Stuck Like Piglet

Western Civilization is dying.  You can see it in our culture, our debt-ridden economies, our political inability to solve problems, our disintegrating families, and the popularity of “reality” television.

And Western men are eunuchs, wimps too weak to fight for anything.

Sunshine Mary recently explored the Western feminist love affair with Islam, and most especially Muslim men.  I concur with her overall assessment.  Implicit in her argument is that the Western feminist shrew craves a strong man to pass her tests.  No Western man who possibly could constrain these Princesses of the Damned would ever want to, so they undoubtedly wish to elevate those who haven’t turned them down yet.

Furthermore, there’s the rebel factor.  Rebellion is a form of Alpha.  What schoolgirl hasn’t fantasized about the guy who doesn’t give a damn about authority?  Double that for the rebel who looks like he might actually win and eventually make the rules himself.

But there’s another force at work, touched on in the comments, that worries me much more deeply.  Not unlike French women under Nazi occupation, we’re seeing the same phenomenon in slow motion in Europe today.  The Nazis took over with tanks and guns.  Muslims are taking over through demography, intimidation, and banning Piglet.

Hence, the War Brides phenomenon, not abrupt like in a kidnapping or military takeover, but in slow-motion, gradual, and aided by multi-culturalism.


Given the harsh realities that women had to endure since the paleolithic era, it served them better to psychologically evolve a sense of self that was more resilient to the brutal changes she could expect be subjected to.  Consider the emotional investment a woman needs to put into mothering a child that could be taken away or killed at a moment’s notice. Anxiety, fear, guilt, insecurity are all very debilitating emotions, however it’s women’s innate psychology that makes them more durable to these stresses.


Because women’s peripheral environment dictated the need to develop psychological mechanisms to help them survive. It was the women who could make that emotional disconnect when the circumstances necessitated it who survived and lived to breed when their tribe was decimated by a superior force. This is also known as the War Bride dynamic; women develop an empathy with their conquerors by necessity.

Men are the disposable sex, women, the preserved sex. Men would simply die in favor of a superior aggressor, but women would be reserved for breeding. So it served a feminine imperative to evolve an ability to cut former emotional ties more readily (in favor of her new captor) and focus on a more self-important psychology – solipsism.

Indeed, some of the attraction Western women have for Muslim men can be rooted in simply being psycho, but far more worrisome is that portion that actually makes biological sense.  To hell with the freaks at Jezebel; what they want is so screwed there’s no hope.  I’m worried about the average girl, the one who just wants to make her way in the world, albeit with feminine instincts.

Imagine being a Swedish girl in a city like Malmo.  You walk down the street with your head uncovered and get daily taunts from the immigrant men in your neighborhood.  You’re considered a xenophobe if you object, and there are no Swedish men who are willing to stand up for you and even fewer who actually could.  You’re proud of your long blond hair and like to let it flow, but one day it just might not be worth it anymore.

So one day before you go out you cover your head.  Those who taunted you now greet you with respectful nods. You’re no longer a vulnerable object meekly hoping to avoid being called a “whore”, you’re now accepted by those who formerly mocked you.  You now feel safe.

As for the Swedish guys, they probably regard you with the same “respectful” deference as ever.  They might be a little more scared of you.

In short, there’s no benefit to acting more Swedish, but there’s plenty to acting more Muslim.  Actual conversion is just a step away.  In a world that’s raised her to believe that beliefs are no big deal, why the hell wouldn’t she?

One of the ways women gauge men in her quest for optimal sperm is through their relative degrees of fear, both of herself, and of each other.

Mark Steyn on the aftermath of Drummer Rigby’s behedding:

In London as in Boston, the politico-media class immediately lapsed into the pneumatic multiculti Tourette’s that seems to be a chronic side-effect of excess diversity-celebrating: No Islam to see here, nothing to do with Islam, all these body parts in the street are a deplorable misinterpretation of Islam. The BBC’s Nick Robinson accidentally described the men as being “of Muslim appearance,” but quickly walked it back lest impressionable types get the idea that there’s anything “of Muslim appearance” about a guy waving a machete and saying “Allahu Akbar.” A man is on TV, dripping blood in front of a dead British soldier and swearing “by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you,” yet it’s the BBC reporter who’s apologizing for “causing offence.”

