Sand Castles

[This will be the first post in a series spread out over time in which I briefly revisit posts from the “Greatest Hits” section of the sidebar.  I was surprised which posts these turned out to be, but fortunately found each of them to hit on some points I find essential.  Besides, I’ve lost a lot of hits since needing to take a break from blogging, so I figure I’ll do like Spinal Tap’s (Again With) The Flower People and try to milk past glories.]

I began The House upon the Sand with an examination of the plight of Jane Richard.

Jane was a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing, and I ask that if you’re any sort of believer that you say a small prayer for her and her family.  She lost a brother that day, and her mother was also severely injured, so you can imagine what her father must be experiencing.

Of course it’s no surprise to any of us here in the manosphere, but the man responsible for maiming her, killing her brother, wounding her mother, and turning her father’s life completely inside-out is now a heartthrob.

That’s why I write this blog, why I encourage men to learn Game no matter how other Christians characterize it, and why I advocate a return to Biblical marriage and morality.

We’re fully aware of the dark side of masculine sexuality, as we should be.  We’re taught the horrors of rape, learn about the plight of women in prior eras deprived of everything because a capricious husband took off for Texas.  We all know that men have the ability to bang some chick, get dressed, walk out the door, and never pay her another thought (although even sluts have souls).  There’s probably not a man alive who’s never had to fight the urge to simply take it when he thought he could get away with it.

Yet we ignore that the unfettered feminine instinct is equally primal, that without a moral compass women actually want and encourage us to be this way (with their actions, obviously not their words).

Indeed, many women would turn down the chance to get with Aaron Hernandez, but that’s only because they’ve managed to develop some sort of moral agency, not because they really like nice guys instead.  Just like strong men can resist the draw of the hard-on, strong women can resist the tingle.

But rare is the voice telling the modern woman that she even needs such moral guidance, that the tingle ever need be resisted (except maybe when she’s married ten years from now when she meets a man who’s so wonderful she’ll never even be tempted by another guy).  If she boinks the drummer, she was just having fun.  If their liaison is frowned upon at all, it’s only his exploitative abilities that are to blame, not how badly she wanted it.  Either she was mislead by dreams of purest romance, or she was just finding herself.

We blame the pornographers and agents for exploiting girls with dreams of stardom but rarely the pornstars themselves without whom there would be no sex to film.

And in the meantime, we equate instilling morality in men with castrating them and training them to believe that their every instinct need not be properly focused but snuffed out instead.

Indeed, there have always been men and women raised without proper guidance.  Petty thieves and prostitutes, abandoned by their parents before puberty also commit grave sins, but they have an excuse (and manosphere takedowns of genuinely impoverished prostitutes are incredibly rare).  This chick has no excuse.

But it’s the middle class girls we’re training to act like their less fortunate sisters, those of us who are ostensibly the most civilized that we’re training to give in to their animal natures.

There is no exemption.  A primitive man brings out the primitive in woman, and a primitive woman brings out the primitive in man.  When a woman selects a man for sex, she rewards him for his behavior, and what her unfettered instincts long to reward is often the opposite of what should be rewarded.

The leader of the crips gets more women than he can handle.  Tyrone gets squat.

Not all hope is lost, for if a moral man learns to harness his strength, he can be appeal to a woman’s primal side.  Likewise, a woman with moral controls (external if necessary) can find herself fulfilled by a man who doesn’t bomb children for fun.

But each of these require training and constraint, two things we long to avoid at all cost for fear of “limiting ourselves”.

Yet neither training nor constraint are possible without some sort of negative sanctions.  Criticism.  Shaming.  Discomfort.

For “those who begin by being kind to the cruel wind up by being cruel to the kind.”  I’d be all about love circles if I thought they would work.  They don’t, at least not on their own.

You see, I want a world in which a man who destroys the lives of girls like Jane don’t have thousands of fans offering their bodies to him.  They might still want him, but if they tell the world on Twitter about it, they’d best be shamed into shutting up.

As one girls admits her “secret”, another girl figures it’s okay to feel the same way.  When parents and friends just think it’s a phase she’ll outgrow, it grows even more.  (And don’t even think omegas don’t notice this.)

I’ve got to keep my own instincts in line, and I won’t sleep with women who offer themselves to me partly because I don’t want to reward their bad behavior, because I don’t want to send the message that I think certain behaviors are okay.

I think it’s time the women of America do the same.  If they refuse, it’s time we do it for them.

Otherwise, expect more suffering like Jane’s.


