Are We Ready?

Roosh points out at “Return of Kings” that “The Manosphere is Approaching a Tipping Point“.   I concur.  We’re being noticed.

Other than the Taki piece, the examples Roosh cites are hit-pieces, all ignorant of what we’re about, all designed to simultaneously dismiss us as freaks and warn others that we’re an enemy with whom they may have to reckon soon.  I follow some feminists on Twitter, and I can assure you that they understand NOTHING about us and don’t want to.  For now, we’re only objects of dismissive mockery and scorn, mere annoyances.  They hope to keep us on the fringes as long as possible, but they know they won’t be able to keep us hidden forever.  Otherwise, they’d be happy to ignore us entirely.

Once the “tipping point” is reached and we have to be addressed, we will be villified and slandered.  I predict that efforts will be made to expose the anonymity of Roissy, Rollo, and others so that they can be “personalized” according to Alinsky’s Rule 12.  We must be villainized and destroyed, and it’s much harder to destroy the reputation of a faceless pseudonym.

Roosh may or may not be aware of this, but being “discovered” can be either a blessing or a curse.  If we handle it correctly, we can alter the downward trajectory of Western Civilization, not only one AFC at a time, but en masse.  The Manosphere is about far more than PUArtistry, it’s about the death of healthy masculinity in the West:  fatherhood, divorce, income redistribution from productive men to irresponsible women, and countless other issues.  Sex has been at the forefront of countless new technologies from the movie camera to the internet, and it has been with the Manosphere.  However, not unlike the families in the 1980’s watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind on VHS because that’s the format the porn industry preferred, the masculine power unleashed by knowledge of Game has gotten countless men to start their own businesses, move to countries more amenable to their interests, and live their dreams.  (Roosh’s Return of Kings is a masterful demonstration of this.)  We’re not just about getting laid, we’re about being quality fathers, coaches, brothers, church members, and leaders of our communities.

If we don’t handle things well, we may very well be “Palinized”, derided as angry morons, reactionary misogynists, dedicated only to regaining our unfair historical advantages at the expense of women and the poor.  The perfectly reasonable contention that it’s probably not a good idea for a girl to pass out naked and spread-eagle on the pool table at a frat house will be pounded into the heads of the masses as “rape apology”, and for every man who sees through the crap and decides to investigate for himself, five will shun us as the epitome of everything he never wants to be.

We are correct, and we are a threat.  I’ll get into this in great detail in future posts, but for now, a quick summary of what we’ll need to do:

Recognize Their Greatest Weakness

Although there’s far more to the Manosphere than PUA and far more at stake than who you go home with next Friday night, the success of the PUA points out feminism’s most blatant contradiction.  Every time the feminists screeches that women want respect, the PUA need only ask “Then why did women start lusting after me only after I stopped respecting them?”  The PUA can ask “If I’m so awful, they why have I slept with three hundred women and the men who side with you are lucky to have slept with three?  If I’m everything you don’t want in a man, they why do I get you wet?” and his interragator will have no coherent reply.  Every woman knows she’s always lusted after the bad boy, even if she’s opted for the provider instead.  Feminism is Jessica Wakeman admitting an “attraction to more traditional alpha males” yet deriding men for wanting to become Alpha males.  Wanting to be king in the boardroom but Fifty Shades of Gray in the bedroom makes no coherent sense, and they know it as well as we do.  Women want to be dominated.  They want Alpha males.  Period.

Ms. Wakeman:

I guess that the alternative — a guy with feminine energy who exploits my masculine energy and lets it bleed into our personal life — feels self-centered to me. I am not saying it is self-centered; I’m just saying for me, in my relationships, it feels self-centered.

You’re not the only one who feels that way, sweetie, that a man being feminine somehow just seems wrong.  Although some of your feminist sisters may have gotten mad at you for saying it, they’re mad because you let the cat out of the bag, NOT because they disagree.

Recognize Our Greatest Weakness

I’ve gotten into this before, and I know I will again, but the obsession of some in the Manosphere with race-based HBD is entirely counterproductive.  There are intelligent analyses of HBD that are not entirely race-based, but most of what I’ve encountered in the Manosphere is race-based, and there’s far too much emotion behind it for it to be just about statisticians who are into IQ scores.

