A Hamster Is No Basis for a System of Government

So to say that gun violence is down does not make sense. To me, it’s insulting to everyone who lost a loved one here and who was dealing with that. It doesn’t matter if gun violence is down. 

Jack Lemon, CNN


A focus of this blog will be the intersection between game and politics. Leftism and feminism share innumerable traits. Therefore, many of the same tools we can use to outwit the women in our own lives can be used to defeat Leftism as a whole. I’ll be getting into how to defeat them on a national scale in future posts. For now, I simply want to help us understand them.

The shooting in Connecticut is an unimaginable horror. I understand why we’re getting emotional; I am myself. This type of things shakes all people, but especially women, to their very foundations.

Every time something like this happens, our immediate reaction is that we need to “do something”. Again, quite understandable. Nobody but nobody wants to see something like this happen again.

However, the Leftist/Feminist complex conflates two peripherally connected concepts, these being “solving the problem” and “wanting to solve the problem”. A policy intended to solve a problem does not necessarily solve that problem.

I associate this mistake with the feminine mindset because it’s a perfect reflection of the Hamster Wheel. A guy who’s gotten into her head can get away with almost anything because she’s infinitely capable of rationalization. What she wants to be, is, even if it’s not. That abrupt text he sent last weekend means he’s thinking about her all the time because that’s what she wants it to mean.

(For the women who doubt me, you just go on thinking that the fratboy you boinked last weekend and you share a really deep connection.)

Lefties care. They really care. They talk repeatedly about how much they care. They hate Republicans because they don’t care. Any Republican who says he cares is lying, even if, like Romney, he literally gives away millions of dollars to those less fortunate—he just did that to convince himself he’s not really an evil selfish vulture capitalist.

Their identity is inextricably intertwined with how good they are. They want to help. They see problems and want to solve them. We must act!

Furthermore, they have solutions. In the Lefty mind, because they so desperately want to help the poor, when they get their way and pass a law, axiomatically, the poor have been helped. Even if you’re health insurance premiums have gone up, health care is now less expensive. Got it?

If in the real world with actual people and such, the poor have not been helped, in rushes the Hamster. Any statistics suggesting that the War on Poverty didn’t do a damn thing to alleviate poverty can be ignored. It was intended to help, so it did. If it didn’t actually help, if possible, simply forget you ever said or did anything (kind of like the night she blew the drummer). If you’ve been cornered into admitting that you actually made the problem worse, self-righteously proclaim, “At least we tried!” and thereby regain the moral high ground.

So, because we care and hate tragedies like the one that just occurred, we have to get rid of guns. We know beyond any shadow of a doubt that restricting gun purchases will reduce the number of guns because, after all, we’re restricting guns because we care.

You might reply that criminals are by definition lawbreakers. You might have also noticed that there are black markets for things like drugs that people want that are against the law, places where lawbreakers get things. You might surmise (jumping to all sorts of conclusions, I know) that folks who don’t break laws (i.e. the ones who don’t shoot random people) probably have less access to black markets.

You might therefore conclude that even if gun laws reduce the number of gun purchases, folks who care about the law will proportionately be more affected by laws restricting said purchases. Even if thugs have fewer guns, decent people will have even fewer. Criminals might therefore conclude that the law-abiding citizens upon whom they prey will be less able to protect themselves if such laws are passed. This might make you hesitant to want to pass more of these laws.

But that only means you don’t care about dead children.

There are studies to back up every side of the gun issue. John Lott has his, the Brady Center have theirs. Everybody who analyzes their opponents’ studies finds all sorts of reasons to discount them.

But it’s not just about what the studies say, it’s about whether or not your conception of reality matches actual reality. We all highlight the evidence that supports our worldview and discount the evidence that doesn’t.

The case I made above quotes no such studies. It doesn’t refer to the increases in gun crime in Britain and Australia since they restricted handgun sales. I don’t mention how in the hellhole of South African it takes about two years to legally purchase a handgun. Mexico bans guns and they’re finding random heads buried throughout the countryside.

