Who She Calling Entitled?

A couple of posts back, M3 left a comment I found to be nothing less than inspired.  I don’t have much time to write tonight, and I believe his comment should be read even by folks who don’t wade into my comment threads here.  Therefore, I’m making it into this post.

For the record, M3 and I have some pretty profound disagreements.  Nevertheless, he’s a man for whom I have immense respect, a guy I know I’d have a great time grabbing a beer with.  He’s been through some hell, but he does what he can to help others either avoid or overcome that hell themselves.  That’s part of what I hope to do too, so despite any disagreements, he’s an ally, and a strong one at that.

I was initially going to intersperse my own commentary or highlight certain phrases, but I decided it stands best as is.

So without further ado, M3:

Women jump at the chance to use the word ‘entitlement’ against men when it’s not even that men feel entitled, they just felt that they performed the prescribed script (as they knew it under blue pill feminine imperative conditioning) as the successful path towards relationships/romance/dating that would ultimately lead to sex. Nowhere is it implied that they feel entitled along the way – they feel like they ‘earned’ it and are rejected. If they felt ‘entitled’ well then.. they’d probably rape you to boot seeing as how they’re entitled to it no?

But even farther than that, the real reason it’s such a solipsistic thing for a woman to say to a man who’s tried in earnest and genuine intent to strike up a romantic relationship with the hope of it becoming a sexual relationship – is that by and large, women can never ever come close to experiencing the male experience of being ‘invisible’. Male and Female attraction are on 2 different spectrum’s. Where a womans attractiveness is relatively stable on the visual spectrum where all changes to enhance attraction ability lies on that slider, male attractiveness to females is the punchline of jokes and internet memes of 427 control dials/buttons and switches that must be attuned just right before it it noticed, usually ON TOP of having to have exquisite, punching above your weight good looks too.

Women are born with the privilege of being biologically desired at all times by most all men so long as they hold the look/shape of femininity. Even if their personality deviates drastically from feminine to psycho man hating bitch, the visual representation of femininity is enough to arouse attention from men. Most every woman who can control her weight will never go for a lack of attention or desire by the males of her species.

Contrast that against the men, in some cases very good looking men, men who are successful in many aspects of life, and can provide and create and be a producer to the society – still fail when it comes to women because they are incapable of triggering the lizard portion of ‘civilized western womens’ mind. And until they either discover red pill or game, they are doomed to continually fail under the provisions prescribed by the feminine imperative and feminist dogma on how to approach and engage with females for the express purpose of courtship ranging from be nice, be a gentleman, have a good job, don’t be a rapist, be a good shoulder to cry on, be there for her, respect her (even if she does nothing to warrant it), and always ask for consent before going in for a kiss (thus killing any spontaneity to spark the lizard brain tingles)

If every woman was suddenly stripped of her ‘femaleness’, her innate sexual primacy, and men were no longer biologically compelled to seek them out for mating (imagine a shot that inhibited mens desire or attraction – MGTOW in a needle) and women no longer were chased, sought, desired or ‘visible’ to men…

if the male gaze ended tomorrow, there would be a mass die off of women claiming their own lives due to depression, insecurity, feeling of abandonment. No, they need it, desire it, crave it. In order to survive they must have it at all costs. It doesn’t matter if they are aware of it or not.. all that matters is that they know men will continue to seek them out solely because they are women.

They feel entitled to it.

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9 Responses to Who She Calling Entitled?

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  2. It is both a blessing and a curse for a man to swallow the Red Pill. We can now understand what’s going on, and we can adjust accordingly by only doing those things that work. Sadly, we now know that there’s no magic involved; the female lizard brain is rather easily manipulated.

    It’s tough to come to terms with it, especially since no woman really has the ability to fully digest the Red Pill and see what we can now see. Trying to explain it to most women is pointless, and the very few who can grasp the rough outline are almost all past their prime fertility and attractiveness. Explaining Red Pill concepts to a hot twentysomething coed is like handing a loaded pistol to an ill-tempered child whose favorite toy you’ve just snatched away.

  3. donalgraeme says:

    Explaining Red Pill concepts to a hot twentysomething coed is like handing a loaded pistol to an ill-tempered child whose favorite toy you’ve just snatched away.

    So very true. They don’t even have to be that hot, or co-eds. Just women “of a certain age.” When they are in their prime, they just cannot get it.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Much like the conflict between the rich and the poor, you can’t know what entitled is until you’ve been starving. Young women have never been starving for male attention, so their claims/fears of male entitlement ring quite hollow.

  5. deti says:

    This is why the mantra needs to be:

    You’re not entitled to commitment

    You’re not entitled to anything from any man.

    You’re not entitled to a man’s money, time, resources, attention or sexual fidelity.

    You’re not enttiled to protection from any man nearby simply because you want it or think you need it or are feeling afraid of something. Men are not women’s de facto personal bodguards.

    You’re not entitled to a man’s help with a flat tire simply because he is a man and you are a woman.

    You’re not entitled to a man’s help simply because you want or need a high item reached or a heavy item moved.

    You’re not entitled to attention from a guy just because you’re a woman and he’s a man.

    You’re not entitled to help with your work.

    You’re not entitled to favors of any kind. You’re not entitled to rides to or from work, help moving to your apartment, or a shoulder to cry on after you caught F*ckbuddy Rockbanddrummer “cheating” on you with the cute bartender.

    You’re not entitled to a drink from that guy.

    You’re not entitled to anything from that hawt guy just because you went home with him from the bar that night. You’re not entitled to commitment from him. You’re not entitled to a relationship, a morning breakfast, a return text, or even an acknowledgment that he knew you. Why should he value you more than you value yourself?

    You’re not enttiled. To anything.

    • Martel says:

      Correct, correct, correct, correct, etc., etc., etc.

      And then some thirsty dumbass comes along and does everything in his power to put her back on the pedestal.

      That’s why we need more Alphas who get it. Our opinions matter far more than those of the average schlub, and sometimes even the herd.

      We need to use the tools we have that turn them on to also change their minds.

    • mittja says:

      The above should be made into a poster and spread around the Western world. Great!

  6. Martel says:

    “‘That’s fucked up…so you mean to tell me that good strong, decent, godly [black] women like me have to suffer because of some shit these other bitches do?’”

    Insteresting how it’s always “other bitches”, never what she does herself.

    I’ve found that I can get some of the overall phenomena through to them, but it’s damn near impossible for them to see their own individual roles in what’s going on.

    The idea that her own mating choices might have an impact on anything beyond her own little world is simply impossible to believe.

  7. NAD says:

    That would make a great poster.

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