A Face with Pain and Fear and Guilt

Like a steely blade in a silken sheath
We don’t see what they’re made of
They shout about love, but when push comes to shove
They live for the things they’re afraid of

And the knowledge that they fear is a weapon to be used against them…

“The Weapon”–Neil Peart

Rollo’s recent post features a video of provoctivists trying to prevent a Warren Farrell speech in Canada.  I’m a political junkie, so I’ve seen this sort of behavior before.  Rollo may or many not agree, but these “clear example[s] of a feminist controlled state” are not exclusive to the feminist left.

In case you don’t want to hop over there, here it is (my first embed):

Like I said, seeing lefties acting like animals is nothing to me.  What struck me about this video is that we get to see our own face in it also, the face of why we’re losing.

Notice the guy being interviewed a 2:10.  Pause it, and observe.   That’s who I used to be; it might be who you used to be, too.

First, ask yourself this question:  Does that look like the face of an oppressor to you?  Me, neither.  In fact, I see the opposite.  I see a man who’s been broken.  His friends have killed themselves, and he’s trying to get a grasp on why.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s considered doing the same.

Apparently he suspects that the problems his friends faced, the problems he faces, are somehow related to not being fulfilled as a man.  He doesn’t know what or why, but he knows that something is wrong, and he’s trying to come to grips with it.  He hopes to reconcile the morality that’s been instilled into him with a voice inside him that tells him he’s been living a lie.  He’s got to reach out.  He’s hurt, he’s obviously shy, but something inside him wants to live.

But he’s weak and obviously vulnerable, and this is what his enemies seize upon.

Alinsky’s fourth rule is “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”   As unhappy as it’s been making him, the guy being interviewed obviously hasn’t broken free from the Matrix.  He’s bought into the “rule” of being nice and respectful even while being viciously insulted.  Women who probably remind him of his mother and sisters are telling him that going to this speech makes him some sort of monster.  This guy who’s so torn up he’s on the verge of tears cares supposedly cares nothing about the prospect of women being raped.  The protesters equate his perfectly normal desire to be his own man with man at his absolute worst.  This is a guy who probably wouldn’t even touch Emma Stone if she were passed out naked and spread-eagle on his coffee table, but he’s evil incarnate because he’s going to the wrong speech.

It’s nonsense if you think about it, which is why they’ll do everything they can to keep you from thinking about it.   They have to keep you feeling, and feeling bad.  They have to keep the volume ramped up to eleven so that you feel like the slightest step forward for yourself is a giant leap back for humanity.   The rules are written on your heart, and your being a “nice guy” might actually be more than a strategy.  You might actually believe their crap, or at least enough of it to hold you back.  You might actually care, and then they’ve got you.  Alinsky’s rule works only because of guilt.

I’m not advocating an amoral disregard for anyone’s well-being.  I am advocating thinking things through enough to recognize that if others use your own moral code against you, you need to upgrade your moral code.

It’s your job to take responsibility for your mistakes, to own them, and if possible, rectify them.  However, you’re human.  You’re probably just trying to make your way in this world as best you can.

If you’re not a rapist, if you’ve never owned slaves, if you’ve made your fortune honestly, then you have nothing to feel guilty about.  Even if they were actually right about all that white male priviledge floating around out there, there’s nothing wrong with maximizing your own advantages as long as you’re not violating anybody’s individual rights; they would do it, too (and they do).  You are not an oppressor.

After all, watch the bitch at 3:56 (who could actually be pretty if she gave a fuck).  In what way is she being oppressed?  Do slaves to the sexist system feel free to get up in the faces of their misogynist masters and repeatedly call them “fucking scum”?  (The guy here shows a little more self-respect, although she actually deserved a knee to the nose-ring.)  She completely distorts Farrell’s quote and her lowly victimized ass completely gets away with it.  A handy rule of thumb:  oppressors get to stay where they want and its the oppressed who have to walk away.