But the case I made acknowledges how real people are likely to operate in the real world. I don’t assume that just because I want to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people that I’ll be able to. I’m not assuming that my desire to “do something” (and believe me, I DO have such a desire) and my ability to “do something” are one and the same.

People break laws, even if you pass them because you care.

But this is not how the Hamster thinks, and this is what we’re up against. We feel like we’ve got to do something, so dammit, we’ve got to do something.

Talking to a Lefty about gun control is like trying to tell your teenaged daughter that her aspiring rapper boyfriend isn’t particularly talented and won’t be the next Chingy.

Conservatives and libertarians talking to Lefties about gun control are a lot like the beta trying to convince the cute redhead that he’s a far more rational choice than they stoner she’s still into. Lefties, even male ones, think like chicks, and chicks don’t think that way.

Even though some of Kant’s followers were full of it when they said “perception is reality”, the Hamster disagrees. If we’re successful enough at convincing ourselves we’re doing something, we are. There’s no need for more evidence.

Breaking through that wall of nonsense is much of what this blog will be about.

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24 Responses to A Hamster Is No Basis for a System of Government

  1. John Galt says:

    Fantastic post. As you can probably imagine from my username, I agree with your concepts and I look forward to reading more from you. It’s bizarre how the gun laws in place actually worked (that psycho was turned down at Dick’s trying to buy a gun) yet that doesn’t stop the liberals from passing new draconian laws against gun ownership that will only hurt law abiding citizens. Your analogies of feminism and liberalism is spot on. It’s amazing how they never sit down and truly analyze if their idiotic programs work and think through the vast unintended consequences of “feel good” legislation. In my fantasy world, any legislation that passes MUST have “success markers” at regular intervals that if not met, the program stops. But alas, they keep going and going and going…

    Extend unemployment benefits for TWO YEARS! Liberals – I must cure the pain of the unemployed! Reality – people delay looking for work and live off the benefits, thus inflating the unemployment rate.

    Health insurance must accept pre-conditions! Liberals – I must cure the plight of the cancer stricken mom who never bothered to continue her coverage! Reality – Premiums skyrocket for everyone. People will wait to get insurance until they get sick (my money is on people dodging the requirement to have insurance)

    We need sweeping legislation so banks don’t screw over the little guy! Those overdraft fees are too high we say, reduce them! Liberals – I just saved the common (deadbeat) man hundreds of dollars per year in bank fees! Reality – Kiss goodbye free checking so everyone, including perfect credit customers, will pay a monthly fee on their checking moving forward.

    Raise minimum wages! Liberals – we need a ‘livable wage’ so people can raise a family! Reality – No-skilled jobs are the only way uneducated people can acquire skills which allow them to make more money and provide a better future for themselves. By raising the minimum wage, you create unemployment for the very people you are trying to help.

    Guess what? Government will never, ever, EVER prevent people from making bad choices and fucking up their lives. So stop trying to “solve” that problem with my tax money.

    Until then, I will be on strike tinkering with my new motor 😉

    – John

    • Martel says:

      My tag-team partner at Return of Kings! We’re on the same page, obviously. Just let me into that gulch when you get it built.

    • Erudite Knight says:

      Good post. I think a big thing to is the driving force of women wanting control and safety. Guns represent nearly a pinnacle of power and ‘uncontrol’ because a man can cause mass devastation. Considering woman rarely use weapons, it is entirely predictable they would want to outlaw something their enemies (males) can use against them.

  2. Retrenched says:

    Let’s face it… our country is basically run by sobbing hysterical women and castrated, feminized men. And these people value security over freedom — or at least the feeling of security, if not actual security itself.

    America, as a free country where individual rights are cherished, is basically finished. This country is inevitably going to devolve into a fascist police state. The question isn’t ‘if’ it will, it’s ‘when’ it will. Sure there will be no freedom, and very little safety, but at least the women will FEEL safe, dammit! And that’s all that matters, right?

