fall into three distinct categories. Yes, there can be overlap between them, and sometimes it can takes some prodding to learn into which category your conversation partner falls.

One of the Foundational Principles of Truth is I am what I am. The individual is sovereign, endowed with rights that depend on no man. We each have rights, responsibilities, and although we differ in billions of different ways, we are all equal before God and before the Law. Leftism screws with that principle in three distinct ways, and the way in which a leftist views the I principle determines which group he or she falls into.


The Anointed

This label derives directly from Thomas Sowell’s wonderful work, Vision of the Anointed (an incredibly persuasive book for any leftie who doesn’t fall into this category). The Anointed are those who know what’s best for us, those who by exceptional gifts or birthright understand how our lives should be run and have the right to make us comply. They know which businesses should be allowed to thrive and which should fail. Obesity is a problem, and they know how to solve it. They understand that we can’t be trusted with firearms, that if we’re not regulated to death we’ll exploit each other endlessly and force autistic children to fight the elderly to the death over the last scraps of cat food.

Unfortunately for us, their schemes rarely work; they know nothing about the Law of Unintended Consequences. Fortunately for them, they don’t care. Every scheme that results in disaster is little more than another reason they should have even more power. Be it the War on Poverty or skyrocketing crime rates in Britain after the handgun ban, the problem was never that they did too much, but that they weren’t able to do quite enough.

This is because, somewhere along the way in each of their precious little hearts, “We need to do more to IMPROVE OUR WORLD” became “WE need to do more to improve our world.” They care, they have greater insight, so what’s best for them is axiomatically best for the rest of us. It’s therefore perfectly okay to have a carbon footprint as big as Al Gore’s, because Al is doing what MUST BE DONE! The bigger the carbon footprint for him, the smaller it will end up being for the rest of us. The same principle applies to every Hollywood star who wants to increase taxes on the rich but who pays accountants to find every “loophole” in their own favor, to the disregard for Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades, to John Kerry’s yacht tax-evasion, to Obama’s penchant for fatty foods.

The key belief among the Anointed is I am more than what I am. The Anointed need not follow the same laws as the rest of us, for the laws are meant to control only those without their own superior wisdom. After all, we need them, so if a law puts one of them behind bars, it’s actually just messing with the Grand Design to keep the rest of us in line. On the contrary, they deserve massive lobbying contracts if the rubes are ever so stupid as to elect them out of office (yes, conservatives have their Anointed, too).

However, the Anointed need not be in an actual position of power. Being Anointed is more a question of identity than one of position, although the two often go together. The aging hippie who lives, eats, and breathes leftism is also Anointed, as is the educated black who fills in his black co-workers on the latest manufactured injustice. Young idealists will often be among the Benighted (see below), but their leader, the one who keeps them in line will usually be Anointed. Their role may not be as prominent as Chris Matthews, but they are still special because they really care.

When confronting an Anointed individual, you will find them very knowledgeable about the leftist perspective on virtually every issue but entirely ignorant of the conservative perspective on any of them. Fox News is LIES! LIES! LIES! and therefore need not be considered. They know what others think only enough to construct a caricature that they can shoot down. As loudly as they scream about conservative close-mindedness, they are entirely certain that there is only Leftist Truth and opposing Lies.

You may be tempted to try to persuade the Anointed. Don’t bother. There are two reasons to talk to them: 1. To use them as a foil to your common sense to persuade any witnesses to your conversation, and 2. Practice. Discussions with the Anointed can be incredibly frustrating, for they will use every slimy rhetorical technique in the book to draw attention away from the point you’re making. You will be attacked and probably insulted. This can be worth it when you turn their bullshit back on them in front of others, but when it’s one-on-one, you’ll eventually get tired.

The closest you will get to “victory” alone with an Anointed is to see them convulse on the floor and sputter in something that sounds like tongues, but they will never admit you’re right. It can be fun to see that happen, but it’s annoying as hell when you see them two days later and they’ve literally forgotten everything about your conversation. You have been warned.