For now you’ll have to take my word for it, but I am a master of political rhetoric.  If you oppose me in person, I will either persuade or humiliate you, depending on what’s more appropriate.  Just like in any pickup attempt, I do this primarily because I master frame.

There are offensive frames (in the military, not dead-baby joke sense of the term) and defensive frames.  I’ll get into offensive frames later, the ones that throw your opponent off balance and enable you to take them where you want.  But the strongest of all political frames is the defensive one: simply don’t feel guilty, not for being male, not for being white, not for having parents who worked hard to pay for a quality education for you, not for having a good job or running a successful business.  Guilt is their most powerful weapon, and you’ll find that by being guilt free you strip away their most effective form of attack.  “The knowledge that they fear” is that their rules no longer apply to you.

Of course there are other attacks, and I’ll show you how to deal with those later.  For now, just listen to the bitch’s final “scum”4:27 and enjoy how frustrated she sounds when she can’t get through to her “oppressor”.

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9 Responses to A Face with Pain and Fear and Guilt

  1. FuriousFerret says:

    About guilt.

    I find myself not really giving a fuck what anybody thinks about what I do anymore because their perceptions about my actions is always framed in their own selfishness. They aren’t judging whether my actions are truely moral or not based on any objective code. They are judging based on how it benefits them.

    The fact is you need to jettison guilt or you aren’t going to achieve success in the Game. Some women are going to be offended by the very fact you approached them. They will feel offended or insulted that a guy tried to pick them up. You can’t give a fuck about her feelings. Sucks to be her that she doesn’t like to approached. I guess that’s just the cost of owning a pussy.

    Likewise, men will feel you have done something bad by trying to run Game on girl or calling her out on her little temper tatrums.

    Just don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks about you and try to achieve greatness. Pain will be involved because whenever you try to achieve the crabs come out to pull you down for selfish reasons.

  2. Emma the Emo says:

    Fun thing. Last year, they invited a very offensive MRA to a debate in University of Bergen. They decided to let him talk, in hopes that people like him, when brought out in the open, will lose confidence and not have any good arguments. They were wrong. While he didn’t necessarily persuade too many people, he established himself as a person with a valid opinion, not just a dumb misogynist from the internet. So perhaps this is the issue – whoever encited this protest might have known this could happen. Or perhaps it’s just blind rage. Still, it’s funny how the relatively inoffensive Warren Farrell is protested against, and the highly offensive MRA gets a full packed auditorium.

  3. Days of Broken Arrows says:

    Having gone to a liberal college, my opinion is that a professor put them up to this.

    When I was editor of my college newspaper, a group of students staged a protest against something one of my sports editor wrote that was clearly intended ironically. When I looked into how exactly our paper went from being ignored to being the product of a highly-publicized bonfire, I traced it back to a radical professor’s class. Apparently, he counted his students’ participation in protests as part of the grade and since there was very little to protest they found something. In the sports section. WTF? They must have been scouring the paper for something, anything offensive during class.

    I think professors just want to recreate the 1960s because they romanticize that time. If they’re talking about unfair labor practices, fighting bullsh*t wars, or sending jobs overseas, I’m with them. But when they pick harmless things to protest on campus, they do more harm than good, and assure that the left gets taken less and less seriously. Boy who cried wolf syndrome.

  4. Emma who was the very offensive MRA speaker?

    The video should have gone viral but it only did in our only small universe here. I posted it on my facebook site and got one viewer people don’t care men have an uphill battle convincing people our rights matter as much as womens do. That is the society we live in.

  5. Ulf Elfvin says:

    “I’m a political junkie, so I’ve seen this sort of behavior before. Rollo may or many not agree, but these “clear example[s] of a feminist controlled state” are not exclusive to the feminist left.”

    I agree. I am reminded of nazi students on German universities in the 30s. Brainwashed brutes. She was very close to physically assaulting him. And she is an American (!) in America (!!) in what should have been a civilized period of human history (!!!).


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