The Femonomic Imperative

Earthwind has swallowed the Red Pill.  As quoted by Rollo, he’s both excited and frightened [emphasis not mine]:

The true red pill doesn’t tell you, as a man, that women are sh1t-testing you, it makes you see that everything and everyone in your life and society is grooming you up to be a provider, to be someone who does work for other people’s benefits, to give your money and LIFE for some cause that is not your own.


I’m supposed to get a good education, a steady job, a comfortable apartment, for what? Other people tell me it’s so I can take care of a family, but now the only reason for me to do so is for my security and convenience, I find myself planning out my life without a woman, with a comfortable minimum of expenditures and “furnitures” and a maximum of free time and enjoyable activities, with a job that provides me with enough cash to live, do the things I like and put some on the side in case I do get old.

I’m not as anti-marriage and family as some in the Manosphere, but I firmly adhere to the maxim that “You shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority.”  The irony which few women will ever understand, is that IF such a man decides to be a husband and father, he’ll be doing so on his own terms and therefore much better at it.

Back to Eastwind.  Rollo describes what he represents:

There are going to be more men like Eastwind in the coming decades. Men asking ‘what’s the point?’ as they move into the primes of their lives. These are the guys who will truly be men going their own way; unmotivated by life plans that were presented to him, but rather men reimagining those plans according to the unplugged reality they’re now aware of.

These are the Men that the feminine imperative is threatened by – a vanguard of men who are aware of their real value to women and society, and can make life impacting choices free from the influence of the imperative.

Rollo describes men who’ve swallowed the socio-sexual Red Pill, and this alone can work wonders and facilitate the attitude he describes.  A man no longer emotionally beholden to “life plans that were presented” to him by the Feminine Imperative is a man on his way to freedom.

But he’s not necessarily entirely free “from the influence of the imperative” yet.

It has been said that attitude is everything.  I would argue that it’s definitely not the only thing.

Imagine a man even younger than Eastwind, perhaps only twenty-two.  He sees what Eastwind sees and will not fall for the emotional traps that have ensnared so many before him.

But imagine he owes $50,000 in student loans.

“[H]e’s still in a position of choosing how he will use that awareness to plan his future life,” but his options are severely limited.

He may want to move to Thailand to teach English, but if he owes $300/month, will he ever be able to afford the plane ticket?  And if he does find his way over there, will he make enough bahts to keep from having to default (remember, you can’t declare bankruptcy for student loans).

Or perhaps he wants to stay here and start his own business.  Even if he’s crashing on a buddy’s couch, he still owes as much in student loans per month as many people owe for rent.  How much harder will it be for him to scrape together his start-up capital?  How many more hours will he have to spend in his cubicle instead of in his garage developing his product?

Artistic dreams?  Again, even if he only has himself “to take care of”, it’s a hell of a lot harder to take care of himself if most of what comes in goes right back out, no matter what he does.

Whether from student loans or credit cards, debt makes you more vulnerable to Roosh’s guillotine.  It’s one more reason to not speak up at work, one more reason to keep your opinions on Facebook to yourself.  Losing your job always hurts.  Losing it when you’re in debt can cause permanent financial damage.

No longer do you have to buy a house and start a family to be tied down or be told what to do.  Right out of college, right off the bat, debt is an incredible way to make you behave.  You might be “unmotivated by life plans that were presented to” you, but do creditors give a damn about your motivations?

You wanna run off to Romania?  Good luck ever coming back home.  Think you might want a nice car someday?  Better be able to buy it cash.

Does debt mean you’re doomed?  Of course not, but is an extra obstacle.  Even if you owe as little as $5,000 with payments of $50/month, it can truly cramp your style if you’re trying to “go your own way.”  If might not be a big deal for a chemical engineer, but for a substitute teacher moonlighting as a freelance writer, that $50 can hurt.

Watch the third video from the top and tell me that any of these people are better off because they went to college (if you’re male, you’ll definitely want to watch the end).  Bartending can be a great way to support yourself while you’re achieving your dreams, if you actually get to keep the money you earn.

All forms of debt in America increased substantially after the rise of feminism:  consumer, student, and federal.  Causation?  Correlation?  Perhaps it’s just coincidence.

Owing money isn’t exactly fun for anybody, but I can’t help but suspect it hurts men more than women.  Men have always been more likely to hop on a boat to explore some jungle or join a random band of cattle rustlers.  We’re a little more likely to drop everything and just go, but gone are the days where they can stamp “G.T.T” (Gone to Texas) on your loan forms as you vanish to go your own way.  You’ve got debt, you’re stuck.  Either you deal with it, or you suffer the consequences.  No more adventure for you (unless you’re adventure somehow includes responsible debt management).

Maybe debt isn’t part of the Feminine Imperative, but it certainly helps it along.  Student loans are great training for mortgages and saving up for your own kid’s college education.  They’re even better training for what you’ll go through after a divorce.  They’re a part of life everyone will tell you who wants you to settle down like a good boy.

And if that’s what you want, credit card payment won’t hurt nearly as much.

But if you really want to go your own way, if you want to say fuck it, the consequences for failure are even greater.  It’s one more way to make it harder to take risks.  It’s a great way to keep you in line.

Go west, young man!  Just make sure you get in those payments on time.


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5 Responses to The Femonomic Imperative

  1. Deep Strength says:

    Yep, grad school for me (and I love my profession and wouldn’t take it back) is about 70-80k or thereabouts. And I’m lucky to have had my parents pay for college. Starting salary is around 60kish and I’m 27 going 28 this year. So it’s definitely a huuuuuge hindrance.

    Fortunately, I’m super frugal so I should be out of debt within ~3-4 years, but some of my classmates are much worse off than me at 6 figures of debt.

    I’ll be hitting my stride come my early 30s which coincides nicely with men’s SMV, but it would’ve been nice to have a nest egg up sooner to be able to work towards financial independence earlier… le sigh.

    • Martel says:

      It’s unfortunate that somebody with your financial sense and parental help is still in a bind like that.

      But you ARE one of the lucky ones in that you found a fulfilling career and you know how to get out of the mess you’re in.

      Unfortunately, so many of today’s college students were so damn spoiled as kids that even manageable debt could overwhelm them. And they’re not going to find a job nearly as easily, either.

  2. donalgraeme says:

    Debt is about power and control, and so is feminism. It is no coincidence that the two are linked. Also, given what TFH says about women not understanding cause and effect very well, it becomes easy for a society driven by women to pile on more and more debt without realizing the price to be paid.

    As you have suggested Martel, it is when young men still in high school figure out en masse what is happening and choose not to participate that the system will collapse. Assuming it hasn’t collapsed for any one of another myriad reasons, that is.

    • Martel says:

      I suspect that the explosion of the higher education bubble and society waking up to the plight of/need for men will be somehow intertwined.

      If men take the Red Pill and realize that you don’t need to do the traditional “right thing” and be able to afford to support a family in order to succeed with women in the short term, they won’t do it. Those who do want a family are going to see mountains of debt as more of a hindrance than the degree is a benefit.

      Especially since there aren’t any jobs for recent college grads anyway. If you’re gonna work at Subway, it’s a lot smarter to just do it straight out of high school.

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