The Impotency Vacuum

A question by Outlaw in my last thread brought a pattern I had noticed in the deeper reaches of my subconscious into sharper focus.

I’ve picked five ways in which this pattern plays itself out, but feel free to name others if they spring to mind.

The Problems

1.  Boys can be rowdy, get in fights, don’t pay attention to boring teachers, and don’t “play well with others” as well as girls.

2.  Sometimes people (usually men) misuse firearms by shooting schools, committing armed robbery, carjacking, or raping people who don’t deserve it.

3.  The armed forces of various nations around the world have done awful things to people, engaging in war, stealing land, and causing disharmony.

4.  Some patriarchs have abused or neglected their wives, spent too much money in saloons that was needed for diapers, and bored the hell out of their wives by watching too much football.

5.  Womanizers throughout history have seduced innocent women in search of their one and only true love, abandoning them after ruining their reputations.

In each of these cases, the problem is one of too much masculine power.  Men or boys, following their unrestrained masculine instincts, wreak varying degrees of havoc.

The Solutions

1.  Put boys on drugs to keep them “well-behaved”.  Suspend them from school for so much as pointing a chicken nugget in a threatening manner.  Teach them to be more cooperative and less competitive, like girls.

2.  Severely restrict firearms ownership.

3.  Cut military spending.  Pass treaties banning war.  Focus the military more on serving “social justice” and being accepting of its members’ lifestyle choices and less on combat readiness.

4.  Make divorce as simple and easy as possible.  De-legitimize traditional gender roles within the home.  Have Child Protective Services, the courts, and schools, undercut patriarchal authority.  Increase penalties and enforcement for domestic abuse and spousal rape.

5.  Teach boys to “respect” women by prosecuting them for sexual harassment for pulling pigtails.  Increase men’s fear of asking women out by threatening to discipline them if it makes the woman feel uncomfortable.  Ensure that every boy and man learns to be as sensitive as possible so as to be incapable of winning some poor lady’s heart.

Again, all of these solutions have a common purpose:  to limit or neutralize masculine power, the ability for men to do as they please.  After all, when men do as they please, it caused The Problems.

As we’re all well-aware, when we implement a solution to a problem, that problem can therefore be declared as solved.  Right?

The Results

1.  Some boys learn to act just like the girls.  They get in touch with their feminine sides, thrive on cooperative learning, and fight alongside their oppressed female brethren to crush The Patriarchy,


other boys loose interest in education altogether.  They do whatever the hell they please, assuming they’ll probably have five detentions per week no matter what anyhow.  They learn absolutely nothing, and if they manage to graduate, they’re nevertheless incapable of composing a grammatically correct sentence or performing long division.  They grow up to mooch off society, impregnate random women who don’t even want them to play a role in their children’s lives, and produce absolutely nothing.

2.  Some men dutifully surrender their guns in a buyback program or eschew firearms altogether.  They’re rendered completely incapable of shooting up an elementary school,


other men buy even more guns from the trunk of Juan’s car.  They roam the streets mugging old ladies, knowing that nobody will be able to stop them.  If they can’t get their hands on a gun, they just stab instead.

3.  Some nations live in peace and harmony, settling all disputes through treaties and negotiation.  They respect human rights and the rule of law and hate, declare “reset” or “peace in our time”, for they just hate, Hate, HATE war,


other nations take whatever the hell they can get because there’s nobody there to stop them.  They come up with happy phrases about co-prosperity spheres, not giving a crap and a half if anybody within their “sphere” approves of genocide or not because they “hate war” too much.

4.  Some men accept their new role as familial provider.  They do the dishes, share career responsibilities with their wives, practice the paradoxical art of mutual submission, and move into the Fleabag Motel without complaint when their wives destroy their lives because they just don’t feel it anymore,


other men refuse to get married in the first place, at least not to a Westerner.  If Alphas, they play the field (see 5), if betas they console themselves with porn.  Some find wives in Asia, Eastern Europe or Latin America, leaving post-wall women around the America to complain how there are no good men out there.

5.  Some men learn to respect women with every ounce of their being.  They spend lots of money on dates, let her decide where they go for dinner, and submissively request permission before doing anything physical with them, leaving the heart every woman in their wake completely intact,


other men ignore all the sexual harassment nonsense, treat women the way they really want to be treated (which puts their innocent hearts at risk), and have sex with as many women as world-famous celebrities did fifty years ago.  The chasm between these attractive men and those who were effectively neutralized becomes wider than ever, forcing women to compete for a smaller group of men than ever before (and giving the cads far more options).  As more players roam the bars and clubs, still more hearts are broken.

