The Blood-Red Pill

When some observe disastrous hellholes like Mali or Afghanistan, they believe that it results from some warped aberration of human nature.  We see places like America and Japan and believe that prosperity is the norm, that conflicts are normally settled in courts and with handshakes.  Advanced modern society typifies people being how people are.

Even a rudimentary study of history suggests that this is far from the truth.  Almost everywhere during every epoch of history, the average man and woman lived in continual fear of violent death, the ravages of poverty and disease.  Sure, even today in Tulsa sometimes we get mugged, and some kind of disease will kill us eventually, but the chances it will happen this week are slim.

Some “great” philosphers have argued against this, most notably Rousseau.  He didn’t like Hobbes’ idea that life for early man was “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” so he presented us with an opposing paradigm (one he damn near admits he simply made up).  Rousseau’s conception, one that favored the Feminine, has led us wildly astray.  (I’ll rip into Rousseau repeatedly in later posts and in the book I’m working on.)

When not constrained by external forces, the feminine sexual instinct is geared toward the Hobbesian state of nature, yet it’s actually quite naive.  Women read romance novels of heroes in the time of knights, pirates, and gallant soldiers, but the average white modern American female in such an environment wouldn’t last a week.  The stench of the sewage in the streets alone would be enough to do her in.

Still, she wants the Alpha, the man who presents her with the reflection of the man who would thrive in such an environment.  However, as anyone who’s ever gone camping with some young college chick can attest, she’s not particularly fond of that type of environment itself.  The idea of life in some castle tower waiting for the knight to rescue her thrills the pants off of her.  The reality?  Not so much.

What she fails to recognize is that if her instincts are left unchecked, that’s exactly the type of world she’s gonna get.  She has Facebook and can afford a Brazilian wax only because other women before her had their instincts constrained in ways that she does not.

Observe Urban America today or the suburbs of ParisThe God of Abstract Justice has long died and been replaced by the biggest badass who’ll shoot you for looking at him the wrong way.  The rules have all been broken, the boring beta gets eaten alive, and I bet it’s even exciting to live there.

Men get it.  We understand why power doesn’t necessarily belong in the hands of the man who’s best at deciding who to behead in what order.  Justice and doing the right thing can be downright boring, but it’s the reason we have toilet paper.  We value the nameless schlub the modern woman ignores, for his decency, morality, and reliability is all that keeps us out of the jungle.  Medieval Japan and Rome both fell and fell hard.  It can happen again.

Woman, the feminine, instead makes us strive to be the Alpha.  Obviously, Alphas don’t have to be useless.  But they can be, and everyone admits as much.

Alpha implies a ranking.  A man who causes a chick to tingle in Aurora because of how he wouldn’t buy her a drink might not inspire so much excitement in a room with other men who would cap his ass without a second thought.  Corey Worthington demonstrates how Alpha he is in how he handles the reporter.  Would he be nearly as effective surrounded by the Crips?  Would even be an Alpha anymore at all?

Because men want women more than we want to be men, we will continue to strive for Alpha, and we’ll care about being Alpha more than we’ll care about any sort of moral code, justice, having a good job, or preserving our way of life .  There’s nothing wrong with becoming Alpha, today, for you can be Alpha with an ethical code and not get killed for it.  However, like the more impoverished regions of the West today, we may find ourselves in a world in which we’re all competing with killers and Machievellians in the original sense (and Niccolo wasn’t just writing about getting credit for some other guy’s work).

The Feminine Imperative will encourage this, fun for the Alpha and slavery for the beta.  Today, you AMOG by cutting into his pride.  What if to AMOG you have to kill the fuck?  Can Cat String Theory work if you’re competition is a gladiator who just sliced off some dude’s head?  Will Neal Strauss have chicks fighting for his affection in the world of Mad Max?  Can tight Game compete against the blunt force of a club?

I’m afraid we’re about to find out.

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15 Responses to The Blood-Red Pill

  1. L.V.X. says:

    The funny thing is, no matter how much we may conjecture about the coming apocalypse USA becoming a Caligula-run fallen democracy, pretty much everyone – meaning no one – will do anything about it. There isn’t much one can do. I think that’s why so many people actually WANT the End to just happen already. For society to collapse & everyone to wake up. Instead of this long, drawn-out process of having to succumb to lesser evils and harbor an attitude of harm-reduction instead of avoidance.

    Like, take buprenorphine daily, it’s better than buying heroin from a drug dealer, because it’s prescribed, even though it’s 300 times more potent than morphine, has a longer half-life than 90 percent of opiates, and getting off of it is as easy as getting addicted to heroin – but it’s acceptable because it’s not you ABUSING heroin, it’s you taking your medication as prescribed. I kind of view all people as being OK with just about ANYTHING as long as according to any observers it appears to be profesionally condoned or accepted. It’s as if our negligence, as taught and learned Narcissism, our “status-whoring” culture, etc…simply can not even let itself fail or fall or break, instead it’d rather adapt to whatever the “majority” pretend they believe is acceptable.

    I can’t quite get my point across, but I enjoyed this article, and look forward to more. My due apologies for any drunken comment I may have made last night, as I was blitzed.

  2. Martel says:

    You seem to be describing (in part) what’s sometimes referred to as “normalcy bias.” Even when all the signs point toward disaster, it’s really hard to accept that until it hits.

    Also, people are bored. We’re spoiled. Chaos and destruction seems exciting and “sexy” until it hits, at which point you’d do anything for it to be 2012 again when you knew you could just get a Slim Jim at the 7/11 if you wanted a bite to eat.

  3. Mucius scaevola says:

    This is a great post bro

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  5. great post man,

    I recently wrote a similar piece about the social jungle focusing on our lower primal desires vs. higher actualization. Keep up the good work.

  6. The Flood Behind says:

    but the responsibility lies on men to see through the game and avoid striving to be “alpha”!

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  9. Underdog says:

    Men build society, women tear it down. Repeat ad infinitum.

  10. Höllenhund says:

    Excellent post. It reminded me of a comment by Whiskey which got stuck in my memory:

    “There are no more Whitopias. And by the standard of showing up for the future, White civilization is a massive failure. So too, Shakespeare, Bach, Beethoven, Einstein, Darwin, and Keats. Why? Because the civilization they spawned could not reproduce. It could not create men who reliably got women aroused when they were capable of having kids.

    Meanwhile, Cam’ron, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Jay Z will live forever. Because their culture reproduces. By making women aroused. It does not matter if a hundred years from now everyone lives in a mud shack looking at the ruins of the Empire State Building or Golden Gate bridge wondering how it was ever built. Shawn Kemp has about 13-15 kids, and Karl Malone at least seven known.

    Technology is a dead end, because it only produces nerdy guys who have figured out how to create clean drinking water, so kids don’t die of dysentery by age two. That doesn’t get women aroused (enough to have kids when fertile). Being a thug does.”

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