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Anecdotal Evidence

The other night I encountered a Bulgarian-American woman just before closing time in a bar.  She was cute (albeit not gorgeous) and seemed to be in her late twenties.  She spoke English with a slight Bulgarian accent, and as I … Continue reading

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Why Men Are Pissed Off (guest post by deti)

Men are not pissed off because some girl had sex with a couple of football teams’ worth of guys.  They’re pissed because she lies about it. Men aren’t pissed because women are attracted to good looking men with chiseled physiques … Continue reading

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Musings, Odds & Ends (guest post by deti)

There are some who say  that the so-called “bottom 80%” of men have sorely misjudged their own sexual and marriage market values, because they are punching above their weight, going for girls out of their league.   They all want the homecoming … Continue reading

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The Marriage Problem (guest post by deti)

After spending some time with men and women around these parts, I amconvinced that the primary cause of unhappiness in marriages is this: The vast majority of married women are married to men who are less attractive, (or to whom … Continue reading

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A Red Refresher (guest post by deti)

Sometimes it’s helpful for the experienced man to remember how far he’s come, so he doesn’t forget the mistakes he used to make.    So, herewith a bit of red pill refresher.  File this under “A is A.” —Looks matter.  … Continue reading

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Fear (guest post by deti)

Among many other instances of educational malpractice towards men that North American Churchianity is guilty of, is what they teach men about fear.    Fear is to be, well, feared.  It’s to be avoided rather than faced head on. Here’s … Continue reading

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The Solution’s Core

This post will be short, but it’s a relatively simple point that I think needs to be made more often. In the comments yesterday, deti composed a mantra of sorts, and other commenters think it would make a great poster: … Continue reading

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