Some of us believe that feminists do whatever they can to discourage the masculine virtues.  They see no value in courage and want all of us to be as compliant as possible.  There’s no room for independence, only teamwork!

Partly correct.  Actually, although they despise these traits in men (when not determining who to boink), they love fostering them in women and girls.  Moxie!  GI Jane to the rescue in the Navy SEALs!

So it’s not that they oppose masculinity per se, they just oppose it in men.

Likewise, we often accuse feminists of degrading the traditionally feminine virtues.  Sweetness, sensitivity, caring, culinary skills, and proficiency with diaper-changing.  These have been re-framed as either weakness, subservience, slavery, or a waste of human talent.

But not quite.  When men do that same stuff, they’re awesome!  Just look at how much respect they earn!  Just look at how much they respect themselves!*

Okay, maybe not.

Still, that won’t stop them from trying.

In certain respects, the term “feminism” fits perfectly, for as Glenn Reynolds puts it:

One characteristic of modern feminism is the strong belief that men are not entitled to judge women for anything, coupled with the equally strong belief that women are entitled to judge men for everything.

No matter how much they wail about feminism being what’s best for everybody, it’s all about maximizing the feminine imperative legally, culturally, and sexually.

However, in another sense, to claim that feminism in any way promotes actual femininity is a bit of a stretch.  Modern females may share the same biological predispositions as their foremothers, but I wouldn’t exactly describe most of them as girly.

And as they make the women less female, they make the men less male, thus turning us all into what they hope to be neither male nor female, but some sort of neuters.


Hence, the supplementary term:  androgynism.

I’ve no illusion that my term will ever supplant “feminism” (although it would be pretty cool), and sometimes feminism actually is all about the female.

Nonetheless, as they shout about “diversity” in other settings, they really just want to make all of us the same.

* See if as a men you can read the comments to that post and not cringe, I dare you.

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23 Responses to Androgynism

  1. Great post- Here’s my opinion.
    Feminists do not see the strength in their roles as women, so they covet a man’s strengths. They resent their own duties.. not knowing that these duties are exactly where their strength lies! When we covet a masculinity, or men covet femininity, we can never be in harmony with another, we become competition to another, resulting in resentment.

    Admittedly I feel sorry for men that they have to be courageous and much stronger, because as a woman I cannot relate to it, I can’t feel it. I feel sorry for men in their duties and what they are “expected” to be, because I can’t ever imagine having to be like that. Likewise I can’t imagine a normal man wanting to be feminine?

    There’s a reason I can’t relate to those masculine virtues, and it’s because I’m not meant to, that’s for the men. Women will try to try cultivate a kind of masculinity.. but reach androgyny, and then they neither posses the virtues of masculinity, nor of femininity. They are at some odd space in between-androgyny.

    I’m starting to understand that women need to keep their nose out of the men’s business and focus on cultivating their own feminine virtue.

    • Martel says:

      I think your first paragraph (in reverse) also applies to submissive men. They don’t realize where their true strength lies and they’re afraid of trying to be men and failing, so they run in the opposite direction and call it virtue.

  2. You owe me about ten grand for that horrific link. Shudder.

  3. earl says:

    Read the comments…cringed.

    Giving your power away willfully to a woman is a losing proposition.

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  5. Maeve says:

    Now that I’m done cringing as well, I have to wonder if Mr. Subservient Husband isn’t really gay. Somehow it would make more sense if he were in the “wife” role of a gay couple – or at least I could understand it better.

    • Martel says:

      What’s even more disturbing is I’m not so sure he is. It seems like he’s trying to reconcile heterosexual desires with massive self-loathing.

      • Maeve says:

        You know, once upon a time, someone would manifest those feelings you describe, and (correctly) assume that there was something wrong and seek some kind of help. Now, in our everything-goes- there-is-no-abnormal-who-the-hell-are-you-to-judge society, he thinks it’s perfectly normal! How insane is that? And the really awful part is that he will continue this way, living miserably for how long?

      • Martel says:

        One aspect of that is (probably) the topic of my next post.

      • I think it’s more of a Stockholm syndrome combined with a barrage of psychological warfare in the media. Feminists are in positions of power now and they use those positions to brainwash the public into a matriarchy. I think that is what you are seeing here with these dominatixes… This will be the standard relationship in the matriarchy, and what you are seeing is birth pangs. Fortunately, society doesn’t look like it is going to take this demonic hatred for much longer. I know a lot of women are who are beyond pissed at how men are being treated. They are becoming extremely feminine now as a backlash to this, and are becoming enmies of the culture, where before they just ignored it. So I don’t think this matriarchal relationship thing will gain much steam before it implodes.

  6. Martel, you’ve reminded me that it’s high time to write a post about how The Replacements predicted this very thing in their song “Androgynous.” Its year of release? 30 years ago in 1984.

    All of this talk about housework is bloody tedious. “Women still do more”…blah, blah, blah. And so what? We’re doing less now than 50 years ago and complaining about it more. I guess people just have to keep complaining and comparing in this wired world of ours. None of this stuff came up while growing up. Momma Buckeye took care of the house and Papa Buckeye did yardwork and the heavy lifting. She actually refused to have anyone do the dishes or the laundry, such was her pride. Of course, we still did on occasion, but no one ever grandstanded about it.

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