From Hamster to Shrew

[Edited to include a factual correction brought to my awareness by the Hawaiian Libertarian.]

Some believe that the book of Genesis is historic, others that it’s largely metaphoric.  Either way, it’s as insightful into human nature as anything written before or since, and the Fall is no exception.

There a numerous implications of the Fall, but we can undoubtedly observe it’s a story of Adam failing a shit-test.  His acquiescence to Eve’s desire to eat of the Tree of Knowledge leads to suffering.  He fails the test, and in so doing fails her as well.

Although the modern shit-test replicates Eve’s request that Adam follow the Serpent, it’s also the only way for a woman to find out if the man in her life is capable of passing the test that Adam so miserably fails.  She’s psychologically and biologically wired to seek out men that will decline her stupid requests, and the only way she can find out who these are is to test them.  Those who pass her tests are qualified to lead her, ensuring her that she won’t make the mistake of eating from the Tree of Knowledge again.

Yet in another sense, the tests make no sense at all.  Why the hell would you ask somebody to hold your purse if you don’t really want them to hold your purse?  Be inconsiderate just to see how somebody reacts?  Test your co-workers whom you have no intention of dating?  It’s necessary, but from a masculine perspective it’s also entirely irrational.

Enter the Hamster.  The Hamster has to convince her that she really wants the guy to hold her purse or she wouldn’t ask him to do it.  And in a sense she does want him to do it just as much as she doesn’t.  Imagine the Hamster of Eve:

Why shouldn’t we try this fruit?  We’re not hurting anybody.  Who the hell is He to tell us what we can or can’t do?  That snake said it was just because He doesn’t want us to be like Him, and that sounded pretty reasonable to me, and the snake actually bothers to talk to me every once in a while.  Besides, it’s a much prettier tree than all the other trees.  We’ll try it just once, and if we don’t like it, we won’t do it again.  I’ll ask Adam, and if he says it’s okay and it’s not, then it’ll actually be his fault if anything goes wrong…

So when Adam went along with it, I’m sure she was thrilled.  I bet she was also vaguely disappointed, for the shit-test is a win-win, lose-lose proposition.  If he fails, she’s increased her hypergamic worth and she gets whatever it was she wanted at the time, but she probably also feels confused and unmoored.  If he wins, she has to shut up or cut out whatever other nonsense, but she gets turned on and feels safe.  This guy will protect me from myself.

(During my beta days, on multiple occasions I thought I saw a shadow of disappointment on a woman’s face when I did something she asked me to do.  Yet I could also tell she was happy.  Only the Hamster could get her to put herself in such a position repeatedly with multiple men.)

Women value security for entirely understandable reasons, so no matter how empowered she may feel when the men in her life repeatedly fail her tests, there’s undoubtedly a sense of doubt and confusion that no male can ever truly understand.  The more she can do whatever she wants, the greater her sense of unprotectedness.  The more unsafe she feels, the stronger her requirements for masculine strength.  And what’s the best way to find a really strong man?

Really big shit tests.

Vox Day recently asked “why [] women ruin everything, even for themselves?”  Because they’re giving shit-tests, and there’s nobody around to pass them; the men are either weak or nowhere to be found.  When women know they’re testing, there’s a chance that they can limit themselves (sometimes, sort of, almost, under the right conditions).  However, feminists don’t admit that they need anything from men (besides their genitalia and/or sperm), so they’ll never admit to giving tests.  Nevertheless, test they must, and the more vicious their tests, the more likely men will see no need to bother with them.  The Hamster, uncontrolled, untrained, and without masculine restraint morphs into pure evil.

The Hamster is now the Shrew.

All psychoses are understandable and useful psychological traits that mutate into something destructive, a cancer with a life of its own.  Such is the Hamster who’s known no bounds, coddled in school, told she’s right during every conflict she has with a man, weak or absent fathers, encouraged to see her failures as the result of unfairness and discrimination.  She becomes untenable, unmanageable, feral enough to make Shakespeare’s Katherina seem as feminine as Ruth.

As individuals, we can manage this to an extent.  The shit-test of girls participating in men’s athletics was eventually handled adroitly by Keoni Galt.  He failed the shit-test of a female in kempo karate twice, first by making her look good in a way she didn’t deserve, and then by holding back and losing to her while sparring.  However, after she bragged about beating him, he beat the snot out of her.  He passed her test, and despite her tears, I bet on some level she was grateful (or at least turned on); he may have saved her life.

Like Dalrock says:

So long as women demand to be taken seriously, I’ll reserve the right to take them at their word.  If they put themselves in a position of leadership and/or make direct challenges to me or a group I’m part of, I’ll reserve the right to respond.  I’ll do this understanding full well that many will feel that I’m unfairly picking on a poor defenseless girl in doing so.  So be it.

It’s most decidedly not “picking on a poor defenseless girl,” it’s preventing the birth of a shrew, for shews have been allowed to eat of the masculine Tree of Knowledge every day of their lives.  Better to scare her away from her delusions before they embitter her even more.

Unfortunately, the shit-tests modern man must confront are often even stronger than those of a single vicious shrew.  The legal system, our schools and universities, and our culture are instituting a shit-test so venomous that soon only the strongest of Alphas will be able to pass it.  They’re going after our boys, preventing them from even developing the courage they will eventually need so desperately as men, and the men are already dropping out and refusing to fight them.

