The Solution’s Core

This post will be short, but it’s a relatively simple point that I think needs to be made more often.

In the comments yesterday, deti composed a mantra of sorts, and other commenters think it would make a great poster:

You’re not entitled to commitment

You’re not entitled to anything from any man.

You’re not entitled to a man’s money, time, resources, attention or sexual fidelity.

You’re not enttiled to protection from any man nearby simply because you want it or think you need it or are feeling afraid of something. Men are not women’s de facto personal bodguards.

You’re not entitled to a man’s help with a flat tire simply because he is a man and you are a woman.

You’re not entitled to a man’s help simply because you want or need a high item reached or a heavy item moved.

You’re not entitled to attention from a guy just because you’re a woman and he’s a man.

You’re not entitled to help with your work.

You’re not entitled to favors of any kind. You’re not entitled to rides to or from work, help moving to your apartment, or a shoulder to cry on after you caught F*ckbuddy Rockbanddrummer “cheating” on you with the cute bartender.

You’re not entitled to a drink from that guy.

You’re not entitled to anything from that hawt guy just because you went home with him from the bar that night. You’re not entitled to commitment from him. You’re not entitled to a relationship, a morning breakfast, a return text, or even an acknowledgment that he knew you. Why should he value you more than you value yourself?

You’re not enttiled. To anything.

Of course such a mantra would make most modern women go ballistic.

HOWEVER, as much as they want everybody to think they’re entitled to everything, they crave a man who refuses to buy into that crap in the slightest.

We here in the Manosphere all learn quite early, don’t listen to what she says, watch what she does.  Well, she says she’s a special snowflake who deserves every consideration imaginable, but she does the guy who makes her wait twenty minutes for their first date.  She says she wants to be coddled, but she craves rough men who rough her up a bit.

Of course what she wants matters or we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in; obviously at least a part of her likes to be told how special she is 450 time per day or she wouldn’t spend so much time on social media.

But we know how she really feels.  On a certain level, way deep down, she knows we’re right.  She knows that being spoiled is bad for her, otherwise she’d throw herself all over the first nice guy she meets with a fat wallet.  She knows she needs to be told and shown what’s what, otherwise fewer of her fantasies would involve such dominant men who completely control her.

Some women may have all but given up on their needs in favor of their wants, thoroughly convinced there’s nobody man enough out there to give her what she craves.  Other times, it might simply not be worth it to do what it takes to keep her in line.

Yet for those of us who know this ugly little secret, we’re at an incredible advantage.

Tell her she’s not entitled to commitment, watch her work extra hard to please you.

Show her she’s not entitled to anything from you, and she’ll either get it herself, give up, or try to get it from somebody else.  Either way, she might like the guy who eventually helps her, but she respects you.

Convince her she’s not entitled to your help, and observe how she magically becomes appreciative when you do help her.

I know it’s slightly different when it comes to politics, I know that there are layers upon layers of lies to overcome, I know that White Knights will oppose you every step of the way.

But if you somehow get stuck in a Womyn’s Studies class and hold your ground against every woman in the room and all the White Knights, who do you think she’s going to remember?

That’s right, the one she keeps screaming at.

The White Knights may never see it, the hardcore battering rams will fight you to the death.

Nevertheless, we can say it:  Girl, you’re not entitled.  To anything.

We can say it loud, and we can say it proud.

And she’ll like it.

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12 Responses to The Solution’s Core

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  2. donalgraeme says:

    Its too long for a poster as is, but with a little trimming would work just fine for that purpose. Or as a t-shirt, while we’re on the topic. Man, would that send feminists into fits.

  3. Chad says:

    My Facebook wall has ratcheted up its ‘rape culture’ intensity. Ive been thinking of a good slogan, and this post solidified it for me:

    Will treat women respectably for a sammich.

    Until then, I man up for myself

    Make it a t-shirt, front and back. Make it clear if traditional values are expected of you, you expect the same

    • zodak says:

      “My Facebook wall has ratcheted up its ‘rape culture’ intensity.”
      mine too. i got fed up & posted a long fb note arguing against the buzzfeed article. some girl defriended & blocked me. then i realized: she’s got a boyfriend & i’m never going to bang her so who cares. so now i’m speaking up whenever i see that nonsense.

      • Martel says:

        That’s actually key. When we’re not as thirsty, we can be a hell of a lot more influential (or at least a lot less stressed).

  4. Chad says:

    Also I would love to see the rage

  5. Peregrine John says:

    I recently discovered that keeping an eye out for this entitlement insanity lets you use a thermonuclear phrase: “Check your privilege.” All the false logic collapses into apoplexy, and the only response needed to her response is unresponsiveness. But it is a nuclear option, with almost certain fallout. Good to have handy, though.

  6. Sean says:

    Put me down for 2 shirts when printed. I live to see rage exhibited and that shirt would do it.

    BTW, thanks for the pool tips. Finally played like a post-pubescent male when actually thinking of the game.

  7. Retrenched says:

    The prevailing idea in the modern west is that women always have an absolute right to receive whatever it is they happen to want from men – sex, love, relationships, marriage, children, bullet shields etc. – but men must always earn whatever it is they want from women, whether it’s sex, love, marriage, or even the right to see their children post-divorce. Men’s worthiness must be continually proven, all the time, while women’s worthiness and perfection are just presumed by default, regardless of their character or behavior, and are never to be questioned under any circumstances.

    This bias towards women’s inherent worthiness [compared to men’s relative worthlessness] is so pervasive that to even suggest that women must earn things like love and marriage the way that men must earn sex is considered vicious misogyny.

  8. iwjan says:

    This reminds me of the old 4Chan response to anyone requesting help (from help trolling a comments thread to doxxing a site the poster didnt like).

    “Not your personal army”

    In the real world, I’ve found that a simple and well delivered ” I feel that you, as a Strong, Independent, Woman, are more than capable of handling that(whatever THAT may be) yourself.”
    Nothing else need be added, just let it linger. Watching the gears grind is rather enjoyable.

  9. Opus says:


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