The Law of Unintended Consequences isn’t a man, it’s a bitch.

The Castration “Solution”

Just like femininity, gravity, and inertia, masculinity in and of itself is neither good nor bad, it just is.  When falling off of a building gravity can be a terrible thing, but if you’re trying to walk down stairs it’s pretty useful.  Likewise, men have been known to commit all sorts of awfulness over the years, but men have stopped some pretty awful stuff, too.

Yet we seek solutions to masculine problems like rape and war not through training and honing us into being better men.  Instead, we’re hoping to wipe out bad men by trying to keep them from becoming men in the first place.  We attempt to limit masculine agency as much as possible, in our schools, our homes, and on our streets through rendering all men impotent in the face of danger.

But not all men will be rendered impotent, they never have and never will.  The criminal ignores gun control laws, making him (the bad man) more powerful in comparison to the law-abiding citizen who merely wants to protect his family.  The potential rapist ignores whatever sensitivity training he has to go through in college, while the good men who just want to meet a decent girl are neutralized by their fear of offending any sweet darling lest he find himself in front of some tribunal.

In the case of the family, men do have an instinct to lead and care for a home and family, but we’re also repulsed by the thought of being suckered into accepting responsibility for a familial arrangement over which we have no authority, especially one that can be completely torn asunder by somebody else’s whim.

So we don’t need less masculinity, we need better masculinity, and we’ll never get it by limiting masculine authority, hoping that seminars will avert genuine evil, and training men to be wimps.

Some men are downright evil.  Some men will shoot, rape, break hearts, and steal.  This has always been the case and always will be.

However, only good men have ever been able to stop such bastards.  Our attempts to weaken bad men serve only to make them more powerful compared to the good ones who actually pay attention to laws and sensitivity training.

Which means that there aren’t enough men to raise our children and support our families and there “aren’t any good men out there” to marry, so we have to call on the authorities to protect us from criminals and pay our bills.  Ironically, the Strong Independent Woman becomes more dependent on men than ever before.

Only these men are politicians, bureaucrats, and policemen.  Modern Woman submits not the authority of a husband or father, but to the authority of the State.

Which is probably the entire reason we’re doing this.  Real men make dictatorship a hell of a lot harder to pull off.


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9 Responses to The Impotency Vacuum

  1. Stingray says:

    Oops, should have read everything before I commented on your other post!

    However, only good men have ever been able to stop such bastards.

    And good men are raised and taught by other good men. When we put women in charge of masculinity, good men go by the wayside.

  2. roe says:

    This is very insightful – thanks. If I’m reading you right, the traditional way of raising boys had the effect of softening the Dark Triad-types by teaching chivalry, and hardening the milquetoasts by teaching courage, driving most men towards the middle of the alpha/beta distribution. The new way of raising boys has had the effect of pushing men towards the margins of that distribution. Now we have “alpha fux/beta bux.”

    • Martel says:

      You get it. Betas need to learn how the world works, Alphas need to learn right from wrong. Today, we’re failing spectacularly on both counts.

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  4. AAB says:

    The same train of thought came across me a while back, but I didn’t develop it any where near as much as you did:

    ‘If you create an environment that is hostile to men, then you will increase the rate of failure of the majority to such an extent that you will create a dichotomy in the group: compliant female men, and rebellious super-male men. Those are the only two groups that will survive the harsh anti-male conditions of society by either complying (the female men), or becoming stronger (the super male men).

    As for those who think that having a population of female-men is a good thing, then look at what happens when you decrease the level of testosterone in a person, they end up becoming riddled with neuroses, anxiety, depression etc (1), all of which are anathemas to virile erections. Thus if you end up with a feminised population, you ultimately end up with no population, as it is incapable of breeding, and thus sustaining itself.’

    I suppose this oscillation between two extreme points (super-male and super-female) is evidence of the proverbial pendulum at work, and people trying to find the middle way (like in Taoism or whatever) which accomodates both views rather than allowing one to dominate at the expense of the other.

  5. sunshinemary says:

    This whole post is outstanding, but this point in particular stands out:

    So we don’t need less masculinity, we need better masculinity, and we’ll never get it by limiting masculine authority, hoping that seminars will avert genuine evil, and training men to be wimps.

    That is so well said.

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  7. Zaklog the Great says:

    The truly tragicomic thing about this is that we used to have a pretty good system for taming the worse impulses of men. It wasn’t perfect, no, but it overall worked fairly well. Then the Left sunk their claws into marriage. Now here they are trying to “fix” the consequences of that.

    Do ya laugh? Cry? Both at the same time?

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