The Red Placebo

I’ll be getting into this topic a LOT in the future, and I’m expecting a lot of hate from various parts of the political spectrum on this. Ostensible enemies will unite in their hatred of me. Whatever.

Virgle Kent (apparently not the author) has a post up on the HBD movement.  HBD stands for “human biodiversity”, and it’s the belief in, with an emphasis on, inherent and important biological differences between the races.  Despite the issues I have with his guilt/shame dichotomy (which I’ll get into at a later date), I agree with his conclusion that too much interest in HBD is unhealthy.

I find it bothersome that so much of the Manosphere has an investment in HBD.  I understand why; white males have been the scapegoat of the intelligencia for about forty years now.  This does not mean that victimhood is an appropriate response.

Red-Pill swallowers have correctly rejected the lie that the differences between genders are societal; we understand that they are biological and innate.  We observe different behavioral patterns among the races and mistakenly assume the same.

A woman will be a woman no matter how you raise her.  She may exert more masculine characteristics if her upbringing or other factors encourage it, but a high-testosterone female is still a female and always will be.  She’s still solipsistic, hypergamous, and responds to active disinterest.

Whatever attributes you ascribe to the white race, a white raised around blacks is likely to end up like Eminem.  Yes, IQ varies by race somewhat, but that hasn’t always been the case.  We’re looking at a snapshot in history.  A century ago, Asians (a OK race per the HBD’s) were almost universally backwards except for Japan, and Europeans were hopping through the trees when Arabs were inventing algebra.

Nothing I’ve seen HBD’s ascribe to biology can’t just as easily be ascribed to culture.  The whites in A Very British Gangster didn’t strike me as superior to anybody, and the Tuskeegee Airmen were five times the men of today who find them somehow lacking.

If this post gets noticed, I’ll have to defend each of these points, and I will.  However, HBD misses the point entirely, for even if it were right (which I by no means concede), it would be wrong.

The founding principle that America has exemplified more than anywhere else in Earth is that of individual sovereignty.

Even if blacks were biologically predisposed to be bad at math and Asians ooze numbers out of their pores, if I need a mathemetician, I”m giving the black candidate and the Asian a math test, and whoever does better gets the job.  Likewise if I’m looking for a center for my basketball team or a piano player.  Thinking I’ll know in advance who’ll do better on the math test or will make the basketball team does me no good whatsoever, for it may just keep me from getting the best talent.  It also might keep a damn good man from getting a job he deserves.

You may have biological tendencies that predispose you to excellence in some areas more than others.  You may even share these tendencies with your race (although I doubt it, in Sowell’s Black Rednecks, White Liberals he describes downright phenomenal academic achievements by the grandchildren of slaves).  I don’t care.

I care what you can do.  Whites built the Parthenon, but you didn’t have a damn thing to do with it.  Jackie Robinson had stealth, courage, and speed.  You might look like him, but what have you got?  Mao was a serious SOB.  Does this mean I shouldn’t have Chinese friends?

I’m not proud to be white.  I recognize that whites have done amazing things, but I haven’t yet, and I have no right to be proud of what others have done.  Nor do I have any obligation to be ashamed of the awful things that were done in the name of my race before I was born.  I am Me, my beliefs, my actions, my values, my goals.  I deserve neither credit nor guilt for things I have not done.  I am not my race’s tendencies.

And neither are you.

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