Calling Morpheus

I wanted to post this later after I got more posts under by belt. However, I’m seeing something happening in the Manosphere, a slight shift in focus, and I feel the urge to capitalize on it.

The Matrix is an almost perfect analogy for the state we’re in. It’s an artificial world all around us that we’ve bought into. Take the Red Pill, and you aren’t ever the same. You can’t be the same.

Usually that’s as far as we carry the analogy. The Matrix is the feminized society, the lie that masculinity is inherently evil, that we should become more feminine, that women want us to be more like them.

Typically, we apply this to the family, politics, and of course, sex.

However, being in the Matrix involves not only that, it involves everything about you as a man. It affects whether or not you really go for that promotion and make sure your boss gives your credit for your work, or if you decide to play along and cooperate with your mediocre co-workers.

If affects your friendships. Are you trying to be liked, or do you command respect?

It affects your finances. Do you use your money to get what YOU want out of life, or do you fritter it away, aimlessly, hoping things will turn around someday. Do you fight for the best deal you can get on that used car, or do you hope you’re not too much of a pest?

Manhood isn’t just about how you interact with women, it’s how you lead your life. It’s the difference between getting up in the morning ready to kick ass and take names or dragging yourself out of bed for just another day.

Are you actually starting that business, or are you just creating a micro “Start Your Own Business” library?

On your deathbed, will it bother you more that you’re running out of time to finish your long list of apologies, or that you’re running out of time to really live?

As a man you are a person, but never let yourself forget, YOU ARE YOUR MISSION. You are what drives you, what excites you, the battles you choose to fight and win.

But we can take the analogy of the Matrix even further. When you re-enter the Matrix, you master it. You move more quickly. The laws of physics adjust to accommodate you. You won’t win every fight, but you can kick damn near every schlub you meet straight to the curb. You see through the solipsistic bullshit and hone in on what she wants, not what she says.

The Red Pill gets you laid. The Red Pill can get you more.

However, here’s where the parallel with the movie often breaks down. Neo swallowed the Red Pill. He woke up on the Prometheus. He saw reality and learned that when he re-enters the Matrix, it will be his bitch.

Next, he got trained by Morpheus. Sparring. Coaching. Interacting. Questions instantly answered.

Imagine if instead of Morpheus, he got a book.

The contrast with reality isn’t quite so stark, but it’s close. We have the Manosphere, a tool far more helpful than just a book. We can search forums, post comments, have commenters help us out. This is a phenomenal tool, and I owe Rollo, Vox Day, Roissy, Roosh and so many other bloggers and commenters enormous amounts of gratitude.

But today I read this, commenter Dishonored at Heartiste:

I’m at my breaking point because I now realize that EVERYTHING is stacked against me. I’m 5’7, going to community college, living at home with mom. I’m only 28 and considering moving overseas. Game has gotten me laid, just not with any woman I’d admit to fucking. I feel like I’ve been busting my ass at school/gym, just to make it on my own. But, at this point I’m losing my motivation. I see plenty of guys who worked hard in the “traditional” sense, and get stuck sleeping with cows.

As of this writing, ten commenters have pitched in, sympathizing and offering advice, the type of thing I’d like to see.  I’m not knocking any of them, but I have to wonder, did any of them really help? I’ve been in situations similar to his, and dammit, it’s tough.  It usually takes more than a kind word.

Then, I  read this. Commenter Bully at Rational Male:

Only somewhat on topic, but I’ve actually done what James did, though we were much closer in age (he was 18 and I was 26-27 at the time). He was a college dropout, struggling with depression that his parents were about to kick out of their home (effectively leaving him homeless.) while his sister got a free pass for whatever she wanted to do. I took him in to my home, gave him a chance to get his head about him, taught him how to write a resume, job interview effectively, and gave him the chance that no one else would. Everyone thought I was insane for doing so. But not did he only end up going back to college, he graduated, got a solid job in the midst of a recession, and is now living in an apartment that he paid for himself. And even though we don’t talk much nowadays, I am immensely proud of him and remember our time together pretty fondly.

Whoah. That’s the type of shit that helps. He continues:

And to this day, I’ve never heard of any other man doing something like this, taking another man that is more or less a complete stranger under his wing. It felt like I was the only one that ever did. I’m really happy that there are others that are doing the same.

And that’s what I want: I want me doing the same, I want us doing the same.

We gotta get help Dishonored find Bully. (not necessarily literally)

I’m not saying we have to give each other homes, but if somebody’s already swallowed the Red Pill, we can’t abandon them either, especially if they’re really trying to pull their own weight. Far too many of us don’t have fathers, or we have shitty ones like supplicating twits or alcoholic alphas. Our male teachers were scared of their own shadows.

We end up in dead end jobs or crappy little apartments, and all our friends are good for is to leave beer rings on the coffee table. We’re in a bar and approach that little brunette, and as we’re trying to psych ourselves back up after getting blown out of the water, our buddy laughs his ass off. The redhead at the other end of the bar feels more off limits than ever.

The journey is yours, the fight will be won or lost by you. The most anybody can do is help you out.

