President Edward Cullen

I will write a companion post to this on what we’re doing wrong, but today’s focus is on what the Left is doing right. Yes, I know they’re bad, and we don’t like to give them credit for anything.  However, they managed to get a completely inept president re-elected in the midst of an awful economy.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that if anybody with influence listens to me we can change it.

After some basic background, I’ll show you how you can use this information in your own interactions with lefties as well as how we can turn it around in the aggregate.

Not only is today’s left alpha, it’s the heroic special kind of alpha that little girls dream about.  Although their policies favor the feminine (caring, helping, understanding, etc.), their overall frame is dominant and therefore implies strong leadership.  I know we’re not being led anywhere in particular (except perhaps to hell in a handout), but not unlike the Alpha with no job who knows how to seduce women, to the mindless feminized masses seems is everything.

The first part of what I’m describing is obvious to nearly everybody.  However, it’s only the overt aspect of an multi-layered frame.

First, notice how Democrats campaign.  They level every accusation imaginable at the oppsition and demonstrate no fear in how they do so.  Did Obama suffer in the slightest because his supporters suggested Romney killed a woman with cancer?  How often were we called “racist”, “xenophobic”, “sexist”, “uncaring”, “out of touch”, “angry”, “priviledged” or “homophobic” during this last campaign?  Was evidence for any of this even asked for?  A dominant frame in part depends on one’s ability to belittle others at little cost to oneself.  Harry Reid is an amoral putts, but it required balls for him to claim Romney was a tax-dodger with no supporting evidence whatsoever.  Romney gave more time and money to those less fortunate than himself than any of his attackers, yet he became known as a “vulture capitalist” (with unfortunate help from Gingrich and Perry).

We know the press loves Obama.  Certainly, it helps that they favor his policies, but what we often fail to recognize is that he games them.  The rarity of press conferences, the insistence that local media only ask approved questions, the criticism of Fox news are all assertions of dominance, demonstrations that they need him more than he needs them (although the reverse is obviously true).  Not unlike the abused girlfriend who will do anything to please the Alpha boyfriend, the press submits to his DHV’s (demonstrations of higher value) with even more fawning.

Furthermore, when a member of the press actually asks a Democrat hostile questions, the Democrat becomes indignant.  They retaliate.  Oppose an alpha and there is a price to pay.

The Left is also undoubtedly more “cool” that conservatives.  Hollwood celebrities understand nothing about politics (what I wouldn’t give to share a debate stage with Jessica Alba), but they’re who every dumb young female aspires to be or bang.  Their opnions should mean less than nothing, and without the support of the press and educational establishment they maybe would, but they add to the alpha frame of the Left considerably.

But alpha isn’t enough, and the Left knows this.  After all, the policies they advocate are anything but masculine.

As Roissy writes here, Democrats are the perfect stand-in for the beta providers that today’s “independent” woman no longer needs.  The Alpha has eternal appeal for the feminized voter, but the Alpha who cares has even more.  An unadulterated Alpha is sexy, but he can also be scary.  An Alpha who protects them from a crisis (having to pay their own bills), or even worse, an attack in a war, is the ultimate fantasy:  the Knight in Shining Armor, the gallant rescuer of the princess in the tower.

Therefore, although the TEA Party and other such rubes are correct in that we need to fight harder to defeat the Democrat-alpha frame, that’s only the first half of the battle.  We advocate oppressive values like personal responsibility and standing up to foreign enemies with almost as much fervor as the opposing party.  If we fail to recognize and effectively combat the beta portion of the Left’s frame, we’ll only come across as the wrong kind of asshole.

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