With the rise of feminism, men and boys were taught to respect women more.  We were no longer to consider them to be just pieces of meat, for they deserved love, sympathy, and sensitivity.  Be nice.  Do what she asks.  Help with the dishes.  Treat her as your equal.

But some men never got the message.

So instead of past lotharios who may have conquered dozens of women, today they conquer hundreds.  The more openly an American man defies everything the feminist tells him, the more he gets what he wants from women, and he gets more than he could have ever gotten before.

And the rest of them get nothing.

With the rise of Progressivism, we learned that greed is bad.  We learned that the men who forged our industries, created our public libraries, and improved life for all of us were Robber Barons and parasites.  “At some point you’ve made enough money.”  “We need to spread the wealth around.”  Screw materialism.  Don’t be selfish!

But some men never got the message.

And now banks and corporations with power beyond the wildest imaginings of the capitalists whom Marx despised can destroy our economies in an instant.  Imaginary wealth is traded on an unimaginary scale.  Hedge funds and carbon credits.  Mansions and yachts bought with a printing press and digits on a screen.

And the rest of us are at their mercy.

We heard the cries of “Power to the People!” echo through our streets.  Neighborhoods ravaged by poverty, injustice, and filth exploded against their oppressors and employers alike.  We instituted programs to rectify the fraud, to give hope to the hopeless.  Each man should control his own destiny.

But some men manipulated that message.

So the slumdweller of yesteryear who’s child became an engineer is now doomed to watch his child and grandchild wallow in the very same misery.  But the knife fights of the fifties are the drive-by shootings of today.  The City Machines of the twenties are now the Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Health & Human Services, and the EPA.  Bribing your alderman used to actually help you get your business started.  Now, you gotta bribe a Congressional Committee.  Pray that Nancy gets you that Obamacare waiver.

“Power to the people!”

There’s a reason that DC is one of the only metropolitan areas thriving in today’s economy.

Today, they tell us that we should surrender our firearms, that we don’t need a magazine that holds more than ten rounds.  We should trust them, they’re the ones who want to empower us.

But will the men who want to harm you get that message, or will you just get suckered again as you wait for them to rescue you, entirely at their mercy?

They tell us that your children belong to all of us, that they will care for your children as much as they care for their own.  They’re not saying this to augment their own influence on our future, they’re saying it for your own good.  It’s for the children.

Are you going to believe them?

An especially intelligent philosopher can effectively argue that you don’t exist.  He’s capable of making the obvious seem trite; somehow the fact that you’re using your own brain to express your own thoughts with your own mouth will seem inconsequential in the face of his arguments.  You aren’t real, and nothing you say or do is evidence to the contrary.

I have no idea if this philosopher believes you exist, but I’m damn sure he knows that he exists.  His arguments have only one purpose–to diminish you in relation to himself.

In doing so he commits a heresy.  The mind is meant to create, not to destroy.  Intelligence and language are meant to clarify, not to obfuscate.  We are here to increase our understanding of what is, not to foster doubt that anything even is at all.

This is what happens to all of our ideals when we outsource them, when we let others convince us that what so obviously is actually is not.

Women want men, not inadequate imitations of themselves.  Those who do a good job taking care of themselves enrich the rest of us; one’s man’s wealth does not necessitate another man’s poverty.  Money’s worth is a reflection of tangible value, not what Bernake’s latest charts say it’s worth.  Your kids will always matter more to you more than they will to anybody else, and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

And surrendering your values, your goals, your ability to defend yourself, or your virtues to Washington do not empower you.

If you give in on that, you’ll just prove that philosopher right.

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