But dammit, we can help each other out. Some of us may be only children, but we can be brothers. We need and can be advisers. We can give each other shit not because of a failed approach, but because we failed to approach at all.

Sometimes the problems are too big to work through on a blog post. Sometimes Krauser is AWOL for a few days. Sometimes you need the give and take of a conversation, or maybe just somebody to watch your body language when you approach.

The Matrix is a DEATH SPRIAL. Fewer alphas means fewer quality mentors, fewer guys who have your back, fewer guys who know what the hell’s going on, and that means fewer guys are going to be able to help the dudes who haven’t even been born yet.

I don’t want the Dishonoreds of this world to slip away; we can’t afford to loose them.

I have an idea, it’s raw and it will require your input. But I know this much, we need Morpheus.

Coming soon:

The Dead Beta Society

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15 Responses to Calling Morpheus

  1. John Galt says:

    We can all be Morpheus, as we can all be John Galt 🙂

    Maybe each red pill guy should set a goal to mentor 10 blue pill betas. Upon “graduation”, every blue pill convert is required to mentor 10 more blue pill guys and so on. If it worked for Amway…

    • Kate says:

      That’s an awesome idea. Not to go all solopsistic, but when I was involved with women’s forums, we did this in an unofficial way and ended up building a global network (great for rought nights to know you’ll always have a friend awake somewhere in the world). As each new person came in, one of the “leaders” would just sort of adopt them and message with them privately or talk to them on the phone, in addition to posting online. Eventually, they’d become a new leader.

      • Martel says:

        Any way to find out more about the structure of this? It’s similar to what I’m cooking up, but I don’t want to re-invent the wheel if I don’t have to.

      • Kate says:

        Well, the difference between forums and blogs is that on forums you have the capability to private message people. On blogs, unless you want the whole world to know your email address, its hard to personally contact people. Another advantage forums have is that people can start threads to discuss certain topics or to ask for advice. It helps with the organization of conversations. Look at for an example of a flourishing forum for men. Its sort of like a launch pad for the Manosphere.

  2. Erudite Knight says:

    ‘When you re-enter the Matrix, you master it. You move more quickly. The laws of physics adjust to accommodate you. You won’t win every fight, but you can kick damn near every schlub you meet straight to the curb. You see through the solipsistic bullshit and hone in on what she wants, not what she says.’

    Haha, I like this man. The transformation I have gone through in a single year has been mindblowing. I went from perfect white knight that got stomped on by this stupid whore to understanding the deck stacked against me and giving me the ability to lean back with a confident smirk and say ‘ok, bring it on’.

  3. Days of Broken Arrows says:

    The Matrix is the feminized society, the lie that masculinity is inherently evil, that we should become more feminine, that women want us to be more like them.

    The irony is that the only reason “the matrix” even exists is because the supposedly-evil men built the whole society to begin with. Look around. Everything you see was conceived, built, and delivered by a man. This is so obvious that it’s nearly impossible to see. It’s definitely impossible to admit in public, because if you say as much, you get called “sexist.”

    But it was only *after* the society became a relatively safe place that women started complaining about men, starting with Betty Friedan. Had women still been on farms working instead of in safe suburban homes, they wouldn’t have had the luxury of being able to complain.

    What men did was construct a society. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the main thing they do in Women’s Studies programs is “deconstruct” things. There’s major symbolism in that.

  4. L.V.X. says:

    This is an important article and I think it needs to be spread around. There are a lot of us with “red pill” understanding in that or similar shitty positions with no place but the internet to find support. What is the proposed solution?

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  6. Kate says:

    I see the Manosphere as an Underground Railroad. What it needs is a conductor.

  7. The matrix is a perfect analogy for the Manosphere. We aren’t like the Civil Rights movement or the early Feminist movement. Whereas they had legitimate reasons to gripe with society, we really do not. Society isn’t oppressing us.

    That does not mean that we cannot be oppressed by individuals for a hundred different reasons. It doesn’t matter to me that most CEOs are rich white guys. That does nothing for me. I’m 23, spent most of my adult life in the Navy. Now I’m at risk of having to drop out of college. Part of that is my fault, and part of that is just the system failing at the margins.

    Whenever Neo was plugged into the Matrix, he did not have a bad life. The same can be said for most of us in the Manosphere. We likely are not successful men, power players in society. Before ‘taking the red pill’, we played by society’s rules. Sure, we didn’t starve. But were we happy?

    However, whenever Neo took the red pill and became unplugged, his life did not get easier. It got MUCH MUCH MUCH harder. But what he did get were the tools to succeed. When he returned to the Matrix, he became much faster, much stronger. Eventually he could fly and stop bullets. Life gave him more shit to deal with, but he was finally able to use his abilities to mold reality itself around him.

    This holds true for the ‘Sphere. Now you have the tools to make others play by YOUR rules. But you also have a lot more work to do than those who act as though what they were always told, about dating, or money, or lifestyle was true. Those who think that kissing a girl’s ass would get her to take notice of you, those who think they have to beg and plead to keep girls in their life. They do not have to work as hard as you. But they also gain much much much less.

  8. L.V.X. says:

    I disagree, I refused to play by societies roles and find myself next to those who did. And that says a lot to me.

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