Some will be contentedly castrated and fail the tests, others will become barbarians.  Still others will resort to more unpleasant options.

Just like Eve, the modern shew will find that when the men in their lives all fail their shit-tests, they fail, too.

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18 Responses to From Hamster to Shrew

  1. Keoni Galt says:

    One minor correction – it was Kenpo Karate, not judo…although are style does incorporate some judo and jiu jitsu techniques.

    lozlol – We are still friends to this day (we both ended up getting our black belts and trained for years together..she doesn’t train anymore, but I sure do). But prior to that last sparring session, she began to think she could go toe to toe with any man. She later thanked me for showing her the error of her ways…years later.

    • Martel says:

      I’d be real curious to know if you ever had the chance to explain to her what specifically set you off. I know that even at my most omega, being called out by a chick like that would have brought out the beast in me like nothing else.

      Regardless, the epilogue to your post is more evidence that “taming a shew”, especially during it’s earlier stages of development can be one of the greatest things you can do for (or to) her.

  2. Keoni Galt says:

    Oh yeah. That incident amongst other things. It’s complicated…but at the time her boyfriend was one of the top students in the class, and he had a small man complex. When she “beat” me on the first go around, he talked her up to everyone about how she just beat a man.
    As a young white belt at the bottom of the class hierarchy, I just kept my mouth shut. He was an asshole and lorded his rank over all the lower rank students in a variety of ways, and eventually our head instructor sent him packing.

    They eventually broke up after he left the school, while she stayed to continue training.

    We had a lot of drama at the time in our school, and it eventually came to a head with me getting a few beers deep and going off on her at a party. She apologized, and we’ve been good ever since.

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  7. Again, it seems you are writing about some alien civilization. Who are these “women” you write of, who issue these “tests”?

    Honestly, you might be able to save these pieces with the insertion of the words “some” or “many” in front of the words MEN and WOMEN… but it is indeed very sad if you think all men and women are this shallow and messed up.

    I’ve been married almost 26 yrs, to someone I know like the back of my hand; my better half. And I am his. We compliment each other and have built our life together. Our marriage isn’t some ongoing WAR, which is the feeling I get reading your gender-posts, that man vs woman is the default position of life. You seem to think everything is about women trying to “get something” out of men (and vice versa, to be fair), all the time. Really, many good marriages are not like this AT ALL. The level of intimacy is such that we consider this other person to be actual extensions of ourselves. Surely you know this?

    I will refrain from using the word misogyny, but rest assured, I am thinking it.

    • Martel says:

      It’s through a thorough understanding of the baser aspects of both genders that we can discover what’s best about both genders.

      Today, unfortunately it often IS a war between genders: pickup artists tricking women into giving it up, women suckering nice guys into marrying them after they’ve had their fun riding other guys for twenty years, etc.

      But that’s largely because we fail to recognize our distinct roles and desires. When a man admits to himself that he’s a man and doesn’t feel guilty about it, the women in his life can admit that they’re women and feel just as good as he does. The war’s over, and both win.

      I’m not a misogynist, whatever you might think. I like women just as much as I did back when they thought I was a really great guy but “just didn’t see me that way.” The difference is that today I know that women want MEN, not dudes who think and act like they do.

  8. Why do you link to someone who lists as his “foundations” hateful, nasty stuff, such as “16 rules of poon”? Really?

    Is this what your Christianity teaches you about women and marriage?

    • Martel says:

      I link to Roissy because he’s brutally insightful into the fallen aspects of human nature. Solely under the effectiveness standard, his “rules” are effective.

      I disagree with him as to how such knowledge should be applied, but “what is” and “what should be” are different standards. Knowing how to kill doesn’t necessarily advocate murder, but knowing how to kill can prove useful under certain circumstance, and it’s also a great way to know how others might get to you.

      In no way does any of this contradict Christianity. Christianity teaches us that Man is fallen. Roissy simply describes that mess that’s left us with as well as anyone alive.

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  10. Javier says:

    Genesis=Beginings. The first shit test. If Adam was perfect why test him? Hold my purse? Eat the fruit?
    “Because you listened to the voice of your wife….” Do what a woman tells you to do and she will lose respect for you. Don’t do what she tells you to do and she will be angry with you but she will respect you. Women will only…ONLY…only mate with men they respect. Pay little attention to her words but watch closely what they do

  11. Javier says:

    My excitement was high. I had waited for this trip for 2 months. Now, here I was loading my fishing gear for my days in the wilderness, free, alone and going primitive….The wife looks at me and peads, “Please don’t leave me daddy”. Wow!!! The shit test was perfectly timed…My whole concentration was laser prescision and she threw this wrench in my machine…If I’d stayed I would had been angry, annoyed and frustrated. (Scratched my head) Yes, I felt guilty for leaving her alone I am only human.

  12. Javier says:

    At the amusement park, she is going into the ladies room and gives me her purse to hold. I take it and set it down on the floor. She sees that and turns commenting: “It’s bad luck to set the purse on the ground” and sets it in my lap….I begin to open it and look in it…she comes back and takes her purse with her. Bingo!!!! Passed her shit test and got extra points!!!

    • Martel says:

      I love the purse test. My response when she hands me the purse is, “Cool!” and I immediately open it and rummage through it.

  13. Javier says:

    If you don’t care, you will pass women’s shit tests.

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