Technical Difficulties

Last night my phone died.  At home, I get internet access through my phone.  This means I can only access the ‘net from here at work.  At work it’s hard to think well enough to post anything intelligent.

I haven’t done any phone research because I didn’t know I was going to need one this soon.  I might have to get one tonight, but no promises.

Which means that y’all wont have much by me to read.

However, as proof that I care, I’ll refer you here.  Okool reproduced my brony-baby-sub-hubby post at an MGTOW forum, and it inspired some interesting comments.  Some of the comments were actually critical.  This shocked me.  Almost nobody criticizes me here.

After all, I made Top 10 Manosphere Posts of the Week!  Haters can stuff it.

I’ll probably save a more thoughtful response for after I rectify my technological defficiencies and otherwise catch up.

But for those of you who really want to get down, you gotta check this out:

(h/t my grandmother)

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11 Responses to Technical Difficulties

  1. Bike Bubba says:

    ‘oy wie schein! Viel besser als “Kalifornia Gurlz,” meiner meinung nach!

    • Martel says:

      Jawohl! Sie singen besser aus Fledermäuser.

      • Bike Bubba says:

        That’s a German idiom I never learned……”they sing better than bats”, did I get that right?

      • Martel says:

        I doubt it’s even an idiom. My formerly fluent German has degenerated into merely the ability to order in restaurants more or less correctly, and that’s the first thing that popped into my head.

        Although as a stand-alone statement it’s undeniably true.

      • Bike Bubba says:

        You should have pretended it was a real idiom. I wouldn’t have known. :^)

  2. Wald says:

    Die sind fähigere Sängerchen, ‘ne? Besser als Autotune.

  3. Hier predigen Sie zum Chor. Selten bin ich anderer Meinung… Oh, what? Ok. Anyway, I rarely disagree because we’re dang near identical in views. But your structure and research are much better than mine, so it’s a fruitful visit and not merely an echo chamber.

  4. Acksiom says:

    >Almost nobody criticizes me here.

    Why should they? You’ve made it as clear as passive-aggressively possible that you won’t respond to criticism here when it’s deserved and appropriate. So of course they don’t. What would be the point? You’ll just ignore them too, simply because you don’t want to admit you were wrong and made mistakes.

    Remember, kiddo, I was making good suggestions about how to actually help men and boys, and you were just making jokes, and when I called you on it, you dropped that conversation like an ugly baby.

    Kinda like this:

    What, exactly, is supposed to be the meaningful difference between you and the lil’ mcardlet there, when it comes to male issues? Because I’m sure not seeing any differences when it matters.

  5. Sounds like a job for Team S.C.I.E.N.C.E.!

  6. Interesting thread for your consideration:

    Also – answer my email.


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