  3. Kate says:

    What about “strange women lying about in ponds”? 🙂

  4. Days of Broken Arrows says:

    A guy who’s gotten into her head can get away with almost anything because she’s infinitely capable of rationalization.

    It’s off-topic to this post, but I need to share an actual conversation I just had with a female friend:

    Me: So are you dating now?
    Her: He doesn’t want me to see other people.
    Me: But he’s married. Don’t you think that’s unfair?
    Her: But that’s what I want, too.
    Me: OK. But putting your own feelings aside, don’t you think his rules are sort of one-sided and unfair considering he’s married and already has someone else?
    Her: But you don’t understand: that’s what I want too.

    The next time someone tells you women are “equal” and can run a country (notwithstanding the entire country was built by men) remember this convo. Granted men do stupid things. But we don’t buy into them with such breathless “emotional” stupidity.

  5. John Galt says:

    Martel – check out this story in the NYT. Some quotes – “Across the country, tens of thousands of underemployed and jobless young people, many with college credits or work histories, are struggling to house themselves in the wake of the recession, which has left workers between the ages of 18 and 24 with the highest unemployment rate of all adults.” or from one of the kids – “It’s really hard for people in my generation not to feel completely defeated by this economy.”

    And yet this age group voted overwhelmingly for Chairman Mao Bama! Hamster brain spinning furiously!


    • Days of Broken Arrows says:

      The problem is that putting up an opposing candidate who made money sending jobs overseas might not have been the best idea in this economy. Republicans needed a more populist candidate or at least one who appeared that way (i.e. George W.).

  6. Martel says:

    I agree on the conservative populism part (opposition to corporate welfare would be a good start). However, damn near every successful businessman at some point has sent jobs overseas.

    A great example of how the Left warped this to its own advantage was the 2006 Michigan governor’s race. Dick DeVos ran Amway, and Amway expanded into China. Per Chinese law, if you want to sell products in China, you have to make them in China. DeVos therefore hired people in China.

    The Granholm camp painted DeVos as an “job-exporter”, DeVos’s responses were pathetic, and he got trounced.

    Because Americans have no clue about economics, and because almost every successful businessman will hire somebody overseas at some point, the Left has effectively framed every successful moneymaker out of public office.

    To counter this, we need to counter these frames between elections as well as agressively go on the offense against nonsensical attacks.

    It would also help if charisma didn’t disqualify you from the GOP nomination.

  7. deti says:

    liberals and leftists FEEL. Whatever they feel is the truth, is the truth.

    Women operate primarily on emotion. Whatever they feel, is. She is not loved, and her man does not love her, unless you make her feel loved.

  8. Actually, deti, some of us work our asses off to get men off of Death Row .. and we work to help people who are foreclosed on, we work to feed people who have nothing. We do a lot for male victims… what do YOU do? What do all of you in this thread do? There are three wars going on right now… do the words “cannon fodder” mean anything to you? Yes I suppose it is about ‘caring’ but it is MORE about actually DOING.

    I know making fun of the left is fun (I live in the most conservative county in the USA), but I really consider some of these issues to be life and death. Why is that wrong, to try to effect change in the best way I know how? (Would you rather I go have a silly temper tantrum at a Warren Farrell speech and make an ass of myself?)

    And deti, let me correct you: YOUNG women (with lots of estrogen) operate on emotion. Believe it or not, some of us are waaaaay past that. Stop generalizing. If I am expected to stop listening to “all men are rapists!”–then I shouldn’t have to listen to wholesale stereotypes directed at me AND my life’s work.

    Any statistics suggesting that the War on Poverty didn’t do a damn thing to alleviate poverty can be ignored.

    Have you ever heard of the Tennessee Valley Authority? Some southerners (including my extended family) did not even have running water or decent electricity before the Great Society. Would you like some stats from Carolina, or was that just empty rhetoric? Schools in this county were not even desegregated until 1969, and it was a guy named Jesse Jackson who helped make that happen. I suppose that’s unimportant in your scheme of “trash the left” though.