The Red Pill is not the Red Placebo.  Learning the biological differences between men and women is useful beyond belief.  It’s helped me better interact with dating prospects, female co-workers, waitress, and my mom.  Attributing poverty to biology when culture, idiotic government policies, and individual choice can adequately explain everything serves no purpose beyond the satisfaction of academic curiosity and makes us look bad.  Even if it were true that some of us are dealt a bad hand biologically, how we play that hand matters far more.  In this respect, we’re all equal, and that’s what matters.

Even if race-based HBD is correct (which I seriously doubt), and I’ve said on repeated occasions, it misses the point.  Furthermore, it divides men who should be united, and it will be the club with which the Left cudgels us to death.

Instead of pointing out how the Feminine Imperative run wild has harmed black men more than anybody else, we’re alienating black men who could and should be our allies.  We will never know how many times a black or hispanic has been intrigued by a post at CH only to read some of the vicious racial attacks in the comments section and scurry away.  It makes it easier for the Left to label us all as reactionaries, and if we become more widely known, you can bet your bottom dollar that the moment any of us makes a good point on a talk show, the host will immediately change the topic to the “race realists” in our midst.  I”ve no idea if they are an unfortunate pervasive undercurrent or just a VERY vocal but tiny minority, but they feel more welcome than they should.

I respect Roissy immeasurably and thank him for the role he’s taken in turning my life around, but I do not respect that the comments section of his site has become a haven for some very ugly beliefs (and they often go far beyond the study of IQ).  I know not if he allows this just to be provocative, to allow his site to be one of the havens for people to express what can’t be expressed elsewhere, but I know that it will de-legitimize him and his allies.  His tolerance of (or advocacy for) the “Ugly Lies” or race-based determinism may well derail his far more important mission of destroying the “Pretty Lies” of inter-sexual relations.

I’m not sure if he would want to, but if Rollo were allowed to speak on a prominent television show, even though to my knowledge he’s never even alluded to race-based HBD, I know that he would have to defend his relationship with people who do.  Instead of opening men’s eyes to how they’ve been blinded by the Feminine Imperative, he’ll have to repeatedly dodge questions about theories with which he may be only vaguely familiar.  The Left will seek to throw us off message, and we’ve already given them the perfect means to do it.

I commend those like Roosh who combat this, but not enough is being done.  Men are men, and dividing us by race only hinders our progress (especially before we’ve even had the chance to really fight).

Recognizing Our Eventual Greatest Strength

That would be me.  I don’t expect you to believe me, and I can’t prove it yet, but I can verbally persuade people in the realm of ideas better than anyone I have ever met (and I’ve met a lot of people you’ve seen on TV).  I don’t consider myself to be a particularly persuasive writer, but in real-time jousting with an opponent, I don’t loose.

For me, a plugged-in existence harmed me in far more ways that just my success with women.  I felt guilty for being a man.  I held myself back from achieving my dreams.  I backed down when I should have fought, cooperated when I should have taken a stand.

Now, I’m awake.  I’m far behind where I should be, but I am on my way.

There aren’t enough hours in the day to get across all the points I’d like, nor do I have the time to promote myself and my ideas as well as I want.  However, I do have some time, I do have great ideas, and I am doing what I can.

I’ve codified why my rhetorical strategies are so effective, and I will be sharing them on this blog and on other venues.  I may not be our voice when the time comes, but whoever our voice ends up being, he should listen to me.  I know how to avoid the traps they will invariably set for us, how to ruthlessly attack while seeming reasonable, how to open the eyes of the blind and make the arrogant look like fools.  I know when to deal with statistics and when to avoid them, when to be brutal and when to sympathize and be kind.

It’s using the principles of Game are the same as those of rhetoric, but the goals and parameters are different.  Cocky should sometimes be softened, agree-and-amplify has a different application, the alpha wolf dresses as a sheep, acting omega is be the prelude to the kill.

Art and science, thought and feeling, a dance where I lead, and I lead to Truth.

I am The Combine’s worst enemy, and I can’t wait to prove it.

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9 Responses to Are We Ready?

  1. Eastside says:

    Great stuff man. Keep it up and I believe you will be one of the strengths of the manosphere in no time. The more rational voices we have the better.

