I know, I get a little paranoid about feminists, race-baiters, and other leftists.  They just follow a different political program and have different ideas on how to raise kids.  There’s really not much to worry about other than a few WHAM’s (white heterosexual able-bodied males) having their “privilege” threatened.  But we’ll get over it and find ourselves in a society that’s a lot like ours, only more peaceful, loving, and enlightened.

Okay, maybe health care will be a mess, but overall, we’ll all just be a little more like bonobos.

NSFW (seriously):

Feel the peace!  Sense the love!  We just need to be a bit more engaging and reasonable with them as we reach across the aisle.

Ignore that despite Pope Francis’s criticisms of capitalism that he’s the guy they’re burning in effigy at the 3-minute mark.  We need to be more loving and understanding, just like them.


As much as anything I’ve recently seen, that video shows me that we’re not just fighting for “white privilege” or some other such nonsense, we’re fighting for the very nature of civilization itself.  (For a censored version with background info, click here.)

See the glee in their eyes as they do everything in their power to denigrate, insult, and de-humanize their opponents.  Watch them cavort like utter savages as they burn the Pope and ask yourself if it’s really that far-fetched to suspect that these same womyn wouldn’t burn an actual man in their “ceremony” if they thought they could get away with it?  Do you see any indication whatsoever that they acknowledge the men protecting their cathedral as fellow human-beings?  Have they any moral compass other than a desire to get screwed without consequence?

I know that most of the protesters would go bonkers if you sucked the brains out of a live chicken, but do the same to infants is a “personal choice”.  They have no understanding whatsoever of how anybody could possible not agree with them; if you’re not on their side, you’re sub-human.  The only reason they don’t kill the men themselves is that they can’t get away with it, yet.

We’re seeing the same mob mentality of the Revolutions (French, Russian, Cuban, etc.) that left behind immeasurable death and destruction play out before our very eyes.  Imagine these chicks being in charge, having authority over the police or military.  Do you think they’d allow “freedom of speech” for their opponents when the very presence of men protecting a cathedral drives them into such a tizzy?  Me neither.

I realize that it’s not just these specific womyn who scream “WAR ON WOMEN!” every time somebody objects to being forced to buy their birth control for them, that some feminist allies wouldn’t be caught dead prancing around like pygmies in front of a church because they’re not able to vandalize it.

I also know that this happened in Argentina, a country not quite as “civilized” as other parts of the West.  Argentina is a crony-capitalist mess.  However, it does have a middle class, and I’d bet almost anything that most of the savages that night had university educations.

(For those of you with a more racialist bent, Argentina is more ethnically European than most of Latin America, and I didn’t see any of the animals sporting particularly dark skin.  Seems to me that it’s white chicks that are the problem, here.)

Nevertheless, even lefties who don’t think they support this crap still support it (and pointing this out when it applies is essential), for the policies these folks advocate are intertwined with their tactics. This is the very mentality that calls you a “racist” every time you object to Obamacare.  It’s the teacher union takeover of the Wisconsin state capitol.  These womyn are of the same mind as those who got in the faces of men for wanting to hear Warren Farrell, they’re just a little less afraid of being punished for acting on how they feel.

After all, if this happened in the US, there’s still one news network that might report on it.


Although I firmly believe that most of the “protesters” in the video deserve to get the living crap beaten out of them (just TRY to suggest that’s fascist in the comments), for now I support the passive strategy the men used.  The dignity they demonstrated in the face of such savagery provides us with a remarkable contrast between how decent men support their beliefs and spoiled children who need a good spanking.  I guarantee that at least a few “pro-choicers” had some doubts after seeing how their “sisters” behaved.

Unfortunately, “a few” probably isn’t enough, so I suspect we’re going to face this crap more and more often.  At first, we can try the dignified approach.  It sucks, but sometimes it works.

However, such strategies only work when the public we need to persuade still has some sort of moral foundation.  Had Gandhi tried the peaceful approach with the Nazis, they would have been obliterated.

And the only way to instill such a moral sense is for children to be disciplined by decent parents before they turn into cavegirls with iPhones.  To see how men turn out without fathers, look at Detroit.  To see what happens to women, watch the above video.

(Sunshine Mary theorizes that women without proper training will devolve into a Bonobo-type state.  I disagree, for bonobos aren’t particularly bloodthirsty.  They’re satisfied with only sex and food, don’t mind having babies, and don’t expect iPhones to grow on trees.)

Still, there’s enough civilization left to attempt appeals to human decency, to try rhetoric and appeals to mercy, but it might not stay that way for long.  I still advocate persuading lefties when it’s possible, but once we’ve devolved past a certain point, there’s no time left for niceness.

One day, the 1st Amendment may no longer suffice.  That’s why we need the 2nd.

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4 Responses to Barbarism

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  4. Mule Chewing Briars says:

    In a country known for beautiful women, I was astounded at how many ugly women showed up for this romp. In a country known for handsome men, I was surprised at how handsome the guys protecting the cathedral were.

    It is hard to find an angrier, more bitter person than a plain woman in Latin America.

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