The Entitled

The Entitled are somewhat more persuadable, but not much. These are the folks who belong to the Leftist coalition because they want something: a continued entitlement check, hiring preferences because of their status as a victim, government jobs, collective bargaining rights. Converting the Entitled takes work, because to change their minds is to convince them that the goodies they receive are morally wrong. This is no small thing, which is why the Left wants to get all of us hooked on some sort of government benefit.

Usually, the Entitled know very little about politics other than their pet issue, but they can be incredibly knowledgeable about that issue. Union members may support gay marriage, but if the Republicans and Democrats switched sides on that issue (or most any issue), they would remain with the party that supports them and their check.

Unlike the Anointed, sometimes these folks have great amounts of common sense regarding any area outside their area of “expertise.” Therefore, if you have a friendship with an Entitled person, develop trust on other issues before confronting them directly on what they will undoubtedly perceive as an attack on their very right to exist. Many union members instinctively understand the need for gun rights and other conservative positions.

If you are confronting an Entitled individual in a short-term setting, like you would with the Anointed, use them as a foil to your own views in front of an audience. Be aware that with the Entitled things can get very personal very fast. Therefore, steer clear of their pet issue until it becomes unavoidable, but when that elephant in the room is taking its dump, proceed with stealth. You must attack without seeming to attack, be an ass while coming across as a victim. It is best to let it come to this only if you either know a great deal about the issue at hand or if you’re an expert at framing it to your advantage.

The Entitled simultaneously believe I am more than what I am AND I am less than what I am. They are the former in that they have a right to the public trough (other people’s money), and the latter in that they are helpless victims who can’t be trusted to survive without pensions most of us in the private sector would kill for.

There is also some brilliantly designed muck designed into the plight of the Entitled. First, often these folks have been promised what they think they’re entitled to. Even though the promises were often downright absurd, they were promises, and people trust promises. Often, they would have saved more for retirement had our public officials been more honest (or the Entitled not been so naive), but because that didn’t happen, they need that check to maintain the standard of living to which they’ve become accustomed. Also, some entitlements have been paid into, and the “rate of return” on something like Social Security will always be debatable.

In our disturbingly indebted society, eventually the Entitled classes will go to war with one another. When the proverbial fecal matter hits the fan, you can use this much more easily than you can today. In the meantime, everybody thinks they can get theirs if only we raise taxes.

The Benighted

This is the last but sadly vanishing class of leftie, the true believer, those who have nothing tangible to gain from the Leftist project but who believe in it because they are convinced it’s the morally right thing to do. This group includes successful (non-governmental) minorities who’ve had the plight of their less successful “brothers” pounded into their heads, the waitress who spends an extra portion of her meager salary on “green” laundry detergent, the young professionals who don’t mind paying more in taxes because they think it actually does some good, the low-information voter who votes Democrat because his belief that “Republicans are for the rich” has never been challenged, the college students to spend their summers in El Salvador working on some new experimental communal farming technique. Included in this group may even be some folks in positions of power and influence (I suspect Kirsten Powers and Dennis Kucinich, but I could be wrong).

As conservatives, often we laugh at these folks, and there IS much to laugh at. However, there’s actually a bit to respect as well. They believe in something, and genuine belief is far more reachable (and laudable) than the tangible benefits leftism provides the other two groups. I KNOW, their beliefs are often poorly though-out, illogical, and naive, but the idea that things should be better than they are, when tempered with a correct understanding of reality, can actually be productive. These folks are bothered by Al Gore’s sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera, and some of them despise Obama’s drone war and held their noses to vote for him because they’re worried that Republicans would be worse. The hipocrisy of the Anointed is a great weapon to use with the Benighted.

Opposing poverty and war are good things; voting for leftists isn’t. Obviously, there’s a disconnect, for the Benighted have a skewed view of reality. Conservatives understand that poverty will never be eliminated unless we eliminate laziness, and that simply can’t be done (I know that not ALL poverty results from laziness, but some of it sure as hell does). War will be with us as long as humans think they can benefit from killing people and taking their stuff. People are people, and they always will be.