  2. YOHAMI says:

    Cosign, great stuff.

  3. RojoC says:

    This is a most excellent post! Thank you for writing it. You espouse some of the same opinions I hold towards the CH website, especially with regards to certain posts in the comments sections. I am glad I am not the only one who noticed and feels this way.

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  5. Great post Martel. You say- “I can verbally persuade people in the realm of ideas better than anyone I have ever met”

    Well now, there’s a statement! I’ll check back here with great interest to see if you can justify this claim by describing your techniques.

    I’ve bookmarked your site. Looking forward to your upcoming posts on this topic.

  6. Mignon510 says:

    I know this is a dead thread. But I wanted to keep my comment on-topic.

    As far as I am concerned, the HBD/IQ/race discussion was handled by the book The Bell Curve. I am black. If my IQ is pegged by biology at a certain level, then ok. As a child of God, I am supposed to make the most of what gifts I got. Other people’s opinion of me based on my race? Not really concerned about that. As long as I leave them alone and they leave me alone, I am all for (the ideal) equality under the law, rather than equality of outcome.

    But just walking around, it is prudent for whites and others to look askance at me as I approach them in some random city. Shoot, I do that, too, since young black guys (teenage to 30’s) are more of a threat to me, based on past FBI crime stats.

    What I am trying to say in too many words is: please don’t be offended on my behalf. “Sticks and stones…” and all that. I would rather see and hear everything that people say, even the ones that don’t like blacks. I ain’t no shrinking violet. Those blacks that can’t take it or yell “You raciss!” are part of the problem.

    • Martel says:

      I appreciate your comment on this thread. Threads here never die, they just hibernate.

      My opposition to the emphasis on HBD is both rhetorical and ideological. More detail here:

      I’m dedicated to individual accountability and responsibility. Whatever the proclivities of certain groups may or may not be, the ideal towards which we should strive should be that, and pigeonholing people according to what group they belong to contradicts that.

      I understand cultural differences, and my views on immigration and multiculturalism take that into account. Furthermore, it’s hard to judge a man based on “the content of his character” when he’s following behind you on a dark street, so I have no problem using common sense and “jumping to conclusions” under such circumstances. I’m going to react different when the guy behind me is a Hispanic in a bandana than some pudgy old Indian dude.

      However, people who are obsessed with HBD (and that’s not everybody who’s interested in it) will often go too far in the other direction and feel that they can jump to far more conclusions about individuals than is appropriate. We can’t always judge each other based on our individual characteristics, but when we can, we should. Too much focus on race makes that more difficult.

      So when I read some of the comments I’ve seen on Heartiste, I do get offended and will continue to do so. It’s not on your behalf or anybody else’s, it’s because it violates my sense of justice, and I despise injustice.

      I’d rather not shut anybody up or make them feel unwelcome; I’d rather they listen to reason (me) and change their minds. In person, when such folks talk to me they usually change their minds. Online they don’t.

      “Those blacks that can’t take it or yell “You raciss!” are part of the problem.”

      Usually correct. However, there are two valid points here. First, although they’re wrong on stuff like voter-ID or Trayvon Martin, I don’t want to give them any chance to be right by having overt evidence of actual racism. I’ll fight long and hard against a specious charge of racism, but when there’s an actual case of racism my conscience requires me to switch sides and oppose it. I don’t like being Al Sharpton’s ally any more than absolutely necessary.

      Second, we’re going to face enough charges of “sexist” as it is. I don’t want to have to try to defend or disassociate myself from Greg Elliott over at Heartiste when I’d rather attack them for their own rampant misandry. Furthermore, educated black males need the Red Pill as much as anybody else, and unfortunately even dubious charges of racism often have the effect of immediately closing people’s minds.

  7. Mignon510 says:

    I apologize for my assumption (e.g., offense on “my” behalf, rather than offense at violations of principle). I have since read more of your posts and better understand what you’re doing (Balkanization of men is “divide-and’conquer” and has to be resisted).

    I still say, though, that those who use the “Gorillas gonna gorilla” HBD posts as reason to dismiss any manosphere articles aren’t gonna be swayed to our side with convincing rhetoric. Soetero was elected President twice. I think you are casting pearls before swine.

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