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I know that this is nothing compared to what some of y’all have done, but today Alpha Is Assumed has surpassed 10,000 hits.  I thank all of you for coming here, referring others, and for reading my stuff. I”m in … Continue reading

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Getting others to think the way you want them to think requires that your frame prevail over theirs.  The more successfully you frame a debate, the greater your chances of prevailing. However, it’s often necessary to de-legitimize your opponent’s frame … Continue reading

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The Womyn of LA

I had already seen the video, but through a tweet from Amanda Marcotte (who continues to fill a much needed void in American political discourse) I learned that it’s being ripped on at Jezebel.  Mandy tweets, “All the comments defending this enormous dickbag … Continue reading

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In the comments to Rollo’s recent post, Yohami (a decidedly quality blogger in his own right) remarks: On my mind historically marriage worked like this: the man and a wife. The man has one or several mistresses, as many as … Continue reading

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Linguistic Feculence: When A Is Maybe A

“Here, hold my purse.” As an unplugged male, the words above mean that she wants you to hold her purse.  After all, if you asked somebody to hold your purse (assuming you were the type of guy to have a … Continue reading

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The Blood-Red Pill

When some observe disastrous hellholes like Mali or Afghanistan, they believe that it results from some warped aberration of human nature.  We see places like America and Japan and believe that prosperity is the norm, that conflicts are normally settled in courts and with … Continue reading

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A Face with Pain and Fear and Guilt

Like a steely blade in a silken sheath We don’t see what they’re made of They shout about love, but when push comes to shove They live for the things they’re afraid of And the knowledge that they fear is … Continue reading

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