Why Men Are Pissed Off (guest post by deti)

Men are not pissed off because some girl had sex with a couple of football teams’ worth of guys.  They’re pissed because she lies about it.

Men aren’t pissed because women are attracted to good looking men with chiseled physiques and easy charm who don’t put up with shit from girls.    They’re pissed because women lie about this (and most men lie about it too and HELP women lie about it).   They downplay their sexual attraction to such men for fear of looking shallow and superficial.  Or at least before Sheryl Sandberg, they used to fearthe appearance of shallowness.

Look.  Guys aren’t lying about the fact that they like girls with pretty faces, nice hair, big boobs, firm butts, and long legs who will have sex with them with a minimum of effort.   You ladies should fess up about what really trips your triggers too.

Men aren’t pissed because the sexual marketplace isn’t fair.   They’re not pissed because the homecoming queen won’t fellate them.   They’re not pissed because a cute girl broke up with them.   They’re pissed because people lie to them about it and tell them those girls are just stupid and shallow, when in fact they’re not.   What’s really going on there is that those girls understand the actual rules of the game they’re playing.   They understand their sexual market values and are milking it for all it’s worth.

Men can deal with unfairness.  They can deal with their place in the pecking order.  They can deal with the fact that most girls don’t like them.   They can deal with the fact that nobody owes them anything.  They can deal with the fact that life can be a shit sandwich.  They can deal with life being “catch as catch can”.   They get that things won’t come easy to them and they’ll have to work their asses off for whatever they can get.

What they’re pissed about is the lying, the fraud and the dishonesty.  What they can’t deal with is being told to play by a different set of rules than everyone else is using.   What they can’t deal with is people telling them that things are one way, when in fact the truth is something very different.

They’re pissed because everyone lies to them about the SMP and tells them they have all these advantages on the SMP playing field.  They’re told to “check their privilege”.  They’re told the SMP playing field is level, when it isn’t.   They’re pissed because everyone lies to them about what women find attractive.  They’re pissed because women lie to them about what they find attractive.

I remember as a young kid hearing and reading stories, news articles and reports, about how Woody Allen is so attractive.  Funny guys, guys with senses of humor, are so attractive and desirable, we were told.

Woody Allen is an ordinary New York City dweeb who happened to become a respected filmmaker with a bent for telling funny stories.  Through some hard work, luck, networking, getting the right jobs, and serendipity, he was able to get into filmmaking.    Allen has a keen eye for describing life, death, God, Judaism, relationships, sex, love, loss, morality, and immorality in humorous and insightful ways that resonate with the common folk.  His talent has made him wealthy and put him in the upper echelons of society.  (Or at least it didbefore that whole Soon Yi thing.  Don’t miss the point I’m making here.)

Take that same funny, talented guy, call him Allen Konigsberg (Woody’s real name), and put him in a job in middle management for BigCorp in Omaha or Scranton or Bakersfield.   Still sexy?  Still gets to date Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow?   Yeah.  Didn’t think so.

THAT’s what they’re pissed about.   You telling them they’re Woody Allen, when in fact they’re Allen Konigsberg – just like MOST guys.  You tell them to just be funny like Woody and they’ll get the girl.  Just have to have some money, a good job, and  the girls will come
a-running.   Most guys who LOOK or ACT like Woody Allen don’t get the girl.   So stop lying to them about it.   Figure out the truth, and tell them THAT – that they’re NOT Woody Allen.  They’re not going to be rich or famous.   They’re not going to get the girls they want, so they’ll have to settle for the girls they can get.

So just tell them the truth

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8 Responses to Why Men Are Pissed Off (guest post by deti)

  1. Anonymous says:

    You can add paying taxes to support the bastard spawn of degenerate males . . .

  2. Exfernal says:

    I have nothing to object to… excepting the story of Robin Williams.

  3. Outlaw says:

    Hello, deti:

    First off, thanks for standing in for Martel.

    Your observation that “Most guys who LOOK or ACT like Woody Allen don’t get the girl” reminded me of Martel’s insight in “Framed”:

    A pencil-necked geek gets a wedgie from the School Bully, and a cooler acquaintance of the geek jumps in to avenge his bud. Reactions among the females in the vicinity:

    A: Some are thrilled by the bully dishing out the wedgie in public
    B; Some are thrilled by the geek’s friend stepping in to avenge his buddy
    C: The other third will be attracted to whomever wins the fight between bully and avenger

    but no girl is thrilled by the pencil-necked geek This is true everywhere.

    Deti, at what age would you believe it would be best to mentor young men (sons, nephews, younger brothers and cousins into “Red Pill Truths” about how the world works, so hopefully we can save them some soul-crushing misery? And how would we go about doing it?

    Martel: Thanks for allowing deti to “hold the fort”. Hope your bookwriting is going well. Will your book have any political insights?

    To both Martel and Deti: I noticed an article on Christians and the single life:

    http://www.singleness.org/talkdown.shtml Any thoughts? Seems somewhat better written than most Churchian articles on the subject.

  4. donalgraeme says:

    Deti, at what age would you believe it would be best to mentor young men (sons, nephews, younger brothers and cousins into “Red Pill Truths” about how the world works, so hopefully we can save them some soul-crushing misery?

    I’m not Deti, but I think about 9-1 is where you start to talk to boys and prepare to help them become men. Puberty is a few years off for them, so you can give them some ideas and measure of understanding by the time that hits. Should help them keep frame throughout.

  5. deti says:

    HI outlaw:

    I’m not Donalgraeme, but I think he’s about right, presuming he meant age 9-10 for boys to help them prepare for manhood.

    The first concepts you introduce them to probably don’t have too much to do with girls.

    1. Life isn’t fair.
    2. The aggressive use of force governs most large and small scale interactions.
    3. There are always going to be greater and lesser men than you.
    4. You will have to work for what you get; no one will give it to you.
    5. Notwithstanding Rule No. 4, some guys will get some things handed to them. So will you. See Rule No. 1.
    6. Don’t give up. If you give up, you lose.
    7. Boys and girls are different in the way they act and think. Act and think like a boy, not like a girl.

  6. donalgraeme says:

    Yeah, that was supposed to be 9-10.

  7. Edward Brimwood says:

    It is time that we men understand the fundamental truth in the realization of the pecking order, that anyone will do anything to climb a step up in the food chain and will keep spending effort to keep the others down below. In short, everybody lies. It should be on the bullet list of Red Pill Commandments.

  8. Paladin Justice says:

    Reblogged this on saboteur365.

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