Transferrable Knowledge/Transferrable Skills

The two post that vanished were ones into which I put a lot of effort, and I don’t believe I made the same mistake twice (a rule I’m supposed to never break). However, I did, and that’s that.

What the posts described was the raison d’être for the site, and it was to be my introduction to the political blogosphere in which I’ve yet to participate.  I’m pressed for time tonight, so the intro-to-game for those hostile to it will have to wait.  The raison d’être I can touch on briefly.  (Sorry for the lack of links, but I don’t have time.  I may insert some later.)

Game is the study of human nature with the purpose of maximizing one’s sexual value.  Rhetoric is the study of human nature with the purpose of spreading ideas.

I’m a relative newbie at Game, but at Rhetoric, I’m a natural.  I’ve yet to encounter anyone better at persuading people to adopt my ideas or to change their beliefs.  I’ve turned young hipster chicks from Obama-bunnies into conservative-libertarians within the space of two hours.  I’ve opposed six liberals at once, and within an hour, four of them switched sides and supported me.  I’ve gotten Mexicans to understand my views on immigration and blacks to vote against Obama.  I made a hardcore lefty chick who worked for some lobbying group cry and convulse on the floor, screaming “Please stop!  My LIFE depends on me not believing you!”

Furthermore, when I talk to somebody already inclined to agree with me, they leave the conversation incredibly impressed.  “Why aren’t you making a living at this?” is a question I’ve heard too many times to count.  For reasons I didn’t understand, anyone in the “conservative” movement with any power or influence finds me unimpressive, and I’ve met a lot.  I beat somebody who’s on the news almost every night soundly in a debate, but he forgot I existed fifteen minutes later.

We’re losing, culturally and politically, but Washington Insiders insist they have all the answers when it’s obvious they don’t.  When working for a state GOP, what I predicted to the bigwigs woud happen was exactly what actually happened, but after the election cycle, I lost my job and they kept theirs.  Yet I have skills they don’t have, and they’re skills we desperately need.

I have to work around them.

The Manosphere is by no means a political monolith.  There are traditional conservatives, libertarians ranging from radical to more mainstream, those who’ve abandoned our political system entirely, racial theorists, and damn near everything else.  However, the Manosphere tends to reject liberalism, or at least feminism (and without feminism the left would wither away and die).

Therefore, the Manosphere can make some very important contributions, if it chooses to do so.

First, as students of Game, the Manosphere understands reality.  We don’t live with our heads in the clouds, for we’ve all had our ideals regarding women bite us HARD in the ass, and we won’t go there again.  We’ve studied how people work, but more importantly, we know how women work, and it’s women who determine who wins our elections.  Seducing her had persuading her are different, what might get her to do one might not get her to do the other, but the principles of the female mind are the same.  We know these principles better than anyone.

Second, we have a decent grasp of where we should go as a society.  We agree (grudgingly, with caveats) with religious conservatives on the importance of fatherhood, but unlike them, not only do we understand how it got to be this way, we actually have a decent idea of what to do about it.  We know why that pretty young girl in the church youth group ends up getting gangbanged by the basketball team because we’ve conducted an in-depth study of everything her parents work very hard to ignore.  If there’s any hope of girls growing up to be women instead of sluts and androgynes, or of boys becoming Men, it lies with us.

Like I’ve said before, I’m a rhetorical natural, but now I’ve got Game.  Not only has Game strengthened my rhetorical skills, it’s heightened my understanding of where we are, my undertanding of where we should be, and it’s helped me systematize what my instincts created naturally.  I can now bottle what makes me exceptional, and I can spread it to you.

My posts will not be entirely rhetorical in nature, but I will write often about how to frame a debate (same skill as framing a pick-up, but it’s a different frame), how to neutralize an opponent’s strengths, when to go for the throat, when to be nice and understanding, or when to play the victim.  I’ve categorized lefties according to their motivations and how to approach them.  I can show you how to cite a study in ways that actually work as well as how to neutralize the studies of your opponent.

However, I’ve realized that the skills I’ve developed are downright dangerous when used improperly (Martin Luther King was a master at this stuff, but so was Hitler).  I act only in service of Truth, and I’ve dissected Truth in detail (there are three categories of Truth, each of which can be sub-categorized in how they relate to the other two).  The greatest rhetorical advantage of all, if used properly, is to actually be correct about what you advocate.

Pretentious?  Perhaps.  You obviously don’t know what I’m capable of, but I do, and I know that what I’m doing must be done.  I thank those of you who’ve supported me thus far (y’all have said some great things), and I hope you tag along with me for a while longer.

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  1. I eagerly await new posts.

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