The Mixed Message Trap

Much of what separates an alpha male from his inferiors is his ability to call it like he sees it, to cut through the crap, to explicitly state and call attention to the unsaid obvious.  Sometimes the Truth hurts, it can shame people or make them feel uncomfortable.  On the other hand, without Truth we delude ourselves and never correctly identify, much less solve, our problems.

I’m not denigrating the feminine emphasis on sympathy and understanding, for that also plays a role.  Sometimes, when the male tendency to make a quick and decisive call isn’t tempered by the feminine desire to probe and find out what’s really going on (feelings, deeper issues, etc.), it can result in a destructive rush to judgement and make problems worse.

Nevertheless, feminine sympathy without sufficient masculine decisiveness can be just as destructive as a bold bad call.  Think of the groups of female friends exploring their feelings for hours on end, exploring the root causes of Jessica’s obesity for so long that Jessica never figures out what the hell she needs to do about it.  Imagine Katie not even telling Jessica she needs to lose some weight because she knows how much the truth would hurt Jessica’s feelings.  Jessica may find herself oddly empowered by her flaws in that she gets so much attention from her friends for having them.  Noble attempts to shield friends from ugly realities can instead enable some pretty destructive tendencies.  Sometimes a decision has to be made, and left to their own devices, women often simply won’t.

In our increasingly feminized society, this refusal to face ugly realities head-on has eroded our very sense of personal responsibility and renders us more likely to need them to take care of us.  Giving kids decent grades to make them feel good leaves them with a false sense of accomplishment (Jenteal’s educated, she has a 3.0!).  Removing women from any sense of responsibility to protect themselves from horny drunk dudes may lead victims of sexual assault to not feel as guilty about it, but it might just lead to more of assaults.  Whether educational, behavioral, or legal, standards are perpetually undercut by our emphasis on the (sometimes legitimate) reasons we don’t live up to them.  This undercuts the very essence of those standards themselves, and without any objective standards, no society can survive.

Such moral subjectivism combined with temporal subjectivism weakens those who believe in it.  As individuals we’re unable to turn around our own lives because we’re unable to clearly identify what’s wrong in the first place, for we’re expected to call the very concept of “wrong” into question.  Who’s to say you need to give up your crack addiction when the only guy who’s really making a mistake is the one who’s “judging” you too harshly?  Besides, it’s obviously somebody else’s fault you’ve got any problems in the first place.

And that’s where we come in:  Men, unafraid to say what needs to be said, indifferent to whatever ugly names they might call us.

If a woman acts, dresses, and presents herself as a sex object, then she’s going to be treated like one.  If a young urban black makes every effort to be as intimidating as possible, people are going to be intimidated by him, and it’s not because they’re racist.  No matter  how horribly your father treated you as a little girl, that Twinkie will still make you fat (and guys won’t find you attractive).  If you can’t find Florida on a map, you’re not educated no matter how high your GPA might be.  Credit card companies will want their money back, and they charge interest.  If you elect Kwame Kilpatrick to be your mayor, your city is going to hell even faster than it was before (I know, who could’ve seen that coming?).

But notice the double standard:  although you’re expected to hem and haw when you’re trying to explain to somebody that single mothers might bear some responsibility for their plight, the last thing you’ll see from any lefty protest is any sort of nuance or doubt.  We can’t speak too harshly to the North Koreans for fear we’ll hurt their feelings, but it’s perfectly okay to compare Scott Walker to Hitler.  They know the power of boldness, and by making us into the uncaring bastards they render us impotent.  Their supposed relativism is merely a ruse, a clever way to turn you from a man into a slave.

Hence the irony in that leftism de-legitimizes masculine certainty so as to monopolize it for themselves.

When they call you misogynist, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, fascist, sexist, or speciesist, they exemplify the very insensitivity of which you’re so obviously guilty.  We’re supposed to dance around anyone’s potentially hurt feelings, but your feelings don’ t mean squat.

But on this last point they’re correct:  Your feelings don’t mean squat.  Although we live in the greatest nation mankind has ever known, we’re degenerating politically, economically, morally, culturally, sexually, and militarily.  You may not care about the aggregate and only want to be left the hell alone, but you won’t be left alone unless you fight, and you can’t fight if you’re being a sensitive little bitch.

When your girlfriend’s had a rough day at work, it might make sense to listen to her for a (short) while before you start offering solutions.  When talking to lefties, sometimes it’s prudent to actually listen to what they have to say for a bit before showing them why they’re wrong.  Feelings matter.

But results matter more, and our problems are so bad today that only boldness can solve them.

You will get attacked, but you’ve got a pair so you can win.  As long as you fight, you will win.

They may have all the power, but we have Truth.  Of course they’re gonna do everything they can to suppress it.  All that means to me is that we’re doing something right.

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9 Responses to The Mixed Message Trap

  1. deti says:

    Ummm, yes, it IS about the nail. (“It’s Not About The Nail”)

  2. deti says:

    I also like this, and I’m stealing it:

    “Feelings matter. Results matter more.”

    • Old Broad says:

      Nevertheless, feminine sympathy without sufficient masculine decisiveness can be just as destructive as a bold bad call.

      Yes. Truth. Ouch.

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  4. earl says:

    “Our great war is a spiritual war, our great depression is our lives.”
    -Fight Club

    Still a great movie to watch…I have found you do learn more about yourself getting into a fight. You don’t need fists…all you need is passion and imagination of the mind.

  5. earl says:

    And like you said…listen to people first. Come to their level and relate to them…but remember they are in as much need of a fight as you are. I call it the St. Paul method.

    It is hard to get people into a fight as well…so there are times I do get into arguments and lose them on purpose. People need to have a fire…and not be extinguished with anti-depressant pills.

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