The Womyn of LA

I had already seen the video, but through a tweet from Amanda Marcotte (who continues to fill a much needed void in American political discourse) I learned that it’s being ripped on at Jezebel.  Mandy tweets, “All the comments defending this enormous dickbag are depressing.”  It’s nice to know that some of the commenters retain enough of their humanity to disappoint her.

In an effort to save you from the emotional hardship I’m sure this news will inflict upon you (and to keep you from having to go to Jezebel, here’s my second embed EVER:

Beta, yes.  However, if you’re going to be a beta, this is the way to do it.  He may not be getting much action, but he is having fun

However, in a classic case of leftist reframing, Lindy West decries the video as “a gigantic musical whine-a-thon” and gets none of the self-deprecation or humor.  Some guy can’t get laid and he’s laughing about it?!   He’s taking the lemons life has dealt him and he’s making lemonade?!  Intolerable!  Perhaps he should go on an elemtary school shooting spree instead. 

“THIS GUY” thinks he deserves a hot chick, and in not being able to get one he should accept either obese or hairy.

Feminists may have no sympathy whatever for the beta male, but they do have some very strong feelings of entitlement.  My experience mirrors Rollo’s in that the “self-professed nice guys I’ve known [never] expressed an expectation of reciprocal sex. In fact the genuine ‘nice guys’ are so self-sacrificing that the idea of a social contract of reciprocal sex is alien to them.”  However, when a feminist wants something (like your money for her birth control), she feels she deserves it.  Therefore, if a nice guy wants a hot chick, he obviously feels the same way.  They call this male privilege.  I call it projection.

Furthermore, insofar as there is any “expectation” of sex on the part of the beta male, it’s more a vague sense of feeling swindled.  Women say that they want to have sex with guys who are caring and respectful, they become caring and respectful, and no women want sex with them.  Women have reasons for being like this, and some of them are even good, but if you haven’t swallowed the Red Pill, it’s confusing as hell.

Rather than help these dudes figure out what’s wrong, they do everything in their power to keep them in their place.  Hoping for a woman who actually excites you is “shallow”, learning game is “creepy”.  No sympathy for the weak from these egalitarians.  Violent crack-whores deserve all our sympathy, but if you’re a guy who can’t get laid you’re beneath contempt.

But this Jezebel post, and the “depressing” defenses of the commenters reveal that their bitterness knows even fewer bounds that we expect of them.  Even if you accept your place and don’t try to disrupt the Feminine Imperative, even if you mock yourself for your inadequacy for the whole world to see, if you’re happy despite how women regard you, you’re still a threat.

Apparenlty, a beta not getting any action isn’t punishment enough.  If you’re a beta, mark my words, Mandy, Lindy, and all the rest don’t just disregard you–they want you to suffer.

One of the ways out of the Matrix is to take the Red Pill, to understand what women find attractive and act accordingly.  Ironically, what women want is you being what you want.  You’ve found a way around the BS you’ve been fed and become happy.  They loose their power.

But there is another way out, although most might not find it as rewarding.  If you can’t win at their game, simply don’t play.  If Team Woman denies you its fruit and you simply decide you don’t care, that you’ll be happy anyway, they still loose.  They have no power over you.

This is why Jezebel has to rip on this “dickhead”.  They have to try to keep guys in line through shame, and this guy obviously has none.

He’s not a PUA by any means, but considering how he drives the Queens of Feminism nuts, he must be doing something right.

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3 Responses to The Womyn of LA

  1. Wald says:

    She certainly is queen sized.

  2. RojoC says:

    Here is something I’ve often wondered about these types of people, do they genuinely get offended every time something comes up, or do they just automatically go there because of the rote and “parrot-ization” that they’re accustomed to?

    I ask this because these types seem to bitch about anything and everything. But I think that if a person really gave a damn about every little thing and took to heart, they would suffer a mental breakdown and stop functioning.

    • Martel says:

      There’s power in being an offended leftist today. It’s not as painful to have your feelings hurt when being indignant has become your kneejerk way to call attention to yourself.

      But it’s only on the left. Conservative Christians don’t get nearly as indignant as often, even though they have a lot more to get offended about. In their case, when they feel offended they get some sympathy, but they also get some scorn. This lessens the frequency of it.

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