Also, they’ve rarely heard the other side. How many of the anointed are aware of how welfare can actually increase poverty? How an increased minimum wage can increase unemployment? About how peace movements in France and Britain encouraged Hitler? How the Tragedy of the Commons can increase pollution? How making hispanic kids feel better about themselves through bi-lingual education can relegate them to second-class citizenship for their entire lives?

People are people. A is A. This is what must be presented to the Benighted, and it must be done effectively. Being too nice to an Anointed means you’ll get trounced, but being too harsh to a Benighted can frighten them into thinking you don’t even acknowledge what they believe are essential ideals. There’s goodness there, use it.

As any student of free-market economics understands, the best way to actually reduce poverty is through free markets. The best way to avoid war is a strong national defense. The best way to protect the environment is to respect property rights. More funding for education does not necessarily lead to better education.

These folks believe (or at least think they believe) in reducing poverty, world peace, environmental protection, and quality education. They vote for politicians who supposedly agree with them but who make these problems worse. It takes some art, some talent, but it’s doable.

The Benighted are less than who they are, they fail to use the minds God gave them the way they should, but there is something decent about them, something that can be reached.

I’ve done it often, and I will show you how.

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38 Responses to They Are Not What They Are

  1. dicentra63 says:


    There. Two words and I summed it all up.


    as a bonus.

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  3. Bob says:

    I saw your link on Captain Capitalism’s post and I stopped by to visit. Having never heard of you before, I have to say, this is an EXCELLENT post!

  4. Amy says:

    I second Bob’s remarks. Excellent.

  5. Chris says:

    Third! Added to my reader.

  6. robins111 says:

    Good post, also from the CC link.. well done

  7. Jonathan says:

    I think it’s going to be interesting then and I’ve always wondered how the entitled will work out. The entitled came out hard in the SOTU.

    Immigration — Illegals get money and rights
    VAWA — Women get more money and renewed rights that others don’t have
    Equal Pay — Women get more money and more more more rights that others don’t have
    Opportunity no matter which area you live in — I interpret that as minorities living in places like Detroit and Chicago
    Middle class — Raise that minimum wage and stop foreclosures
    (maybe I missed some those are just the highlights I caught)

    I’ve wondered how the Dem party can even stay together with so many different victim/entitled groups all working for the same 9$. It seems to me that as money supply shrinks and cuts happen it all has to implode. Feminists will fight Mexicans who will fight Blacks… Then they’ll all turn on the middle class to eat his dinner. The wealthy Repubs will have to come in as parents and spank some butts… unless they’re too busy with their white flight to countries with a lower tax rates.

    I’m not all that worried about it because there’s nothing I can do (or have any motivation to do anymore)… Just sitting back watching. But given your knowledge on it… I’m very curious how you see this all playing out.

    My thinking, if we don’t go full on war, is:

    Women will come running back to the “patriarchy” because they have no other option
    Immigrants will head home because that economy is doing slightly better
    Middle class will just have to struggle along.
    Blacks? I can’t quite figure that one out. Places like Detroit seem long past saving.
    We already do and will continue to have a ruling class that pulls our puppet strings

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  13. Schmidty says:

    I enjoy your input at Neo’s and came here from your link there. This is a most illuminating post, one I have learned from. Nice to meet you!

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  17. Is there NO leftist who you regard as your intellectual or social equal? Every leftist is “beneath” you… there are either arrogant (anointed), entitled (spoiled) or benighted (stupid).

    YOU know what’s right.

    This is a lot of the problem. Nobody listens to people who put them down or who believes tells them they are inferior. No dialogue is therefore possible.

    • Martel says:

      I regard many leftists as my intellectual equals, and sometimes even superiors. Likewise socially, and even in their personal moral lives.

      But I won’t concede that any are as wise as me, for they advocate what invariably results in a mess. Some do it for power, some for greed, and some out of naivete, but the ability to adequately recognize how things are, how things work, and how to maximize that knowledge to bring what should be into fruition is sorely lacking.

