Eliminate the Positive

The University of Georgia’s Student Government Association hosted a “dinner and dialogue” to protest the pernicious assault on our values sometimes known as the “success story“:

The event “No More Success Stories: Dinner, Dialogue, Making A Difference” was scheduled for October 23rd (pace the flyer), and listed panelists for the “final event of Raise Your Hand for Equality!” Day at the U. of Georgia. The premise of the forum is that minority “success stories” diminish the stature of other minorities.

Pace some of my commenters, there is an emphasis on Victimhood that permeates leftist ideology.  It’s not relegated to only feminism, and it most decidedly does not apply to those who merely want the government to leave them alone.

Lefties who don’t want minorities to even hear about blacks who’ve managed to succeed despite their fascist overlords have much in common with feminists who don’t want women to take concrete steps to prevent their own rapes.  For if either women or minorities take charge of their own lives instead of focus on what other people need to do instead, the Victim Mindset vanishes, people actually succeed, and leftism’s appeal vanishes.

Conservatives/libertarians and the Manosphere have a decidedly different emphasis.  We’re aware of the obstacles before us; we’re doing whatever we can to reform family courts, prevent some of the harmful effects of false rape accusations, reduce the size of government, etc.  Yet our primary focus is on what we can do to change our own lives.

Sure, there’s plenty of bitching about how poorly we were raised.  Yes, we want everybody else to change just like the lefties (although our changes would actually improve things), and we’re also pissed about how we’ve been misled.

But more importantly, we recognize that whatever the church/government/pop culture/etc. does or doesn’t do for us, if we don’t get our own asses in gear, our lives are still going to suck.  The very fact that there are some happy men out there despite all the crap that’s going on is proof that we can overcome the crap.

On the other side, they disagree.  To Victims, a “success story” only calls attention to their own failure.  When I hear a “success story” it helps me get over my own excuses for failure.  When a Professional Victim hears one, it might actually get them to do likewise.

And if everybody did that, no votes for Democrats.

“Success stories” encourage us to give up our own senses of Guilt and Entitlement and adopt some Gratitude instead.  When I hear about a reformed omega or a rags to riches fairy tale, it puts my own challenges in perspective, I realize that as much as I’ve been screwed over I can do it, too.

But when you start thinking that way, you become self-reliant.  The horror!

They say:

The idea that minority success is “outstanding” means it’s not the norm–we don’t want “success stories.” We just want stories.

“Success” is never the norm.  And they don’t “just want stories”, they want sob stories.

Have at it, losers.  Just know that with that mindset, no matter how much money you get from me, how much you control the government, or how much sympathy you manage to extort, you’ll always be miserable.

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22 Responses to Eliminate the Positive

  1. earl says:

    That proves what I thought hardcore lefitsts were after this whole time.

    Our souls.

    It’s is and always has been a spiritual war. Victimhood always assumes defeat. No wonder my outlook on life and most people went up immediately after I stopped watching the MSM.

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    remember kids, everyone gets a trophy. there are no real losers. the good news is, if shit ever hits the fan, the harcore left will be the first to go.

    • Martel says:

      Depending on which way it sprays.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        Either you can hack it or you can’t.

      • Martel says:

        But sometimes the way you “hack it” is to steal all the crap from others who actually earned what they have.

        As i’m sure you’re aware, they’re doing their best to turn the military into a well-armed kumby-a (sp?) circle. Lefties can’t earn it, but they probably believe they can steal it.

        However, Americans are well-armed, so for the left to get what it wants, it’ll be a bloodbath. But that won’t stop them from trying.

  3. Sis says:

    what a crazy event. I can’t believe that is acceptable. Equality has been twisted to mean awful things.

    • Martel says:

      Some reactionaries would say that this IS the ultimate meaning of “equality” (which is why they don’t like the notion of equality). I disagree with them, as well as conservatives who proclaim “equality of opportunity”.

      “Equality” as the Founders intended it can be best defined as “Equality of Sovereignty”. We’re equally accountable before God, and human law should do its best to try to reflect that. No man has the right to lord it over his fellow man, but we’ll always try to circumvent that, both through and despite governments.

      It’s the role of government to preserve individual sovereignty as much as possible. Unfortunately, although that’s its primary role, government also have a tendency to violate that principle itself. Hence an eternal conflict.

  4. Alan K says:

    Our local high school refuses to name a class valedictorian. No joke.