    Anyway, thought I would chime in. You can say a real live socialist feminist talk radio wacko visited you today. 😉

    • Martel says:

      This amazingly knowledgeable “talk radion wacko” can’t tell the New Deal and the Great Society apart. Quick points:

      1. Yes, considering I was in one of the wars you’re talking about, the words “Cannon Fodder” mean something to me, enough to know that that’s not what I was.

      2. The guys with the water hoses fighting de-segregation were Democrats. Yes, the Left did some good things regarding Civil Rights, but before that much of it opposed de-segregation, and after that the good ideas became a boondoggle.

      3. The areas covered by the TVA today in many ways are doing worse than the surrounding areas that weren’t. (if I’m challenged on this, I’ll find the source). The TVA exists today, but it began as part of the New Deal, not the great society.

  9. FuriousFerret says:


    Who gives a fuck about little pet projects that help a few people to simply serve for your own self validation when you throw most of regular people under the bus for your own needs.

    You know who else gives takes ‘care’ of individuals while preying on people on the macro level, favela drug lords in Brazil. They only do so for selfish purposes. Just as the wacko left helps on a tiny tiny micro level to justify perverting Western society to fit their own wants and needs while brutaly suppressing any opposing viewpoints.

    I don’t give two fucks about equality, I care about creating a functioning healthy society where ‘isms’ aren’t taken seriously unless they actually have true merit that helps people in mass.

  10. Please take your historical ignorance and leave. The TVA was a New Deal program, which only a second of checking would tell you.

  11. Phinn says:

    I used to think that feminism was created to help implement Communism.

    Now I realize that Communism was used to help feminize the world.

    The drive to stamp out maleness and masculine modes of social interaction is what has been driving politics for centuries. They call is “progress.” Feminism was just the new label for it.

  12. Furious Ferret: Who gives a fuck about little pet projects that help a few people to simply serve for your own self validation when you throw most of regular people under the bus for your own needs.

    You think trying to end the death penalty (or free individuals on Death Row) has anything to do with me? Women are rarely put to death; in my state, only one has been. How about yours?

    When do I throw “regular people” under the bus? Why would I do that, I am as regular as they come. I work in the interests of my own people and my own class.

    Unending: Please take your historical ignorance and leave. The TVA was a New Deal program, which only a second of checking would tell you.

    Um, my cousin worked for the TVA in 1998, his son worked for them in 2005… which only a second of checking would tell you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennessee_Valley_Authority (Note the TVA still exists and has SINCE the New Deal. Which only a second of checking would tell you.)

    Even though you are rude, I will not tell YOU to leave although you have made an error. See how much nicer I am than you are?

    Phinn, wow, wonder if Pol Pot had a clue? Maybe you will win the Nobel Prize for figuring that out.

  13. Martel says:

    I can’t speak for any of my commenters, but I don’t accuse the entire Left of wanting to “throw ‘regular people’ under the bus,” but I do believe that the policies advocated by the Left have that effect regardless. For every small success there are innumerable failures. For example, despite the vast amounts of money our government has “invested” in our inner cities, they remain devastated. Black men are experiencing a crisis that is spreading throughout our society. This is largely the result of policies indended to help them.

    I disagree with you on capital punishment, respectfully. This is one of the cause celebres of the Left that I oppose, but not viscerally, for it can be based in principle. The way most leftists argue against it, however, is pure crap, and I think somebody somewhere should do something about prison rape.

    The Drug War also has an extremely detrimental effect, and that is one of the many reasons I oppose it. In this, the hippy-left and libertarian right are allies against the mainstream of both major parties.

    Nevertheless, your attribution of the TVA to the Great Society was in fact an error and therefore a reflection of a degree of “historical ignorance.” It was also wrong for anyone to assume that a government program could ever actually end.

  14. asdf says:


    Trust a woman to come in here and make it “all about me”.

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