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Mission for the Manosphere?

In my last post, I described some of the various perspectives floating around the manosphere.  For those of you not in the mood to click, I’ve divided us into exploiters (have a blast before it all goes to hell), avoiders … Continue reading

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Mission for the Manosphere: Background

I’ve previously divided the manosphere into two groups and predicted a schism that I’m happy to declare has yet to occur.  I hope I continue to be wrong on that count indefinitely. But there’s another taxonomy of sorts that depends less on … Continue reading

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Gun Shy

Last week was a pretty good one for Alpha Is Assumed.  One of my older posts on the taxonomy of lefties was strongly recommended by science fiction writher John C. Wright in a fantastic essay on The Unified Theory of … Continue reading

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Jenny, I Got Your Number

Not literally of course, so you don’t need to  get a restraining order or anything.  Even if I had it, I doubt calling would lead to much of a “good time”. However, in the metaphoric sense I do.  From the … Continue reading

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The Impotency Vacuum

A question by Outlaw in my last thread brought a pattern I had noticed in the deeper reaches of my subconscious into sharper focus. I’ve picked five ways in which this pattern plays itself out, but feel free to name … Continue reading

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Solipsistic Motherhood

I’ve addressed the harm done to our children, most specifically boys, who haven’t had a decent father in their lives.  In my last post, Aurini did a good job pointing out the harm done to them by self-centered single moms. … Continue reading

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Some of us believe that feminists do whatever they can to discourage the masculine virtues.  They see no value in courage and want all of us to be as compliant as possible.  There’s no room for independence, only teamwork! Partly … Continue reading

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Unnatural Selection

Anton McDowell wrote a pretty decent explanation of why girls go for bad boys, backing up his conclusions with math and all sorts of logic.  He describes how at least some of this instinct is a maladaptation, and I concur. … Continue reading

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Premature Aging

Old at heart, but I’m only twenty-eight. –W. Axl Rose, Estranged Although I live in a college town, in my apartment complex my next-door neighbor is an elderly gentleman.  I’m not sure exactly how old he is, but I’m pretty … Continue reading

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Beta Leadership

Apparently, Frank Luntz is in agony.  He’s eating strange food, doesn’t sleep much, and he’s become profoundly depressed.  He no longer trusts the American people, doubts they can ever be persuaded. In case you don’t know who Luntz is (and … Continue reading

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