  5. Mina says:

    Leftists/Liberals have literal brain damage : An underdeveloped Amygdala which is the flight or fight center of the brain. Because it is underdeveloped they reject competition, masculinity, aggressiveness – pretty much anything “manly”. The theory is that their Amygdala is underdeveloped because they are r-selected individuals rather than K-selected individuals. It’s a pretty “out there” set of ideas but I promise you read it once you’ll think “he’s nuts” read it twice and you’ll think “he still nuts but this kind of makes some sense/explains a lot” and the 3rd or 4th time you will think “wow! revolutionary!!”

    • Martel says:

      I’ve skimmed that before (and agreed), but on your recommendation I’ll read it again.

      However, I’m not so sure the reject anything “manly” (and I”m not sure if that’s straight from the article or your interpretation of it). After all, they love (or loved) Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Che Guevarra, and that Alpha frat-boy last Saturday after one too many lemon drops.

      Yet sometimes they DO loathe it, most especially whenever it’s directed against them. Lefties don’t like masculinity, but they still respond to it favorably when it gets them what they want. I’ll have to mull over when they like it vs. when they hate it.

      • There’s two different types of “manly” – the ones you named are dramatic, led-by-emotion, surface type of fake-manly. the best example I can think of off the top of my head (having just woken up) is the guy in Forrest Gump that hits Jenny and then makes a hyperdramatic speech blaming it on the war and everything else. She eats it up. It’s AlphaBitch in drag, the high school drama queen with a beard, looking just masculine enough to fool its prey.

      • Martel says:

        I’ve used that Forrest Gump example a few times myself. The leftie-Alpha can be a pretty seductive animal with tingle-inspiring aggression supporting abstract “equality” for women.

        But such Alphas are more immoral than any PUA in that their very essence is a violation of what they supposedly believe. Roosh is all about getting laid (honest), but John Edwards was supposed to be about love and caring.

        Leftie dude who actually believe their own crap (most manboob feminists) can’t get the time of day from their own political allies.

  6. Tin Man says:

    The key is “improve yourself” – and I agree, until “success” is the norm and failure (or being screwed over by someone else) is the outlier – any stories of success and overcoming obstacles is a good story – and one that if we are looking to improve ourselves, helps plant some ideas into our heads.

    • Mina says:

      “Lefties don’t like masculinity, but they still respond to it favorably when it gets them what they want.” It’s all in how they alter reality to make the world fit into their limited viewpoint.

      • Martel says:

        That might be it. They don’t necessarily hate masculinity, per se, they just don’t want to ever be challenged by it. A six-year old biting his Pop Tart so that it looks like a gun needs to be stamped out because he might grow up to be a self-sufficient man who doesn’t buy into their crap. However, a hyper-masculine gangbanger helps reinforce the “oppression” narrative, so we need to treat him with kid gloves.

    • Mina says:

      When I say “manly” I think of The Outlaw Josie Wales, for example.

      • Mina says:

        Yes, true but they do in general, hate everything masculinity stands for. Competition, aggression, honor, moral superiority, etc. That is all covered in a pretty detailed way at the link. ‘We value courage, loyalty to group, competitiveness in individuals, and as the treatment of our sports stars shows, we idolize success achieved through hard work, daring, and risk. Liberals oppose all of that.’ I see masculinity described here.

        Your blog has a funny way of not posting the replies to the correct posts … my apologies.

      • Martel says:

        I LOVE Josie Wales. “Buzzards gotta eat, too. Same as worms.”

        You’re right in that they oppose masculinity as an end, but not necessarily as a means. They want to stifle courage, competitiveness, etc., but they’re more than willing to take a billy club to your head to make that happen.

  7. Jose says:

    I think reading about others success stories do help people look At their lives and change the negatives to positives. I know for me when I read “Success Stories” it makes me want to change my current situation it makes me want to make something out of my life rather than living in the gutter waiting for a handout like the rest of them.

    I stopped listening to those Al Sharpton types who feed on this type of negativity and do nothing except to keep their people down. My father once told me that in life you have to achieve and progress so that you and your family can live in a better environment! You accomplish this by making your way not listening to those who claim that they are looking out for your best interest are only doing that to line their pockets with money! Only YOU should be looking out for your best interests and no one else. I have followed my fathers words and he was right! I’m living my success story now!

    Great post and blog will check here more often! What’s up Earl!

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