The Detroit Red Hamster Wings

We tend to think of hypergamy as a purely sexual phenomenon.  Unchecked, a woman always wants a better guy, seeks out a stronger Alpha.  In the back of her mind, even if things are good, she’s continually looking for better, then better, then better, then BEST!  Until something better comes along.

However, our sex drives are never just about sex.  The male sex drive also plays itself out in the drives for adventure, power, recognition, and conquest.  Likewise, hypergamy affects a woman’s mind in ways that fundamentally alter her perspective on nearly everything.

Unchecked hypergamy is the never-ending quest for an ideal.  The hypergamic mind is thus focused less on what is and more on what should be.  In relationships, if a woman isn’t reminded of how bad things can get or somehow trained to appreciate what she has, the mundane can quickly bore her; she’ll wander if she can.  By nature, she always believes that she can get something even better, and rare is the woman who appreciates what she’s got before it’s gone.

Furthermore, this eternal focus on how much better things could be leads her to disregard the reasons for why so much of her life is going right.  The nuts and bolts don’t naturally interest her.  The fact that Fred has a job and puts food on the table just is and doesn’t need to be focused on, especially when Hank makes her giggle that way.  When she pushes the button on whatever home appliance, it’s supposed to turn on.  How does that happen?  Who the hell cares, just as long as it happens.  It’s little boys who take apart their remote control cars to see how they work, not little girls.

And this overemphasis on the ideal (G) at the expense of what is (A) is why the revolutionary utopianism of the left is largely a feminine phenomenon.  “For ye have the poor with you always” isn’t good enough.  Let’s end poverty!  And while we’re at it, let’s eliminate war, crime, hunger, sexism, racism, and lower gas prices as we stop drilling for oil.

I’m not suggesting that such thing are good, nor that they can’t be lessened.  However, in the case of poverty, although we can mitigate many of its causes, one that we’ll never be able to get rid of is laziness.  Does laziness cause all poverty?  No.  Does it cause at least some?  Yes.

But the political hypergamist need not consider this, for the political Hamster can always keep her focused on her grand dreams and aspirations.  Obama won his elections by appealing to “hope” and idealism to an unprecedented extent, and his followers saw no reason to believe he wouldn’t end wars instead of start them, that he couldn’t close Gitmo, that the very force of their intense belief in him would fail to solve nearly all of our problems.  They didn’t pay attention to his cutthroat past because the Hamster told them that   their savior could never do that sort of thing.

And much like the woman who decides to discard her boring beta husband, we weren’t encouraged to be grateful for living in the greatest nation in the history of man, we told we needed to fundamentally transform it.

A woman who has decided to support her dream-man can not be dissuaded, and the utopian will never noticed the dismal track record of those who supported her dreams in the past.  Just look at this list of dismal economic statistics from Detroit (run uninterrupted by Democrats since 1962) and try to tell me that this is a city run by those with a masculine curiosity about how an economy actually works.  As you read further down the list where it addresses our national economy, notice how the wishful thinking of Queen Hamster might partly explain how we got into this mess.

I recently quoted Chesterton regarding how an intelligent reformer finds out why a fence was put up before deigning to take it down.  Such intelligent reform, reform based in A, is a part of the masculine thought process.  It’s a way of thinking developed through discovering that the action figure falls apart if you remove the black rubber band thingy, that bottle rockets don’t go quite so high if you tape them to your sister’s Barbie doll.  (You have to use quite a few and figure out how to light all the wicks at the same time.)

Little girls don’t dismantle their doll houses to see why the door swings shut when you open it; the fact that it shuts is good enough.  The only time the door is likely to concern her is when it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, and then she’s far more likely to call Dad to come fix it than to try to repair it herself.

And of course she’s a Princess, trapped in a tower waiting for Prince Alpha to come and rescue her (even if she lives in the nicest McMansion on the block).  If she’s not trained to be grateful for her man, he’ll never be good enough.  If she’s not taught how lucky she is to live in a relatively free country, she’ll assume that “fundamentally transforming” it will necessarily improve things.

And if we allow her thought process to frame our political debates instead of the thought process of the boy who grew into a man who understands how things actually operate, Detroit’s gonna be a best case scenario.

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13 Responses to The Detroit Red Hamster Wings

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  2. Truth Man says:

    Right again.

  3. M3 says:

    A part of me really wants to approach my ex wife and ask her if she’d like to write up a guest post on how her life has changed since she forced me to walk out of my home on my hands and knees.

    If i explain to her how her hypergamy guided her actions.. it would make a very interesting case study inside the mind.. and a warning to other women.

    Let’s just say thanks to the sphere, game, and internalizing the lessons and changing myself both mentally and physically, im on top of the world. Having filtered for an awesome redpillready women with a high sex drive to match my own is the icing on this wonderful cake im eating.

    I must thank my ex for releasing me from the burden of a lifeless marriage. As you can gather.. things have turned out 1000x better for me. I’ll leave you to contemplate how my ex has fared. Not that i wish her ill.. it’s just that she has (inadvertently) followed both feminism’s message and her hypergamic heart to their to their inevitable conclusions.

    Right off a cliff. The greener grass she saw over the cliff was an optical illusion.

    • Martel says:

      Sadly, one of the best allies we could have are women like your ex-wife who’ve suffered because they fell for the lies. A moderately attractive 32 yearl-old telling women in their early twenties what a mess they’ve made of their own lives could have an enormous impact.

      But good luck getting any of them to do it. First, it’s really hard getting a woman to admit that her problems are her own fault, and there are even fewer who would be willing to submit themselves to the potential humiliation of having a bunch of cocky young females mocking them for it.

      But I don’t know who else might possibly get through to today’s young single women.

  4. laidnyc says:

    Great post.