      There’s nothing wrong with somebody knowing that they’re right, especially when they’ve tested that knowledge repeatedly like I have. I’m both willing and able to dialogue, but you’re not going to get me to admit that certain things aren’t so because I KNOW that they are.

      • gcm says:

        And that is why you engage in classic confirmation bias, which renders you (and your liberal counterparts) unwilling and/or incapable of admitting your logical errors in this particular circumstance.

  18. Sorry for all those typos. I just hiked a looooong way and I am a bit tired/flakey.

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  28. Carbonel says:

    I arrived at this post via John C. Wright’s recommendation, and would like to add my voice to the chorus of (deserved) approval. Thanks for the taxonomy! May I add a subcategory to the entitled? It includes the actor, the academic (in any non-mathematical field, and even some that need to use math), many writers or “minorities,” etc. All of whom are well aware that to pay the electric bill they must kowtow to the foolish little gods of the Annointed, or be blacklisted as heretics.

    • Martel says:

      Much appreciation for the comment and the mental gymnastics it inspired. I hope I’m not commenting too late for you to read this.

      If the person you describe is a lefty almost purely out of duress, they don’t quite fit into the taxonomy. If they consciously actually don’t believe in leftism but just parrot what they have to in order to not face rancor but don’t vote that way in the booth when nobody can see them, I’d say they’re the weakest type of Entitled.

      However, they’re in a limbo of sorts, and such types will eventually gravitate into one of the other camps; most people don’t like acting contrary to their own beliefs, so if they don’t have the courage to alter their behavior to fit their convictions, they’ll likely alter their convictions. At first, they just say it because they have to, but eventually they’ll either want to say it or stop saying it.

      To take the example of your entertainer, perhaps he begins spouting leftist nonsense just to fit it. However, does the self-righteousness of his colleagues start to infect him? Does he begin to see himself as part of the elite, that it’s his role to enlighten the rest of us? That he knows better than us how we should lead our lives? Then he becomes Anointed.

      If he’s an academic who starts feeling threated by some Republican governor’s attempts to reform his university and his underlying motivation becomes primarily to keep his job? Then he’d be more firmly in the Entitled camp.

      Within each group there’s already a subdivision (which you obviously couldn’t know about because I didn’t describe it) between the sincere and the hypocrites. A sincere Anointed truly believes that it’s in the best interest of humanity to make his life as cozy as comfortable, but a hypocrite knows he’s exploiting his inferiors. He just doesn’t give a damn because he wants what’s his.

      Let me know if this makes sense of if you have any other observations. I’m glad you liked the essay.

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  32. machinetrooper says:

    Outstanding breakdown, sir. I’ve been thinking about some of the leftists I know and categorizing them accordingly. It makes sense why I failed to get through to some of them now–I was using the wrong strategy for the type. Makes perfect sense. Also interesting: though I’ve met many beknighted male leftists, the females have always been from the other two categories.

    • Martel says:

      Thank you.

      Regarding your gender breakdown, the War on Women narrative in recent years has pushed many a Benighted female into the Entitled camp. Much of the reason the Left likes getting so many people either on or thinking they deserve government goodies is that it converts less reliable Benighteds into more reliable Entitleds. As hard as it is to convert a Benighted, it’s much easier than an Entitled. Once you convince a Benighted that she’s actually harming those she cares about she’ll change, but an Entitled is blinded by self-interest.

  33. cultpackpsychopathdecipher says:

    I call some leftists “Antebellum” due to their plantation attitude. So many of the Southern Democrats suddenly and mysteriously switched over from KKK supporter to immediately being the loudest supporters of Johnson’s “Great Society”, where they could still sit on their thrones and treat Blacks like figurines in a doll house, like when their great-grandfathers ran their communal Southern cotton plantations.
    These types of Leftists are only interested in their perceived identity, and how they see themselves to be. If something conforms to re-enforcing that identity, that is all that matters, nothing else. They like high crime, poor education, welfare state, anything that lowers others and keeps them as Dukes of the Realm. They are flamboyantly “charitable”, KKK but without the hate any more.

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