If you were an average Englishwoman (not necessarily a feminist extremist) with her own survival instinct as her primary guide, which side would you want to be on?  In the abstract, certainly Nick Robinson is more appealing than the bloody dude on the street who’s completely unphased by the prospect of imminent imprisonment (and the unarmed police several yards away), but in your gut, who would you trust more to protect you from whom?  Your best bet is to get the guy with the machete not to hate you so much, because obviously there’s not a damn thing Nick Robinson’s going to do about it if Mr. Machete comes after you.  The abstract doesn’t mean squat.


Not a lot of Muslims want to go to the trouble of chopping your head off, but when so many Western leaders have so little rattling around up there, they don’t have to.

Likewise for male genitalia.  Before the Nazis took over France, France at least (sort of) put up a fight.  If a War Bride can blithely dismiss her man who was valiantly defeated in battle, how long do you think she’ll remain attracted to the guy who meekly surrendered his rifle to his conqueror, dropped to his knees, and begged pardon for potentially giving his conqueror any offense?

The radical feminist fascination with Islam may be profoundly unhealthy, but the female survival instinct isn’t.  Woman is wired to seek protection from bloodshed, and she knows that the man most capable of shedding the blood of others is the man most likely to protect her from shedding her own blood.

Conversely, she’s repulsed by men of fear, and doing everything in one’s power not to cause offense to those who are trying to kill you   betrays fear as profoundly as hiding under a table during a thunderstorm.  “The broader message it sends is that ours is a weak culture so unconfident and insecure that if you bomb us and kill us our first urge is to find a way to flatter and apologize to you.”

Sadly, given the state of the modern Western male, European women giving it up for Yousef and Moammar are making a rational mating choices.  Islamic riots suppressed cartoons.  What’s next?


 If “The Three Little Pigs” are verboten when Muslims do not yet comprise 10 percent of the British population, what else will be on the blacklist by the time they’re, say, 20 percent?

Everything they don’t like, that’s what.

Like it or not, you play a role in this.  Are you an ALPHA, both willing and able to fight for yourself, your loved ones, and your beliefs?  Do you consider yourself courageous for criticizing Christians who have no desire to kill you while cowering in fear lest you offend a Muslim?  Are you willing to oppose those who tear down the foundations of the civilization that recognized your liberty?

If not, get ready to lose your women to men who are willing to fight.

And know you deserve it.

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7 Responses to Stuck Like Piglet

  1. theshadowedknight says:

    Yes, the Mohammedans are arrogant now. They are confident because they have forgotten history. They conquered Byzantium, we crushed the Ottomans. They attacked the USA, and we responded by marauding through Afghanistan and conquering Iraq. We lost the Crusades, but look who is on top now. The Jews have Jerusalem now, and try as they might, their enemies have failed to move them.

    You want hope? Here it is.
    Some of the Sons of the North still remember what was taken from us. We will not wait forever. On that day, when we return to our rights and our places, the Mohammedans will rue the day that they thought to oppose us. Might as well kick off the Last Crusade, while we are at it. So while things look bad, remember that this, too, shall pass. They made the to do list of the most ruthless race of killers to ever live. We used to conquer countries the Romans could not because we could. That lot? No big deal.

    Keep an eye out, you miserable little rats. We are waiting for our chance. We will make sure that Islam is a religion practiced only in Hell. Sleep tight.

    The Shadowed Knight

  2. anonymous says:

    So…. what is a white Western man to do?

    — Open violence against Muslims? That will only get him jailed or killed by his own government.
    — Political activism against Islamization? Useless — again, the authorities are solidly on the other side, Surely by now we have learned, from abortion and “gay” marriage and the illegal immigration fights, that activism goes nowhere if it’s not in the direction the elites approve.
    — Form white gangs / underground groups and attack from the shadows, as Muslims do? Yet again… his own government will pour all its resources to stopping him.
    — Replace the government itself, with something friendlier ? No, between the stupid 47% handout voters, and the elite corruption of both parties, we’ll never, never get one.