  5. Mark Flowers says:

    1. Mark Flowers is a true dedicated Christian but a non denominational and non church going Christian, a praying man upon his knees and he gives all credit to his survival to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as his savoir and protector of him and his loved ones. Mark has to continually break all curses in Jesus Christ’s name, sent by witch craft and the Satanic agenda.

    2. Mark Flowers is a fighter, a man that will never bow to any evil corruption, to DEATH.

    3. Mark Flowers has had the fatherhood of his children stolen by the masons / system / The Australian Government.

    4. Mark Flowers is a survivor of more than a decade of intense murderous Freemasonry Gang Stalking {a term he coined} and raised in the Federal Magistrates Court Parramatter Sydney Australia in 2009 & 2010 whilst defending his rights to father his children.

    5. Mark Flowers has had so many attempts on his life in the process of Freemasonry gangstalking that they are too numerous to list, most have been whilst driving in road traffic accident setups by gangstalkers . But all manner of threats have come against Mark Flowers, One time a sour mason wielding a hammer at Mark’s head got a lesson in respect and kicked off Mark’s property. The police always fail to follow such death threats against Mark Flowers.

    6. Mark Flowers has self-represented in some 60 appearances in the Federal Magistrates Court, the District Court and the Supreme Court in Australia and all with nil formal education, in fact Mark left school at 14 years and first job was in a lumber yard.

    7. Mark Flowers is a Father first, and a former children’s safety film producer, but the dogs of gangstalking were released on him for doing so. Mark has been fighting ever since and will never give in, as the eternity in spirit and fear of God through Christ Jesus motivates him to be fearless against evil.

    If I fall in this good fight it will be into the arms of my saviour Jesus Christ.

    Brother Mark

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  7. Unchecked, a woman always wants a better guy, seeks out a stronger Alpha.

    Complete bullshit. A woman in love, wants the man she loves. And a man simply wants the woman he loves. In a solid marriage, nobody is “always” looking for other partners… why would you do that?

    Can I ask how many years you have been married?

    And of course she’s a Princess

    Who is? All women are princesses? You’re joking, right?

    If she’s not trained

    So women are no good unless they are trained, like dogs? Really? (When/if women talk this way about men, I’ll bet you freak out over it, right?)

    And its not misogynist to talk about “training” women, like we are dogs?

    Jesus H Christ. Just shocked, I guess. What can you say?

    I will say, I thought you were better than this. The grandma in me adds: you should be ashamed of yourself. But I doubt you are.

    • Martel says:

      “Unchecked, a woman always wants a better guy, seeks out a stronger Alpha.”

      Look up the word ‘hypergamy”. Hypergamic instincts can be satiated, but only when they’re truly convinced that what they’ve got is the best they can get. Males also have some instincts that seem pretty ugly on their face (we like breaking shit), but acknowledging this doesn’t make me a misandrist. Acknowledging the physiological basis for love in no way discounts its existence. We’re primates but also more than primates.

      “In a solid marriage, nobody is “always” looking for other partners… why would you do that?”

      A lot of marriages aren’t particularly solid. Yours apparently is so I congratulate you.

      :Can I ask how many years you have been married?”

      You already did.

      “And of course she’s a Princess Who is? All women are princesses? You’re joking, right?”

      To the dismay of feminists mothers everywhere, little girls like playing dress-up and fantasize about being Cinderella or Pocahontas. Without training, some never learn to put this instinct into perspective.

      “So women are no good unless they are trained, like dogs? Really? (When/if women talk this way about men, I’ll bet you freak out over it, right?) And its not misogynist to talk about “training” women, like we are dogs?”

      Quite to the contrary, I will readily admit that men also require a great deal of training. However, when women train boys it’s usually a disaster:

      In early life, it’s best when moms train their little girls, and dad needs to take on a greater role as she gets older. But ultimately, women need a man in their life to keep them in line.

      And women know this. Hence the astronomical success of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and loud, obnoxious fratboys everywhere.

      “The grandma in me adds: you should be ashamed of yourself. But I doubt you are.”

      Typically, women find shameful men to be horribly unattractive.

  8. Stingray says:

    A woman in love, wants the man she loves.

    This would be a checked woman. So to “[i}n a solid marriage.” What happens though, to many women, when they fall out of love with their husband. When those feelings begin to fade? It is during those times that she will be at risk for wanting a better guy. Some might not seek them out, but some do. Even those that don’t seek them out will become attracted. And these days, it is very easy for a woman to become attracted, divorce her husband and then be with the new man.

    All women are princesses?

    Unless the word *all* is actually written, don’t assume that is what is meant. A writer should not have to write some, or many just to make his readers feel better. If it doesn’t apply to you and yours, then it simply doesn’t apply.

    So women are no good unless they are trained

    Trained, taught it’s pretty much the same. We were trained in math in school. Same thing Martel is a man and he is writing mostly to other men. It should be expected that his writings will be more blunt.

    Misogyny is not the criticism of women, it is the hatred of them. Neither is misogyny writing an article in a way that men will find easier for them to understand as it is written in the manner and communication style of men.

  9. One does not “fall out of love” with an extension of oneself. Not possible. This is what “what God has joined together” in the wedding vows, means. This is what “better half” means… as a great modern philosopher once explained to us, “one and one don’t make two/one and one make one.” 🙂

    If you don’t mind it when women say they have “trained” men, then I guess you are fair to say it about women… but I think saying it about either sex is gross, and I would bet whoever does, has not been able to make a happy marriage.

    • Stingray says:


      Alas, falling out of love with one’s spouse happens all the time. Unless, when they married, it wasn’t really love. We often see examples of women leaving their husbands because they just didn’t love him anymore.

      Regarding being trained, my husband has me trained up good and we are incredibly happy. 😉

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