Dead Beta Rising

This post is a continuation of  Part I, Part II, and Part III.  My idea will be presented in chunks until I’ve developed some sore of critical mass of discussion.  I encourage you to comment and/or spread the word if you think this has any sort of potential.

I’ve not gotten many comments of my DBS idea so far, probably in part because there aren’t many links in those posts.  That’s perfectly fine, for I want awareness of this to build over time.  I’m considering going to this event to match some names with faces and to bounce this idea off people in person to see what they think.  (I’m in Florida, so that’s probably my best shot).

However, I have gotten a couple of comments worth mentioning.  Reality Doug comments:

The problem is that men willing and able to unplug are not common enough to support local brotherhoods. The consensus necessary for reestablishment of civilization will require a separation from the livestock majority for civilized non-elite men of today to predominate politically and culturally somewhere.

I agree, for now.  Nothing will happen if we don’t start somewhere.  Perhaps “community organizing” or something similar will be most effective, but  how will we even know if this is possible?  For all we know, there are fifteen highly capable unplugged males in Topeka who could easily form a group that would spread like wildfire with PUA training, workout support, and expert oneitis prevention.  But how are they going to find each other?  Once a critical mass is established, word of mouth will work, but until then, the internet is how we can best find each other.

It’s an uphill battle to be sure.  It was also an uphill battle for the first Christians, Russian Communists, and just about every group that eventually turned things around.  Eventually, we may have to go Galt.  We’re not quite there yet.

There are forums and blogs geared specifically toward advice and support, but none (that I’m aware of) that are intended to go beyond those forums themselves.  There may only be one unplugged guy in Lincoln who will have to drive to Topeka to get in with a group, but if that group helps him become the man he really is, he can use whatever framework they devised in Topeka to develop something going closer to home.

Doug offers free PUA training for newbies.  I’m mentioning it, and others who stumble onto his blog find out about it, but I’m sure that there are guys out there who would be more than eager to attend who will never find out about it.  Doug offers a service, there’s a market for that service, but how can buyer meet seller?  That’s part of what DBS is for.

L.V.X.  mentioned the profile.   It’s obviously not set in stone, I just saw that as a basic framework for some sort of searchable database that we could use to match specific needs with skills.  I’m willing to drop or add.

One thing I’ve since come up with is that we could “rate” each other.  The two most pertinent would probably be “Effectiveness” and “Responsiveness”.  If you claim that you’re the best Wingman ever but you scare all the girls away, perhaps we should be able to warn each other.  Also, nobody wants to let their advice rot on some moron who refuses to take it.  If Hank in Cincinnati has extreme approach anxiety and Fred in Houston did everything he could on the phone to help him overcome it, but Hank still won’t get off his ass, there should be a way to warn Brad in Denver not to make the same mistake.

Again, any comments or suggestions are more than welcome.  And thanks for the support.

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5 Responses to Dead Beta Rising

  1. Honestly, I don’t know about other people, but I am so far behind where I need to be, it could be years before I could help someone.

    As you said: ” If Hank in Cincinnati has extreme approach anxiety and Fred in Houston did everything he could on the phone to help him overcome it, but Hank still won’t get off his ass, there should be a way to warn Brad in Denver not to make the same mistake.”

    I’m effectively Hank in Cincinnati at this moment.

    • Martel says:

      Email me (profile page) if you want me to help facilitate your pathway out of your rut. You might feel like a bit of a guinea pig (I’m new at this), but yours is EXACTLY the type of thing we need to work on.

      I’ve felt exactly like you do, and you’re far from alone. It’s time we start solving this shit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s called trust networking, we currently have social networking and are beginning to move towards primitive forms of knowledge networking……eventually we will have trust networking and perhaps even moral networking as well.

  3. Wald says:

    I’ve sent you an email, good sir.

    Also – I believe you are named after Charles Martel, the Hammer?

    Is that correct?

  4. jweesey says:

    Found your blog today, and was going to work my way through the archives. You’ve got great style and deliver your message well.

    The concept of Dead Beta Society stopped me in my tracks. I am a recent red pill convert (by that I mean less than a year). Much like I assume everyone else is when they took the red pill, I read and read and read and tried to apply it all to my life. And I did ok.

    Last fall one of my male coworkers opened up to me about his struggles in the dating world. And on one of our golf outings, I explained to him the basics of the red pill. We began a mentor/mentee relationship, starting out with me sending him over to Roissy’s commandments. We’ve been at it ever since, and it fills me with pride to see the gains he’s made. But the most amazing part is the gains that it has allowed me to make.

    By teaching another the tenets of the red pill, they are reinforced in me. And even though we are not always able to share every detail with one another, just knowing that I am “leading” provides me with a high level of accountability.

    I would love to continue this conversation with you, so I will be shooting you an e-mail.

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