    For whatever reason — stupidity, suicide, or as part of some grand conspiracy — Western elites have decided in some smoky backroom that Muslims can bully Westerners and western culture out of existence with impunity — but,men of the West CANNOT be allowed to respond in kind.. It’s just like high school, actually: packs of popular bullies kick the good kids around with impunity, and the first time a good kid stands up for himself, HE gets in trouble.

    There is just no solution, unless somebody can figure out how to dislodge the undislodgeable elites. Until the elites have been cast down, telling western man to “man up”, is essentially saying the same thing as saying, “go to jail”.

    • Martel says:

      Your solutions vary in their potential effectiveness, but I think the essential solutions are deeper and would incorporate your ideas that would work.

      First, we need to reconnect with the traditions and values that gave us what we have. These include Christianity and the belief in a small, efficient, government geared towards the preservation of individual rights. Islam is a force, it’s SOMETHING, and you can’t fight something with nothing. Relativism and tolerance are but echoes of actual beliefs.

      Second, we need men to be men. What we do/don’t do should be based on prudence, not fear.

      Practical solutions (which would only be possible if those things are done first) would include something like a unified front against the cartoon riots. Literally every magazine in the Western world should have shown those cartoons the second anybody was physically harmed by them. You tell us you’ll kill us if we do something, we’ll do whatever that is times ten.

      No special prayer rooms in universities (like at U of M Dearborn), bans on Miss Piggy posters anywhere, and no more deference to Islam and/or Mohammed than given to Christians and Jews.

      An end to multiculturalism. bans on parallel legal systems like sharia, and an end to government handouts to foreigners. Problem solved? No. Problem getting worse? No longer.

      None of these solutions require violence, they just require balls and the motivitation to use them.

  3. anonymous says:

    Oh, I totally agree with the policies you prescribe. And I’m not too keen on violence either (what sane person is?) My point is, that the entrenched elites will NEVER let these policies come to pass. The only part of your program that they can’t stop, is a return to Christianity… and they’d stop that too, if they could.

    I just don’t see an answer except a return to faith… lots of children… and preparing a civilizational collapse. Call it the 3-F program, Faith-Fertility-Firearms…..

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  5. Albert III says:

    The above posters are right. Be as alpha as you wanna be, but the elite of the globe spanning Cathedral hate hate *hate* the notion of organized, confident white men in numbers. On an individual level one can resist, one can keep their mind free of their honeyed poisons. But at present the instant you join with even a handful of like-minded men you’re getting the full force of the State against you.

    The best bet we have is turning/infiltrating parts of the security, military and spy apparatus towards the cause of traditional western values. Perhaps not even turning them but convincing them somehow to embrace what they already feel. The military/police types are among the truest believers in the value of Western Civilization and often their own ethnic cultures, the problem is their belief in the value of America. Of the ballot box, the Founders, the Constitution and all that zombified dross that a totally different set of elites parade to hypnotize them into compliance and support.

    In my opinion, the USA is too far gone. It needs to fracture, collapse or otherwise pass on from being the hegemon that orders the rest of the world in its twisted image. Free from the yankee jackboot I have no doubt Europe would reassert itself as would aware groups within the USA. Probably and unfortunately after considerable bloodshed and displacement while the chips fell.

    • Martel says:

      You’re right about many in the military, but I almost wonder if some of the new socialization going on in the military might not be intended to squeeze the hardcore patriots out.

      Regarding the police, some are great, but I’m not too thrilled about some of the no-knock raids and crap going on.

      Government solutions always require a delicate balance–the same State that protects us from rapists and foreign invaders can mess you up for filming them.

      Which is why, as important as government policy is, culture is more important. If every magazine in America showed the Mohammed cartoons, if Comedy Central allowed South Park to do what it wanted in cartoon wars, etc., it would have had a huge effect and we wouldn’t have had to convince the eunuch elites to do a damn thing.

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