This is a response to Rollo’s analysis of my previous post.

Apparently I got put front-and-center in the Manosphere a bit earlier than expected.  No complaints, of course, but I now know I need to work on a blogroll and make things a bit prettier around here.

I suspect that Rollo thinks he disagrees with me more than he actually does.  This is fine, of course.  In entirely different contexts I’ve made the same points before.  It’s taken some time, but my point eventually sinks in.

However, Rollo begins with a couple of misconceptions.  First, my definition was in no way “self-affirming”, for I’m much closer to being an Alpha (Rollo’s definition) than I am to being an alpha (my supplementary definition).  I’ll be a pussy-magnet within a few months, but it will take longer than that before I’m a “leader of men”.  I’m defending Man, not myself.

Second, he misinterprets my basic complaint with how women viewed Jordan and Tomba (this was before most American women knew who Beckham was):

When Martel uses Michael Jordan’s example as a male definition of Alpha, he’s disappointed that women don’t share that estimation. Rationally, logically, and certainly perceptively, men see and appreciate the accomplishment, status, talent and stature of Jordan. Why wouldn’t women see and appreciate the same?

Actually, my disappointment has little to do with their believing Tomba to be more Alpha than Jordan (although Jordan was certainly no slouch in that regard, either), it’s that their sexual judgement took over their entire brains.  Me:

However, Tomba was cute, an international playboy who fit all the fantastical Italian stereotypes… This somehow made him not only more attractive or desirable, but a better athlete than Michael Jordan.

Women are women, they like what they like, and that’s how it is.  Unfortunately, when the Hamster takes over their sexual proclivities, he doesn’t stop there.  Considering some surfer bum to be hotter than the guy who’s inventing the contact lens smartphone you’ll be using in a decade is one thing, considering him to be a better man, more worthy of every sort of accolade imaginable is quite another.

The Hamster running a woman’s sexual desire I can deal with, but he rules Woman, and the Feminine Imperative means Woman runs damn near everything.  Therefore, the Hamster is in charge of our government, our culture, our churches, our businesses, and God only knows what else.

As has been written elsewhere, this needs to be fought on various fronts, and Rollo is second to none in his ability to point out where FI reigns so that it can be contained.

What I advocated in my post was a two-pronged attack on the FI.  First, in relationships.  Rollo:

The problem with Martel’s assessment here is that it’s founded on a definition of Alpha rooted in an expectation of Relational Equity on a woman’s part. Intrinsic attributes, invested effort and extrinsic rewards will never be enough to make a woman desire to bang you. In various combinations they may be a sufficient buffer against her hypergamy, they may be endearing qualities she loves about you, but they aren’t sexy in and of themselves. She may not fuck the pool boy due to moral convictions, fear of loss, or simply because she lacks the capacity to attract him, but it wont stop her from wanting to.

I am fully aware of this, I expect no Relational Equity.  Hypergamy doesn’t care.  I get it, this TRUTH has sunk in, but as truth, it’s only part of the truth.  She may always want to boink the Alpha, but she doesn’t always actually act on it, even when she has the option.  Sometimes she is persuaded or raised or socialized (I know, not visceral or nearly as much fun) to pay attention to something other than her tingle; she may always want the Tingle to rule, but sometimes it doesn’t.  Today, the Tingle reigns and we’re literally disintegrating as a society.  Women have been more effectively socialized before, and it needs to happen again.

Furthermore, another instinct has often been at work that lies dormant today.  If hypergamy is the perpetual desire to trade up, the “beta bucks” instinct is the fear of never falling too far down.  Every woman has a Wall.  When older women and fathers remind little girls of this FACT, they become slightly more likely to consider more intrinsic male qualities as they mate.  Will the Tingle ever die?  No.  But shouldn’t it at least have an opponent?

He whom she actually boinks matters as much as or more than who she wants to boink.  We will always have the Tingle with us, but it doesn’t have to be our Sovereign Queen.  To paraphrase Joseph Heller, we’ll never be able to keep her out, but when she’s in we’d better make her act like a lady. 

However, I don’t want to be a consolation prize, so I’m becoming Alpha.  I don’t want other men to be a consolation prize either, so I encourage them to do likewise.  Men becoming Men will reduce this problem substantially.  When “Alpha” meets “alpha” and thereby forms an ALPHA, we all win.

Last, but not least, I’m making a linguistic point.  The Alpha Wolf is the Leader of the Pack, the wolf that matters.  In the wild, a wolf becomes Alpha not because the babes like him but because he’s earned it by male wolf standards.  Males determine the hierarchy.

Because we live under the FI, females determine the male hierarchy of today.  Leaders of men loose to smoothe loosers because women call the shots.  Therefore, Alpha is determined by feminine sexual desire.

However, alongside what is, there is what should be.  Today, women are the primary determiners of masculine value, but they never should have veto power over what defines a man.  Even if chicks don’t give a damn, I value in men what I objectively know should be valued whether or not it will be (or even should be) valued by women, and that’s why I will call those who deserve it alpha.

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7 Responses to Rollo-Playing

  1. L.V.X. says:

    I don’t know why I need to comment on this, but your hammer is extremely distracting.

    Nothing to do with your writing. It’s just really fucking distracting. The yellow hammer.

    Probably a good thing.

  2. Matthew says:

    I must agree; your hammer is nowhere near Frankish enough.

  3. You’re making perfect sense to me, here and in the previous post “When Alpha is not Alpha”. I don’t say that lightly: Rollo is more or less genius and his teachings are top-shelf and have inspired me.

    I have similar conclusions about the political nature of pussy resource allocation making civilization (even mere society) possible. It turns out getting laid is a political statement. It was destined that seduction would be political, as it was for fiat money alchemists. Everything connects to everything. Like Hawaiian Libertarian says, or close to what he wrote, you can’t make people unplug. I’ve been trying and failing. The Manosphere must evolve or die, and I believe its direction is something like a cultural birth with political aspirations. I concur with your aspirations for The Dead Beta Society. However, as the underfunded underdogs, the ‘community organizing’ face-to-face methods will work best. As far as I can tell, the canonical template is Terence Powderly’s Thirty Years of Labor.

    The problem is that men willing and able to unplug are not common enough to support local brotherhoods. The consensus necessary for reestablishment of civilization will require a separation from the livestock majority for civilized non-elite men of today to predominate politically and culturally somewhere.

    It amazes me how small of a fraction red-pill men are. Right there is enough to make a man elite, virtually guaranteed to be or become Alpha in a year or two. I love it,now that it’s starting to work reliably after 11 months as far as attraction goes. Better to be on the good side of hypergamy, though civilized men know the riches of family are better. I will never trust the woman I’m in bed with again. I will trust myself and be vigilant on maintaining frame and directed hamster exercise.

    I like your A/alpha[+/-] nomenclature. My only quibble, I think the hamster should be construed as female not male since less evolved women have the more robust implementations. To clarify, per Dr. Baumeister, twice as many of our forebears collectively were women than men. The Y chromosome triggers the design specifications of more mentally evolved genes.

    Congrats on your meteoric rise to Manosphere prominence!

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  5. Anonymous says:

    You should fix the hyperlink from your previous post. It currently reads http//, where it should read http://. Other than that, I think you’ve actually encapsulated some thoughts I’ve been working on better than I ever could. Many, many kudos.

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