The Bulwark

Vox cites a few of the benefits of fatherhood as listed in this article in The Atlantic (of all places–are people waking up?).  All of the benefits mentioned by him and in the article are of immeasurable importance.

However, there’s another that’s implied but not spelled outright:  Fatherhood is our best defense against totalitarianism.

By his example, a father as head of a household teaches his children not to be followers, but to lead.  His sons are more likely to assert themselves properly later in life, avoiding the twin dangers of wimpiness or barbarism.  As shown in The Atlantic, his daughters are less like to wind up on Prozac or get impregnated by a man who’s not fit to be a father himself.

Not only is the divorce industry among the most egregious ways in which government interferes with our lives, wimps don’t produce much wealth, barbarians necessitate more police and prisons, and unwed mothers need every type of government benefit imaginable for decades on end.  In every case, the absence of decent fathers requires further State intervention.  The more the State helps intervenes in the families of today, the more it will need to continue in the future.

Furthermore, a father setting a strong moral example for his children has more effect on his children’s future outlook on life than anybody else in their lives, including their mothers.

This should be obvious, but a quick perusal through the comments in The Atlantic show that it’s most definitely not.  Or perhaps the commenters recognize how strong nuclear families help prevent the need for government interference in everything, they just don’t think that “villages” raising our children instead of fathers and mothers is much of a problem.

“[W]e have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to their communities.” [emphasis Newsbusters’]

Melissa Harris-Perry

Nothing threatens such communal notions of child-rearing like fathers leading their own families, for when the “community” screws over his kid, a father’s likely to fight back.

The battle before us is multi-faceted.  We’ve got to de-feminize the church to re-institute notions of fatherly authority, stop paying Julia for her every mistake, train men to be the Alphas they were born to be, re-form the family courts, and much more.  Some of the solutions are spiritual, some cultural, some governmental, all will face tough resistance.

But unless we fight back and unless we win, we’ll be left with a generation of boys unable to cross the balance beam like Vox’s son’s classmates, girls who have no concept of what a real man is besides what gives her a tingle, and an economy based on re-distribution that won’t have anything to distribute.

Social conservatives need to wake up and recognize that men aren’t born to be suckers.  Libertarians need to realize that unless “family values” make a strong comeback we’ll have no individual liberty.

And feminists?  Never should we marry them to give them families of their own to destroy.

I wouldn’t even recommend banging them.  The lonelier they are, the better.

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