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10 Responses to Sand Castles

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  2. Professor Highbrow says:

    Hi Martel, this attraction to psychopaths/sociopaths isn’t new and isn’t a result of feminism. It’s womens’ base nature. An excerpt from a book I read recently called ‘Mafia Brotherhoods’:

    “Over the same period, he received countless admiring letters and postcards, particularly from women. They pledged their love, sent him religious tokens and sweets, promised to pray for him and begged for locks of his hair. The judge in Lucca was so concerned about Musolino’s effect on the morals of the town’s womenfolk that he stipulated that only men would be allowed into the hearing. But the stream of fan mail only increased once the trial started…. Interviewed by journalists in his cell, Musolino would relish recounting his erotic adventures while he was on the run.”

    The above passage refers to Giuseppe Musolino, a mass murderer and hit man for the ‘ndranghetta in Naples in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s.

    • Martel says:

      You’re completely correct about the source of the attraction to psychopaths. However, the whole “follow your tingle, wherever it leads” mindset is in fact encouraged by feminism.

      Women may have always felt that way, but they used to keep it to themselves and feel somewhat ashamed of it. Even if every woman in some town lusted after the same murderer, it’s unlikely that any of them would have known about each other’s crushes.

      When women know they aren’t alone in lusting after some thug, they’re lust is even more likely to grow, and with today’s looser morals overalll they’re more likely to act on that lust.

      • Stingray says:

        It’s like that weird bronie phenomenon you wrote about recently.

      • Martel says:

        Yup, and the kinky sex obsession we’ve got going.

        I think overall in the manosphere we don’t emphasize mass media and its influence as much as we should. All people are sheep, but women especially are inclined towards herding. The more we know about others engaging in weird and destructive behaviors, the more normal we feel engaging in such behaviors ourselves.

        It’s no accident that our moral decline accelerated with the advent of film, radio, tv, and eventually the internet. All either give those who want to loosen us up a bigger microphone than the stodgy types with regular jobs. Bizarre behaviors are no longer isolated in certain sections of London. They’re everywhere.

  3. LynM says:

    I’m a female reader who likes reading blogs of all sorts, because I think they broaden your perspective and can be very informative. Your blog hit home for me today. I’ve practiced anesthesia for 30 years and I have noticed a very disturbing trend. We’ve been seeing a lot of young girls coming in with severe anal sphincter damage and condylomas. We’ve always seen this in the gay male population, but to see it in 17 yr old girls is heartbreaking. Young people today have the “Bill Clinton” mindset of what sex really is. These girls are seeing this done on the porn sites through their iPhones and thinking this is the new norm. They consider themselves still “virgins” because their hymens are intact and believe (erroneously) that anal sex won’t lead to pregnancy. (Sperm can swim…). I have been astounded to find how many people (young and old alike) that believe birth control is absolute. Birth control pills are 92-95% effective, condoms are 98% effective in the hands of a condom zen master (with the average Joe Blow they are only 78% effective) and IUDs are around 97% (but with a high complication rate). So, statistically every 100 sexual encounters will lead to 5 pregnancies. That 5% contributes to the 1.2 million abortions in the country annually and the abundance of unwanted pregnancies in women who aren’t qualified to be mothers. The civil rights/women’s movement in the 60s was meant to give people the right to work and the right to be treated with respect. Somehow, this massive over correction occurred and it “fixed” things that were never broken. Parenting in this country has gone haywire. So to all the PUAs who are banging their way through Bangkok and the sluts out there who feel they can have as much sex as they want with impunity…….Please grow up! You may not suffer, but the consequences will be born by your offspring. One last thing…Dads-its been proven that you are the #1 influence on your daughter’s self esteem and how she will deal with men in the future. Be kind, respectful, but please teach the truth about men and sex. Let them understand that sex doesn’t mean love and teach them the possible consequences that can follow….And for God’s sake-please take away the stupid iPhones and pads.

    • Martel says:

      Thanks so much for the comment. The ER issues with the 17 year olds are truly tragic.

      On the other hand, fun, Fun, FUN!!!!!

    • Martel says:

      It just occurred to me, a few weeks back there was all sorts of hype about the trauma induced on countless women because of a creepy statue of a guy walking around in his underwear on a college campus.

      But young women showing up in ER’s across the country with torn buttholes, not a peep.

  4. jack says:

    That’s because it’s alpha cock doing the damage.

  5. wjrevere says:

    Just call it what it is.
    It is a Sick J EW controlled world we live in.
    They are the Pornographers, They Are Wall Street, Government (AIPAC), Universities, Feminism and Multi culturalism. And they are making our world sick.
    John Kaminskis website and writings.

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